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There are two grocery stores at which I shop. One is "New Seasons." The other is an Albertsons which is ten miles from where I live. I go there because I usually am very happy with the cashiers and the service they provide. I know three by name and they know me.

Today I stopped there to pick up some toilet paper and then also decided to buy a "Twisted Tea" beverage from the beer department.

I went to the express lane, as I only had two items. The "Twisted Tea" was quite dented both on the top and bottom of the can.

I asked if I could possibly have a discount. The can was the last one available and was so dented it was going to be difficult to even drink out of, but nonetheless I did still want to purchase it.

The cashier, Allison, said she didn't know if there was a discount because it was an alcohol product and then said asked me about fifty cents. I asked for a bit more, as I felt that it should be about fifty percent off, but I was very polite in asking.

Then she said because it's alcohol she didn't think there was a discount. I said OK. She then called a supervisor over to check on the situation.

He said the same thing about the alcohol. He then said he was going to check to see if there was a newer can. I told him it was OK, as I was sure it was the last one there.

Out of politeness, he went to check anyway. At this point the cashier seemed agitated and hid herself from my view just behind a vertical pole so I couldn't see her face or talk to her.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Portland, ORThe next customer in line then said, to the cashier... chuckling.. "Did she break it?, " meaning me.
At this point I was definitely feeling this whole thing was definitely being put way out of proportion.
I told Allison that I'm happy to do whatever would help speed up the line, again being very polite.
She told me, in a frustrated tone, that what I was doing was certainly not speeding things up.
I wasn't trying to cause any trouble whatsoever. She was making me feel humilated. Her interaction with the customer was also uncalled for.
The supervisor came back and said there were no other cans. I thanked him. Allison then set the can aside and rang up the toilet paper.
I told her no, that I did still want the "Twisted Tea." She seemed to be flustered, as if I were trying to bother her, then rang it up.
I then went to customer service and asked for a form or card to fill out relative to customer service. Although the woman was very polite and did give me a two dollar refund, this was no longer about the refund. She pretty much insisted that I report the incident to her right there despite my hesitation to do so.
I'm pretty sure that Allison is never going to hear anything about this, which is my main complaint. She should not be treating a customer in such a condescending manner.
This makes me feel like I don't want to come back to your store, other than to patronize your wonderful pharmacy.
The time of checking out was 3pm and it was register number 6.

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