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Rude to a Disabled Vietnam Veteran

Tuesday march 8, 2011 8;40pm I purchased groceries myself and a friend at the lafayette, LA. 1818 N.E. evangeline thruway store, I placed my bags in the cart, tiffany had not placed (2) 5# bags frozen chicken, within sight, I forgot the 2 bags at the counter and after returning home. I immediately called the store and inquired with an employee asking if they had noticed, that I forgot my bag with two 5# bags of chicken thighs, the employee said yes and I told him I would return right away too pick up my purchase. when I arrived at the store I showed my receipt and ask for my goods, tiffany replied I put them back because they may have melted, ask for her too see if someone would go and get it for me, that’s when no one would neither take the time too do so.

I told I would go, then I had a change of heart, since I had already been shopping earlier and being that at present time I am under a doctors care for severe vertigo, I am a disabled Vietnam veteran with 13 inches of titanium screws and silastic hardware in my right wrist, and also suffering from severe vertigo and balance problems. I refuse too be pushed aside because I’m a handicapped veteran. I was out done and upset risk the chance of walking out back and maybe falling too return and item I had paid for, the lady who comes too help me was in the car waiting for me, and there I was standing like a fool, while Mr. hardy and MR. Jason decides who goes out back too get my two items.

I spend lots money at that and as a disabled and handicap person, I don’t deserve too be treated as a second class citizen, thats wrong for the management and the employees too treat anyone this way, MR. hardy could have met my needs and he did not have too talk me down, it was neither the professional way nor the humane way too do a customer, I was upset when I left the store I met Mrs. montgomery at the door on my way out, I did speak too the manager and informed him about the incident, and informed him about MR. hardy’s manners towards me, I received an apology from the manager, and I thank him for that, I told MR.hardy I felt an apology would be proper also, I said as a customer I’m sorry that had too happen, and he silently repeated my words with no remorse.

I’m not wanting special treatment nor favors, but must say this If this is the attitude and treatment given too a customer then someone needs too speak too some of the employees, servicing the community.I’m very sorry this happened but as customers we don’t deserve this, IF it really means a great deal.I take upon myself too say I’m sorry for allowing a few people who ignoring and rude actually refusing too care for the needs of a customer. working with the public is not easy, I understand but it is the duty of the employee too help a customer in need, whether I shop at this store or not is of no importance too anyone, but it is my right as a human being too be treated with dignity, and in return so should an employee, if our business as customers are truly appreciated.

High Drug Costs

May 25th, 2011. This is my complaint about Savon Pharmacy high drug costs. I went in today to fil a prescription for Tramadol 50mg (qty:120) and Prednisone 10mg (qty 30) which I fill regularly for chronic gout and rheumatoid. I was charged $58.99 for the Tramadol, which costs $11.89 at King Soopers and $15.99 at Walgreens, the Prednisone is $4.00 at King Soopers and $9.99 at Walgreens and Albertsons was much more too. This is over 400% markup and ridiculous. Beware if you are a cash customer at Savon Pharmacy or have a prescription that you must pay a percentage on.

cheating wife

wife was hitting on yong employee and called complaint in they basically laughed at me shes manager in service deli manager covered her lieing ### they suk wont ever shop there again female employee so much for being family store with morals fuk them ill hate uall 4 ever were getting divorce thank u albertsons profit bottom line hope uall rot in hell i report it to 1800 num for nothing

fraud-scan guarntee

I do my food shopping reguarly at the cut bank Alberstons because it is the "ONLY" food store within 40 mile...

Cut Bank Food

they don't care

I recently bought a bag of shredded cheese at Albertsons supermarket in Durango, Colorado. As I was cooking dinner for my family and opened the new bag of cheese I noticed it had a black stinking mass in the cheese. I almost threw up. It ruined our entire dinner as my wife and family were in the kitchen at the time. I took the cheese back to Abertson and asked for the manager and was told there were none in the store. When I asked the young girl behind the counter to open the cheese and tell me what was in the bag she said "no I have a weak stomach" and then asked if I wanted another bag of cheese. When I said why would I want another bag she replied "I just give people their money back and get yelled at".

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dont shop

If you shop at this Albertsons, don't go through Marilyn G. Line...she is a horrible person, and checker! My husband and I shopped there, she talked with her winey voice (I could smell alcohol on her breath) she would talk and talk and it took forever! I asked her where peanut butter was and she never did answer me, she seemed to involved in talking about her miserable self! Telling my husband she hates men, and all her personal life and how she loves to drink wine! I know. We could tell! She said she was getting married but doesn't like commitment! Albertsons needs to get rid of that Jerry Springer employee...I will NEVER shop there ever again! Bad experience...HORRIBLE...

  • Ch
    Chanel77 Jan 28, 2011

    I know...easy right? Simple solutions seem to be terribly complex for some people.

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  • Mi
    Miss_J Jan 28, 2011
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    Verified customer

    which albertsons?

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  • Na
    nana78 Mar 02, 2011

    why didn't you just go to her manager if that is the way you felt or go to a differant line problem solved.

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bad service

I have had one problem with the store that keeps repeating, always out of at least one item I need for my...

rude and noisy

The Port Angeles, WA Albertsons is a nightmare neighbor. They run the parking lot cleaning truck at ten pm on a weeknight. If not that then a snow or leaf blower. They allow noisy teenagers to hang out in the parking lot, playing very loud music. They allow delivery trucks to idle for long periods of time in the very early morning hours. When I try to call, they let the phone ring over and over. When I finally get a person on the phone, they tell me to deal with it myself by confronting the noisemakers. They are truly destroying the neighborhood peace.

cashier kept my change

Last night I purchased one item from the deli and was owed $4 the cashier was so busy talking she neglected to give me my change, when I pointed that out to her she snapped "I laid it on the shelf" (used to write checks) which made no sense change is placed in the customers hand along with the receipt..I informed her my Partner was standing directly in front of the shelf so this was not the case..she snapped louder "I put it on the shelf" same as calling my Partner a liar, then began ringing up the customer behind me blowing me off completely..she made a point of ignoring me..I have written a angry letter to their main office and will probably do all of my shopping in Publix..if I do return to Albertsons I will avoid her line like the plague..

bad ham and management

Alberton's, Washington, Utah...I bought a ham at Alberton's and when I opened it, it was rancid. I took it back as asked for my money back...if fact I would have been okay with a store credit, but NO..I had to have a receipt.

I don't save my receipts, I expect my groceries to be fresh and consumable. I have no reason to keep my receipt. Without the receipt they wouldn't budge. Even though it was obviously their product and the sell by date hadn't been reached. What happened to customer satisfaction...not at this Albertson's... Pissed off, I left the meat with them and left...then I did my shopping at Wal Mart across the street...I felt like taking my Wal mart receipt back to albertson's to show them what they missed because of their rude attitude...My shopping days are done at Alberston's...I know the competition wants my business.

discontinued my favorite product

I've been buying Farmland products at Albertson's here for some time now. Found a favorite in their Pork and Bacon roll. Now they tell me they have discontinued the item and I am so very disappointed. Farmland was very gracious and responded to my e-mail immediately. They still have the product and told me to ask Albertson's to order it!

false advertising

I received my ad on Tuesday and they had great meat deals buy 1 get one so I decided to go to south Venice to...

bad and slow service

I have been shopping on Albertsons store on Harbor str. for few months and every time I tell to myself that I will never go back. The service is just awful. No matter how busy the store is, they only have two cashiers working and most of the time they are the same people, an old lady and an old man (the lady is always nice) who barely move. Not too mention that the supervisor (or whatever that guy who watches people on the self-checking machines) comes, whenever there is a long annoying line and starts talking to the cashier, ask for $20 bills, whispering behind a very "important" piece of paper, which always has priority as it can't wait. The "stupid" customers should wait in lines and have patience. They simply have no respect for the client. I have witnessed ( it never happen to me) employee addressing to the customers in a rudely manner for couple of times. One time, I was waiting to check out and a couple entered the store. It was quarter to 11 and they were closing at 11. The bag boy yells at them that they are closing. They stopped in the middle of the hall, surprised when the supervisor tells them to go on, moment when the bag boy complains to the supervisor that he wants to go home. It was for numerous times when I had to put my merchandise in the bags while the helpers were 10 feet away gossiping and completely ignoring the cashier's call for help. It was also numerous times when I got home and noticed that some of the food was expired, and not two or three days before, but a month or two. I returned 5 bottles of chocolate milk because they were expired and I found them on the shelf again the next day. I took them, put them on the floor with a note saying "these are expired" and guess what? the next day they were stored again next to the good ones. i went to the manager/ supervisor and he apologized and told sometimes the employee miss the expiration date. I left a note that said EXPIRED! If they miss this, then maybe you should find other people to work there. I bough expired polenta, chicken, orange juice, etc. So, make sure you read the labels when shopping there because the employee "sometimes miss it". They have these campaigns all the time. I think I donated about $20 when one day I answered "No!" to the question "Would you like to donate a dollar?". More exactly I said : "I have already donated." The cashier lady looked at me like I was the worst person in the world. I asked whether there was a problem and she said embarrassed that there was no problem. I think this is pure beginning. I mean, if I want to donate, which I do often times because I feel I want too, then just let it be my decision. Why do you have to ask me every time, when it is more than obvious you have a campaign as the whole fricking store is covered in hearts with Johny's, Pitzy's, Mitzy's and the neighbor's dog names on them.
Ok, I can go on and on about this. I apologize for being this long, I just needed to vent.

seems like albertsons doesn't want me shopping there

I shop at the albertson on 720 3rd ave. in Chula Vista, Ca. store #is:06757. The store is now remodeled. Looks nice. Too bad you eliminated some products(liquid simmering incense annd stick incense) I now have to make a trip further out to K-Mart to finish my shopping. I was at albertsons yesterday aand wanted to buy an already cooked meat loaf. I couldn, t foer third time in a couple of weeks. 10:30 A.M. Had to go to yet another store Von's. No problem. I would rather do all my shopping at albertsons like I used to be able to. Gee, too bad things had to dissapear just to get anice looking store. These aren't the only things. Seems like albertsons doesn't want me shopping there.

rotten produce

I shopped there about a month ago and bought about 30$ worth of fruits and vegies. Within two days they were...

unnecessary rudeness

I was using the self checkout and scanning my items as fast as possible. There was an annoying woman with her...

reverse racism is alive and well in murphy texas! no lunch! no restroom break?

Well, I am still hungry at the grocery store! Two years later, I am still having to ask to go to lunch like a...

poor customer service

This store has a redbox for DVD rentals. The customer service is substandard, though. I was recently treatly...

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beware and stay away

I can understand the frustration of bad customer service but when management and the owners main focused is to cut labor that means less help and more WORK LOAD for all the emlpoyees that are considered full time, then I hope you can understand why it almost always seemed like you are a bother.

When you worry that you get yelled at the next day for not doing your job because you spend all of your day pointing products for customers, either way, the company just makes you feel bad about yourself and so does the customer.

The management tells you drop everything that you are doing for every customer but they take away all the help so you can ran your department smoothly - the company is itself is a NAZI operated business. Because of the economy you are forced to keep a job that makes you feel worthless no matter how hard you work everyday, at the end of the day, you don't get BREAKS and no COMPLIMENTS.

  • Tw
    Tweetay Dec 02, 2010

    I used to work for them as well. Over worked ... no breaks or lunches ... made several hotline complaints.. temp fixed ... then back to being over worked... to the point I quit after watching my own supervisor take TWO lunches opposed to my NONE... worse company to work for...

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  • Wo
    wolffy Jul 11, 2011

    I returned bakery cookies because they were raw, Then had to go back to return the sour milk I purchased the same day. They have the worse quality food of all the grocery store chains. I will never go back because this is not the first time I've been unhappy with the quality.

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  • Re
    Rewhog Apr 30, 2014

    The store director does not get his bonus if the store goes over the budgeted workable hours (often decreased when sales are low), therefore, cutting employee hours is necessary for said directors to achieve that bonus.
    I don't think they care that the employee that loses hours has a family that is depending on that "full-time" paycheck every week.
    Too many times have I gone home exhausted after my shift, because I have to do the work of three people. Cut and tray the meat, wrap the meat, put the meat out, refresh the counter, break the butcher block, unload the truck and put out the ready-to-eat meals and fill the chicken set, grind more hamburger, cut more sale items, take care of the customer who wants a special cut of meat (which is not the problem)... And then clean up the meat room and go home so I can do it all over again tomorrow night.
    As long as the work is being done, and I don't go over my scheduled hours, I won't get written up. If I go over my time, I'm called into the office (next time might be my last).
    But it doesn't stop there. They won't fire you. No, because then, you could collect unemployment. Instead, they either take you off the schedule or give you five to eight hours a week, just to cover their butts.
    Take my advice. Don't go to work for this company. I do it because I have time vested in the company and I'm a workaholic.

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poor service and lack of respect

The store is clean, the prices o.k...but the service is sooooo Bad. Employees have no respect to customers, most of the time busy gossiping and joking about customers...Have no respect for differences or anyone, and show no mercy to moms. Seems that they are not trained or have no leader to direct them..even managers having the same values and encouraging that. Employees are not in a good level, or trusty to be with customers. Poor poor store, not recomended to anyone. I'm going to move to a different locations, because i can't handle these people anymore.