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I was being checked out by a cashier named Vanessa at store #6523 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA who made several nasty comments when I pulled out my coupons. I didn't have a large number of coupons and I handed them to her neatly. She said, " You shouldn't be able to use that many coupons because that would be like getting the items free" I said I only have 5 coupons plus 3 Catalinas that printed out on a previous purchase. I paid for my items and when I got to my car I decided to go back and get some diapers. I then went back and purchased 3 packs of diapers and used 3 manufacture coupons, she then called the manager up to the check stand and asked if I could use the coupons, he looked perplexed and said of course. By this time I had enough of her comments and asked the manager if they accept coupons, and he said that they did and there was no problem using coupons. I said o.k because if it were a problem, then I would take my business elsewhere. There are 5 other stores within a 2 mile radius that I could go to and I chose to give my business to Albertsons. Not only did she embarass me in a line of people, but she definately makes me think twice about shopping in a store that makes customers feel like they are doing you a favor by accepting manufacturer coupons. I know that stores get re-imbursed for coupons at face value plus an 8cent handling charge, so why in an economy like this where businesses are struggling and people are trying to cut back where ever possible would you have checkers like Vanessa who treat paying customers like myself so disrespectfully? I wish I could e-mail the store director, Mike Wheeler, myself but don't have his information. I will also be sending a copy of this e-mail to Albertsons President, Lawrence Johnston and CEO Robert Miller. I am just appalled and hope that Albertsons educates their checker, this one in particular on the basics of customer service.


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