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See above Packages of 24 Water bottles at register preventing customers to adequately reach the counter. Not handicapped accessible and Seems to violate the American Disability Act. Safety concerns for kids, hit the huge stack with my cart, I assisted a lady on motorized scooter to get her items in the counter because if the stacked water bottles she was unable to get close enough to place her items to check out. Back injuries and slips and falls from reaching are inevitable with the display of stacked water bottles being unsafely placed crowding the check out. I was told managers opted for this and the employees I spoke with said they were told to place them there when I asked them to move them as I was dressed in my heels from church and couldn't reach the counter nor get my small cart close enough for the checker to assist me. I almost fell and it was very unsafe especially I thought about the elderly first. Being an Occupational Therapist I would suggest you have someone to come out to do an Ergonomic assessment or handicapped accessibility assessment for the safety of all consumers and your staff. Rec: for customers who may forget their water and the staff doesn't wish to run Get from the back, place a display upfront as they have other things without crowding the check out . Poor choice I think that could lead to further lawsuits and injuries that could be avoided . I love Albertsons and shop there constantly but I would like for their customers safety to come before convenience and suggestive selling of water bottles! Safety 1st! Please ! Please! Reconsider the placement of those water bottles in our local Beltline Desoto, Tx store. God bless! Help us remain safe in your stores especially the ELDERLY, our kids AND OUR HANDICAPPED POPULATION.


Mar 25, 2017

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