ajitpal singhmissbehave of singapre airline

This is most embarrassing and disappointing experience i had in my whole life with Singapore airlines and Indian international airport in Delhi
with my flight sq 403 booking ref no.ZSNG3Q as i was travelling with my wife and 4 year daughter .
.our flight was at 9:30 pm and we left home at 5 p.m where airport was only 20 km and because of traffic we reached there at 7:40 p.m and and waited there on gate then at checked in at 8:15 pm and then there was a long queue in immigration check as i asked one of the airport staff to check if the let me go from green channel as i am running g out of time and i have 4 year kid she replied that there is no green channel and Singapore airline will contact you and take you as soon as possible no one turned up and announce our name for that until 9 p m and at last i asked again and again then someone turned up and rushed us to baggage scanner and mixed our luggage and lost my boarding pass i was still at the airplane entrance at 9:25 and they refused to give us entry in plane as my wife and daughter had there boarding pass they refused them to enter as well the staff there was too rude rather then help .jaspal singh who was duty manager at that time was very rude and didn't helped us at all and hemmant singh and andy from Singapore airline had no idea what they doing and provide us no assistance for next flight or stay at the end .they didn't even told us what to do next and rudely refused to help us . we have wait 4 hours at airport with 4 year old had to go back at 12 a.m search for cab search for hotel and next paid flight after 24 hours and spent lot of money and felt lot of insult and depression .

I need full compensation or i will sue Singapore airlines to missbehave.

an further query please contact me.

with regrets
ajitpal singh

Jan 05, 2015

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