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[Resolved] Airtel India / harassment of consumers by all mobile phone cos

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Dear fellow harassed mobile users.

Please make a request to telecom regulatory authority of india (Trai) to implement 'number portability' rule. By this rule's implementation millions of mobile users will be spared from daily harassment by mobile cos. This rule says that a mobile user may change a service provider while not surrendering or losing his current cell number. It means you will keep your current number even if you leave your current service provider and take services of other service provider.

You know the main reason for all mobile cos to keep harassing consumers is that they know that a customer would not risk losing or surrendering of his current number. They know this woul cause a lot of inconvenience to them and would result in loss of business to them.Thus they take advantage of it and keep harassing customers.

But once they know that consumer can leave them without the fear of losing his number, you'll see drastic changes in their services.

So my request to all mobile phone users all over india is to go to trai site and make request regarding immediate implementation of number potability rule. Your each one's request is going to make a difference and would one day result in liberation of consumers from the shackle of mobile cos.

So just do it.

Here is trai website address


Click on feedback button and fill in the details and send.

To save your time i am giving here a readymade request matter which you may copy and paste in feedback for, because it has less than 250 character which is the requirement for submitting form.

I am a mobile phone customer. I face continuous harassment from my service provider. I request you to implement number portability immediately so that all harassed users can change their service provider without the fear of losing their cell number.

Freedom is our right.

Thanking you,

Kamal bhandari

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Bharti Airtel Customer Care's Response, Feb 18, 2013

    Namaste Mr.Parekh,

    We would like to inform you that your concern listed 03 Jan. 2017 has been resolved. Should you have any queries please contact Airtel customer service at [protected]

    Deepak Mohod
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
    Facebook -

  • Bharti Airtel Customer Care's Response, Feb 19, 2013


    This is to inform you that your concern listed on 18 Feb. 2017 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

    For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at [protected]

    Deepak Mohod
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
    Facebook -

  • Bharti Airtel Customer Care's Response, Sep 17, 2015

    Dear Mr. Sahoo,

    This is with reference to your post dated 15 Sep 2017.

    We would like to acknowledge that we are working to address your concern as soon as possible.

    We will connect with you to get additional details, if required, to resolve the concern effectively.

    You can also get in touch with us at airtel.[protected]

    Sadhu Charan
    airtelpresence (airtel customer service team)
    bharti airtel ltd
    Connect with us 24X7. We will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
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  • Rk
      7th of Oct, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - registration facility down for more than 2 months

    With the number of complaints for Airtel, a new category 'Airtel' should be added. I have a phone cum Broadband service with Airtel. Ever since I subscribed for their services I am experiencing the extremely poor quality of service. To start with they promised us the connection in 5 days and even after 15 days and lots of revised dates, the connection was not done. We then took the matter to the highest authority in Bangalore and the very next day the connection was done.
    Now for the last 2 months I am trying to register on their website, so that I can monitor my internet usage. The same message that they are upgrading the site keeps popping up. Isin't it a matter of shame for Sunil Mittal and Co. to take more than 2 months to upgrade a small portion of the website. I wrote several times to the Custonmer Care and there is no response. When I call they don't commit any date for completion.

  • Ra
      24th of Oct, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - postpaid karnataka wrong bill
    United States

    I am airtel customer in karnataka I have not downloaded anything in airtellive but they have added in my bill 400/- in sep 06 bill I enquired but they sent big list what I have not downloaded. Don't take airtel postpaid if you take it will be a keeping blade in your packet.

  • Sb
      24th of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - ecs processed even after surrendering the connections!

    I am one of the ill-fated customers who availed the services of Airtel and I regret having taken their mobile services.

    I had take two numbers 98407-59492 and 98407-59491. I had opted for ECS for bill payment.

    To my shock I see my bank statement, I am still being debited even after surrendering my connection. I have got a confirmation for the same. Still I am being debited. Even after complaining, I have not got any reply from them yet.

    The worst part is that I am on a overseas assignment and I can't do anything but to watch my account being debited month after month. But, I will definitely go to the consumer court will all the evidences and make things worse for them once I return to India.



  • Mo
      5th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Good that you are raising your voice against misconduct that will surely help many. But posting here will not suffice your ultimate goal should be to bring it to notice of regulatory bodies and have them take relevant action. So in addition to posting your complaint here do mail them to:

    and follow up. Things will work.

    Lets make india better.

  • Su
      9th of May, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - shoddy customer service - mobile plan change

    I have been an Airtel customer for the past 5 years (Number - 9849755475) . But never before have I found the customer service as pathetic as I find it now. I have been in CUG 249 for the past 9 months. In January I had raised a request through an Airtel representative in Computer Associates for a change to Plan 149. I was asked to send a mail to the Airtel office and I got a mail saying that the plan change is possible. However the mail failed to give further details. I sent about 8 mails to Airtel asking for clarifications but I got none. Then I was told that the Plan 149 had been discontinued. I also made about 50 calls to Airtel Customer care . However the executives acted dumb and I was asked to repeat the issue every time I called. I wonder what sort of information sits in the Customer profile database of Airtel. What is the customer service you provide when you ask put the customer through the same misery every time he calls?

    All the trouble started because of the mail from Airtel which said that the change to Plan 149 was possible.

    My main reason for the plan change has been to reduce my bill amount as my outgoing number of calls are pretty low. However the bills kept coming on CUG 249 in spite of my repeated requests. Finally recently Deepika from Airtel suggested that I change to Plan 999 as that was similar to Plan 149 in the sense that the rental was low and the phone was conducive for people who make less outgoing calls. She assured me that I would be given a complimentary talk time of Rs 250 as an apology note. Finally yesterday the Plan change was complete. However when I called up Deepika in order to ask her to add the complimentary talk time, another shock lay waiting for me. I was told that I need to utilize the talk time within 1 month as that was the validity the talk time held. Now this is adding insult to the numerous injuries Airtel has already inflicted. If I calculate the amount I have lost because of the delayed plan change(delayed by 4 months), I found the amount runs to about 700 Rs. Now first I get a complimentary talk time of only rs 250. Next I am given an ultimatum to utilize it within 1 month. Is this the way Airtel apologizes for its shoddy customer care?

    I have requested Airtel to do one of two things:

    1) Make the plan change as of January - when I had originally asked for the plan change. Once done - recalculate all my bills from January as of Plan 999

    2) Let the plan change remain as of May. However refund me the amount I have lost because of the delay

    I have planned to approach the CONSUMER COURT with this issue if it is not solved ASAP. I also plan to publish this complaint in the leading news papers in my city.

    PS: The complaint form is not accepting a 'Request Date' before May 2017. Either Airtel is too optimistic that they have taken care of all requests before May 2017 or it is another bug in its software

    Thanks and Regards,
    Subramanian S

  • Ka
      28th of May, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - airtel has lost my payment and deactivated the card

    I have made payment through Citibank online, which I am doing from last couple of years, but for last month when I made payment through Citibank online on 04-May, amount is deducted from my account and Citibank says that they have transfered it to Airtel.

    I have called up Airtel 2-3 times regarding the same and gave them reference number for the same. Airtel has not tried trace the transaction but instead has discontinued my card.

    The issue is still pending almost 25 days now.

    This is very ridiculous and is not expected from Airtel. I am using Airtel service from the day it is launched in Maharashtra. There are no issues with any payment till date. This has happened for the Add-on card which I took on Airtel request for the same.

    Airtel should not have discontinued the service as we are suffering a lot because of that Airtel should consider the history of Parent card and also should try to trace the lost transaction.

    Instead of helping such a long term customer Airtel is asking the customer to get in touch with Citibank, get some proof on amount transfered. The reference number is not enough for them to trace the transaction.

    This shows that Airtel has no interest in retaining the customer. The Parent card too as this issue has mentally harassed me and my family. I need some way I can teach them lesson other than discontinuing.

  • Sj
      30th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - non-activation of gprs!

    I am holding a life time prepaid connection of airtel which was specially taken for internet , for which i had activated GPRS through a GPRS enabled handset. Before for this the charge was Rs.249, suddenly from June month onwards they raised it to Rs.498. Any way I activated it through a recharge voucher of R.498 on june 26,2017.

    At that time the customer care executives told that it will take at most 48 hrs.
    on next day, ie 27 th June,2017 at about4 p.m., i received a sms from airtel customer care telling that "your GPRS has been activated". But surprisingly, at evening about 10 p.m when I tried to connect internet through my computer a message shown," Subscribe to packet data first." At once I called back customer care help desk, they checked it out and told that it will take nearly 48 hrs, pls cooperate with us, but when i asked them about that sms in which it was clearly told that my GPRS has been activated they politely told plz ignore that message and requested me to call to customer care executive of GPRS section.

    In this process the line was disconnected so many times, since i was in trouble i had to call back again... when I called 4th time the call was automatically stopped & my customer care help desk line was also barred... since i called 4 times in a day.

    But since my problem was not solved... i had to call back from another connection which was obviously chargeable. Next day ie on 28 th June, the situation was same. I called back again from another no., and i was very irritated when the executive talking with me told that "yes you have certainly recharged with Rs 498 and 48 hrs have expired, but sorry to say we have some technical difficulty thats why it has not been activated, we have taken a complaint of your prob, by 3rd July your problem will be solved".
    I was absolutely angry then since i had recharged it on 26 th, & by 3 rd if my prob is to be solved ie after 7 days, then why should we pay too much for this type of poor service? I wanted to talk to a senior officer and surprisingly at once they told your prob will be solved by next 2 hrs. I just didn't understand their strategy. I thought they have recognized their fault. But i was wrong... i was living in a fools paradise.

    I had some important online job this month, thats why i recharged it by 26th of July,2017 before expiry of previous recharge, so that i can enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection. But i didn't know that i had bought trouble with Rs 498.

    On 30 th july 2017, when i tried to reconnect net via computer an error message was shown..." subscribe to packet data first". Again i had to call back to customer care help desk.. only to confirm whether 48 hrs have gone or they have still some excuses. The only word they have been thought is SORRY. I asked them it is nearly 96 hrs , then why it has not been activated? they again started me telling stories... when i insisted on to talk to higher authorities... they put my line on hold just for an hour, and after 1 hr the line was automatically disconnected. but surprisingly GPRS was activated .

    SO one thing is very clear to us that their business is to make public fool. They are simply playing with public money... they don't have any proper system nor they answer properly. Simply they misguide people in various ways.If you can charge them then they will take prompt action , otherwise you have to follow their footsteps. If they are kind enough, you are lucky, you can enjoy normal expected services... otherwise you will get a BIG ZERO.

  • Mu
      3rd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - don't cheat costumers...

    My name is Mukesh Shah and my airtel mobile no is 09975791103.

    I activated GPRs scheme for accessing net on my mobile phone next day i got one message that they have debited 99 rs from my account for subscribing to their portfolio management scheme.
    this is complete non sense ...they deducted my account directly from my balance and i didn't subscribe to their any scheme.this is pure cheating.
    And worst part os story is that ,when i call on costumer care they say my amount will be credited shortly but they have not credited my amount so far. some of the costumer care executives talk rudely,they misguide costumers.

    I hate airtel.

    I would suggest never go for airtel. Airtel company is cheater...they try to make their costumers fool..

  • Gl
      22nd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - Deduction of my balance unnessary

    dear sir
    this is in reguard to your improper services which i underwent during the past 2 month.
    My mobile no is 9892959501

    My problem is that on the 29th sept 2017 i had refilled my balance with RS60 talktime but there was no updation of my balance on your system for nearly 2 weeks.Anytime I tried to comfirm it and try reporting my problem reguarding my balance deduction I was given the answer that your system is under upgradation or under failure please contact ater 2 hour.

    Your airtel customer executives did'nt know anything about why my balance was deducted for nearly 2 weeks.After 2 weeks of constant calling them some customer executives told that my radio service is active and some customer executives told that my V.A.S service is active.

    Iam just confused how did this service get automatically active without my notice. As i am holding nokia 1100 and im not interested in any services .
    I tried calling customer executives as to how this service got active they to had no idea and they are not returning my balance back too

    As now you are not refunding my balance i thought of using this service provided.And so on the 19th oct 2017 when i asked atleast tell me how to use this service one of your customer executives told me to dail v.a.s. activation number and to follow the instruction .

    After this again RS30 got deducted on this i got fustrated and spoke to many of the customer executives .they told that they will refund my balance but till know there is no updation of my balance
    I went to airtel gallery too they too have forwarded this request.

    And know i am giving you 1 day to update my balance and if i dont get it i will definately and will not hesitate to file a case in the customer court as i am not going to keep quit for my RS60.If there is still no reply from your side them i will definately with to "THE TIMES OF INDIA " and explain the entire matter and see to it that airtel really pays for it

    i am feed up your bad services
    please reply

    thanking you
    glen saldanha

  • Ar
      29th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - erratic service

    It is really disgusting seeing the ads of Airtel, every time I see it I shows how much this company is fooling people. I had bought this Airtel prepaid SIM, it took exactly 16 hours to get started and that too with persistent begging by me to the dealer & the retailer.
    The connection works fine for a day and the next day it is off, for the past 2 days no connectivity. Every time you call the customer care, there is a standard reply " THE SYSTEM IS DOWN PLEASE CALL US AFTER 2 HOURS", once & twice it is fine, for 2 complete days can a so called reputed company say the same reason followed with the 2 hours logic???
    Big time let down by ads, promotion. This would be the last time I would like to use Airtel be it connection or as an Investor.

  • Mo
      22nd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - really sucks & useless

    Airtel india, really sucks & useless... Careless customer care response, they cut the line while in middle of the conversation & many unwanted & repeated msgs from airtel offers. We dont know whether the person whom we are calling is either switched off/not reachable/busy or whatever all they is false absolutely. They say same dialogue when we call to different mobile connection (Ex:bsnl) " the airtel customer you trying to reach is busy/not reachable"for any other connection also...

  • Ap
      23rd of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have been observing that whenever i make calls, especially ISD/STD calls & try to terminate the call 1-3 seconds before the next pulse starts, it invariably carries forward to the next pulse & I end up paying for the full pulse even though I have not used any talk time for that pulse.

    Initially, I did not notice this, but now it is quite evident that this is how the software has perhaps been written to "increase" the billing!!

    Has this been bought to the notice of TRAI or OMBUDSMAN or MRTPC? The erring company(AIRTEL) should be asked to pay damages/penalties worth a few hundred crores, as they would have made much more than that with a minor "adjustment" in the software.

  • Ne
      18th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    the most hoorible sevice the no 121 for techincal department has been fire walled so u cxant complain, am runningb/w failure of mms gprs services from thier end, , no use 2 make it better they cant do anythng 2 realy help, , i would so love 2 speak to thier heards face 2 face n make thm give me my money bck for all the f, , , , , failed mms

  • Sh
      31st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    dear sir
    this is in reguard to your improper services which i underwent during the past 1 month.

    My mobile no is 9893766447

    for last one month i facing a problem of deduction of balance unnessary of Rs 100 . please focus on my problem

  • La
      7th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - no feed back of complaints
    Naturs Essence (P) Ltd.

    i am using the airtel no. +919997417555 since 2 years. at initial stage this no. was prepaid but now i requested to air tel change my postpaid no. to prepaid no. and they hav done it.

    now from 30 days or from changing postpaid to prepaid i am unable to send the massages from my phone n not getting hello tune while they hav cuted the balance of hellotune . so many times i called to coustmer care 121 but they didnt feed back me in possitive way.

    i also called for my same complaint at 198 of airtel n they also not replied me

    i am missing the name of executives but i talked with a senior mr. Devendra of airtel complaint care at 198 and he promissed me he will shortout this proble in 24 hrs but still not solve

    kindly take the necessary action for the same

    thankz n regards

    lalit tyagi


  • Av
      15th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I suscribed to airtel mobile postpaid...
    couple of months i receivced charges that i estimated...
    i switched to wodafone... but did not canceled the airtel connection...
    i did not use airtel connection for whole month...
    but the bill i received from airtel was double that of normal fixed charge...

    i went to the airtel office and confirm to cancel my connection...
    after explaining the above reason to them, they immediately reduced the bill to half... !// what is this!!

    i hate airtel.. airtel is cheater from that day i never used airtel...!

  • Pa
      15th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes
    Airtel India - harassment from airtel & its cc
    Airtel India

    I had lately taken a Airtel connection - 9008026591 (to gift it to my mom). It is a corporate connection - Karnataka Number from Wipro Technologies, Mustafa being the company Co-ordinator... It was activated with Rs.300 initial deposit and all the necessary documents, being scanned from my end.

    During the address verification stage 2 things happen:

    1. The Verification person lands up at my client office where I work. He called up around 15 times to know my location.
    2. He failed to call up when he had to do the main verification that is to my residence.

    Its funny that they take my existing (current usage number). To find all the details. Just after 3 days i get a message on my Mobile, they are discontinuing the service... due to incorrect verification... (when they did not come how could it be incorrect?). Then they discontinue my outgoing all together.

    And even after repeated mails to nodalofficer.[protected] and sanjiv.[protected] no response worst of all [protected] where you mail anything but no response found? Call up airtel customer care... names I have interacted with Siva, Avinash.M, Ravi and there is one supervisor Sameer.S
    All give vague and different answers. None consitant with each other. The customer service is the worst of the lot. They have a major monopoly.

    Now when I want to cancel my connection and want a refund they don't want to refund my Rs.300, deducting all my amount. They give me all the policies saying that I have to be at least 6 months customer. For such a bad service who would want to be their customer? And above which in a democratic country they do a dictatorship over the customer.

    And India provides all the related support for companies like this?



  • Bi
      1st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had taken a new airtel postpaid connection on 26th September 2017. The connection is not yet activated. They had alloted me a number 9611644033, which i found alloted to somebody else later. They has now re alloted me with a new number. The customer care has guaranteed that my connection will be active before Sept 30 midnight but till the connection is not yet activated.I find that airtel is providing the worst customer support in Bangalore. IS there any solution for this type of problems.

  • Ca
      3rd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes


    This is regarding complaint ref no: 1003077931.
    My mobile no is 9892959715. I am using you service for last 4 years. I was so happy that till now there was no need of any personel visit to any of the Airtel Gallery. But i found a black mark in your services.
    4 -5 months back i have activated 'Airtel Classifeid' in my mobile. After that i get SMS from 54321 for job vacancies.
    Last month i decided to deactivate this scheme. so when i first called your customer support team said that no such scheme is been activated in my cell and he will check and if there he will deactivate it. On the next day i got ane more job vacancy SMS from 54321, Again i called to your customer care executive, one person told that he will deactivate it.
    But it is not deactivated till now. Today again 25.00 Rs is been deducted from recharge account. Today again, i have called your customer executive. A person named 'Yuraj' attended, i have requeseted him to deactivate this scheme and loged a complaint. so he reverted with above reference nos.
    Dear All, please see to that my scheme is deactivated ASAP.
    If this not done i would have to escalate to AIRTEL supiror team.
    See to that there is no need for this


  • Mr
      4th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear Sir,
    I have lost my cell phone having prepaid Airtel phone number 9818563499, I tried to contact Airtel for blocking my sim card, but was unsuccessful.Kindly block the sim so that no more calls are allowed /misused.
    Mrs.Lakshmisree Bandopadhyaya
    Hawa Singh Block
    NEW DELHI:110049
    Residential phone :26493891

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