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Airtel / defrauding and harassing customers!

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Few days ago, I converted to my Airtel prepaid to postpaid connection. I have been a good customer of Airtel prepaid service for more than 1 and a half year. But in return , I have got such a bad service that I don't have words to say nothing bout it.

A customer care representative was sent by Airtel call center on my request to my office (Delmia Solution PVt. ltd, jp nagar 2nd phase, bangalore-78) as I was interested in migrating to postpaid connection. That guy (called Prataph from Microwave Communications - Airtel authorized point, cunnigham road, bangalore as mentioned in the bill - he has given the wrong contact no... also on the BILL!!!) is a complete liar and gave me wrong information regarding the schemes available. My post paid connection was activated after 3 days after paying 300 bucks as the initial charge. But to my utter surprise mobile to std landline was not activated for which I had taken the scheme, now the Airtel call center was asking for another 1500 bucks refundable for sub activation of that feature... No such charge was told while taking the connection...

Apart from that, I had some prepaid currency in my account, I was told that I can use by dialing some code for std. I tried after activation but nothing happened. I called up AIRTEL CALL CENTER 4 or 5 times. They said they have taken the compliant and they will activate it soon. Meanwhile after all this drama I went to AIRTEL office and the Airtel ppl told me that feature is no more there, my prepaid currency (around 200 bucks) has lapsed. So, nothing can be done! So u can understand my fury now:|

How they can run a such a big organizations with ppl of such questionable integrity??? Airtel authorized center send fake representatives with the whole intention of trapping the customers!!!

Airtel call center gives the wrong information!!! It means customers are helpless! I feel like moving to consumer court its simply ridiculous public nuisance!

I would be very thankful if something can be done and also it will be very consoling for me if the authority of Microwave communications, Airtel Auhtorized point, Maruthi Mansion, Cunnigham Road, Bangalore-52 has canceled so in future they might not trap other customers!

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  • Du
      31st of Jul, 2006
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    yes this airtel is a worst thing i saw trapping representatives fakes all lies about the schemes and just eat the customers money. this is so redicules. once even they cut so much of my money from my airtel prepaid. airtel representatives are robbers thiscompany runs only to trap customers and eat the money. disgusting....

  • Sh
      11th of Aug, 2006
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    I also have such kind experience. I am in Faridabad, have landline connection about 3 years. When I got connection they collect Rs. 3000.00 for Caution deposit and which is refundable after I surrender my connection. But practically when I surrender the connection, I cleared my all bills and there is no dues but still they did not refund my full amount instead of that they return me only Rs. 2200.00 and that too also after 2-3 months fight with them. After I got said amount, several times when ever I contacted them regarding the discrepency they just reply we are checking and will revert you soon. Its already 1 and half years over but I did not receive any information regarding the same. I realise that they don't pay me the balance amount, I did not follow after that.

  • Ma
      16th of Aug, 2006
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    Yes I do agree with all of you. I experienced the same the situation.
    I asked the dealer to recharge my mobile currency for 560/- rupees using easy recharge option since there were no card available.

    He made a mistake by typing wrong number. My number is 99950 82730 he instead typed 99950 82370. Now he asks me to pay money for recharging other number. He insisted that it can be rolled back by the airtel authorites, so I paid him 560/- and received bill.

    But when I approach Airtel service Center they say it takes 1 month to process the action. I went circles to these airtel people nothing turned out. I feel like sueing these people here.

    There should be some way to catch these airtel. Please some insist some way so that I can catch these people.

  • Ra
      24th of Apr, 2007
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    I bought a prepaid SIM card from Mr Satish, Plot No 5, Shiv Bagh, Ameerpet in the month of March,2007 after submitting proper documents. After 2 days the outgoing call was barred. On inquiring, the customer care informed me that the docs were not submitted so I should submit again. I submitted the docs again for the 2nd time and the connection was restored. After 15 days, all of a sudden the number becomes non existent. On inquiring, the customer care informed me again that the docs were not submitted so the number as been barred. You please clarify me if the docs were not submitted, how can my connection get restored when it got disconnected for the first time. Now how can you expect a customer to keep on submitting the docs again and again. The dealer has informed that he had submitted the docs else the connection could not get restored for the first time. If you think the dealer has not submitted the documents, do you think I should be responsible for this. We buy SIM card from your authorized dealers and if they dont submit the docs, I am not supposed to suffer. I have given the details of the distributor above and I need an explanation and immediate solution to this problem. I would not accept Airtel harassing customer's without reasons.

    Dont u think, the customer care should atleast inform the customer before disconnecting the number!

  • Ra
      9th of May, 2007
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    I have heard similar complaints from my friends. I would also like to highlight my experience with Airtel. I too wanted to change to a postpaid connection from the existing pre paid for my office use, and I went to the nearest Airtel Office which is newly opened on the 100 ft road, Indiranagar near the Domlur flyover. The office is generally crowded and operates on a first cum first serve basis. While I waited for my turn, this customer service lady (the only lady ) who was walking around in the office, came to me and very curtly asked what I wanted. I told her about my requirements , she examined my id proofs and very rudely told me that I did not have the required documents. I do agree that I probably did not have the proper address proof, but there is a way of informing things to customers. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated by anyone, I work for a service industry and I was totally appalled by the kind of service offered by Airtel. I walked out of the office with a very bitter experience and I would like to inform you that I am now thinking of switching over to some other company for good.

  • Ar
      12th of Dec, 2007
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    My mobile No id 9903043189 (Post paid) I have been a good customer of Airtel postpaid service for more than 2f year. But in return , I have got such a bad service that I don't have words to say nothing bout it.

    3 Months Ago I have received a Offer card from Airtel for Free Postpaid Connection. After SMS to 200 one Executive Sovonjit Ghosh( 9831049857) from Bharti Airtel Services Limited Kolkata came to Me and collected all my documents ( Pan card Xerox, Voter ID xerox , Original Last month Bill & Original Offer Card) and gave me a sim card ( 89913100000054589368).

    After 2 Days he said me that there was a confusion because there is a Unpaid amount of Rs.4000/- in another no.( didn’t inform to me) in my name opened previously by my PAN but not in my address .

    I repeatedly requested him to give me the details of the above but he didn't give any thing to me and I also requested him to return my documents whatever I handover and take the sim card what he has given to me but no reply I have got from him. So Many times I called to Customer care but they cannot give me proper answer.

    How Airtel can run a such a big organizations with ppl of such questionable integrity??? Airtel authorized center send fake representatives with the whole intention of trapping the customers!!!

    Now there is no proper solution given from the Airtel side as to where exactly they have created a problem

    Now MY Faith on AIRTEL also now going down because every one can do any thing with my papers.

  • Ja
      1st of Feb, 2008
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    i serch my mobile proof .my airtel no 9944345854

  • Ri
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    AIRTEL as they claim do not have customer care centre, rather they only have customer harassment centre, I was using AIRTEL broadband for the last 8 years without any problem. Recently I shifted to new residence with in the same locality and I was promised by Airtel Mayur Vihar office that broadband will be made available at my new residence, later it was turned down.

    However I went in for their Data Card 9717111523 and took unlimited plan and was using it for 2 months, the real problem rather night mare started when I got a call from AIRTEL saying that they will install broad band connection at my place with the same no. I was having 01142154495 and in 2 days the wiring too was done and the wiring is still there, was promised that I will get the connection in 2 days times

    After that it was night mare and harassment for me from AIRTEL end as I started calling up Airtel people every day and was told that I will get the connection the next day, and I spoke to so many executives and every time I have to narrate the same story all from the start and even I have some of the requests no. with me. I started calling from 2nd may 09, again on 4th may req. no. 193903340, 6th may request no 19532946, 10th may req. no 77623884 and many other requests in between and every time they committed that the connection will be given the next day

    But every time I was given the wrong promises, and in between since I was having their data card unlimited connection, I reduced that to Rs 49 plan in anticipation of getting their broad band connection which was quiet but natural

    Since I did not get their connection in time, I used it for just 2 days and I got a whopping bill of Rs 2900 plus taxes, I was shocked as my guess was that at the most I will have to end up paying additional 300-400 and which I was even ready.

    Now after these AIRTEL customer harassment executive started harassing me, I spoke to atleast 100 odd customer executive and got fed up repeating the story again and again, and every one listened to my problem, and agreed to it that the problem is from their end, but they all wanted the bill to be paid, I talked to Nodal office and again the same old story, and today 22nd June 09 I talked to their appellate with the hope atleast they will listen and understand the problem, again after listening to everything and agreeing to the fact that broad band people made wrong commitment and because of that I lowered the data card plan to 49 one and had to use it for 2 days, again they sang the same old story sung by customer care and nodal office.

    Every one treats Broadband and data card as two different company, where as for me it is AIRTEL. They have simple logic, never admit your mistake and always put it on the customer’s head.

    1. Why in the first place I got a call from AIRTEL Broad band saying that they will install broad band connection at my place, if they cannot do it, which sparked of all the problem
    2. If the unlimited plan for data card is 999 per month, does it makes sense to charge 2900 for using it for 2 days.
    3. If my credit limit is Rs1700 why I was allowed to use it for Rs2900, what ever the reason they come out to justify it

    I just could not stand the harassment by these Airtel people as already I have enough tensions at my place as my mom is seriously ill for 10 years as she underwent major operation in 2000 and could not take additional tension and ultimately paid the amount of Rs 3305.98 bill no 924988743, bill dated 09-Jun-2009 on 22nd June by Credit card. Now I want to claim for the damages and harassment that AIRTEL had given me.

    I hope you will help me in getting my Rs 3305 back as broadband unlimited is for Rs 700 and data card unlimited is for 999 per month and why on the earth they are charging 2900 plus taxes for using it for 2 days, this money I can use it to buy medicines for my mom for one month

    Ramanan G G

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