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Airtel - Bangalore / please never take airtel connection or you will be in great trouble!

1 India Review updated:

First of all I want to say never take Airtel connection at least in Bangalore.

I took Airtel Pre-Paid connection 15 days back, I submitted all required documents to that dealer only,then after one week I came to know that my documents are not with Airtel people that is why my Outgoing are barred.

I went to that dealer he told me no its not like that, and he told me that he had submitted those documents on the very next day.

Then I went to one Airtel Outlet and I submitted all the required documents again last week only.

But yesterday I came to know that again my outgoing are barred as my documents didn't reached there.

Its really bad.Whenever I call to customer care people they were like "Mam we can't help you in this and you have to resubmit your documents"

I personally advice everyone not even think to take this stupid AIRTEL connection.

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  • Ga
      4th of Jun, 2011
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  • Ha
      4th of Aug, 2010
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    hi to all,
    I like this service its toooo good and iam using more then 4 years, i want if they keep maintin how they are maitaining now then it will touch to sky very soon, all service is too fast, currency also activated soon, any complaint also done soon, main is there customer care service is OSAM...,
    Present now days as they are taking all new forms again fillling and submittimg in that one problem is that i gave 2 times to them but still they call and said sir when i can come and fill the form, it means somewhere system is not maintaing properly, the person who came to me at home took the form, photo, adddresss proof, and ID copy for verification did not submit in office or correct place..i want this should check by there team managers and tommrow customers should not complaint the same matter, , , other then that all are perfect...bye

    with regards,
    Harbir Singh

  • Am
      18th of Jun, 2010
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  • Am
      18th of Jun, 2010
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    hey i can say Airtel is worst customer service provider in india, bangalore. once they receive money after that no care.
    it's regarding broadband connection, i have paid 4000/- rs towards 6 month brodband connection plan. and i have informed them all the prerequisite like i am shifting my place to confirm feasiblity and other issue they have oked that.
    once i shifted feasiblity problem and they are not refunding my 4000/- rs. first they told 45 days settelment.they have taken modem and insstruments also but after that no response. customer care telling we can't help it or simmply we will talk to our manager.
    every time i am losingg my money on making call bcos they don't have toll free no for this issue.bugeed up!!
    Please unite and try to close the bussiness of airtel aat least avoid by ssome count.


  • An
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    I too have my complaints against Airtel. With no ethics in place the company only aims to trick you for your money. Lately, I started receiving sms claiming that I have been charged for downloading wallpapers and games which took me by surprise and i called up 121 at once and was assured by the team that the matter will be looked on to once the bill is generated. When i received the bill i was surprised to see that i was charged rs 784 for these value added services. What was really frustrating that they refused to take any responsibility and i am being compelled to pay these charged or else they will forfeit my account. Considering that my account may have been compromised i even requested for an investigation and providing me with an IMEI info of teh phone they have received these download requests from which was turned down by them with no valid explanations.
    I am really disgusted with their work ethics and the customer service attitude. I have decided to switch my service no matter how inconvinient it may be but i am not going to give in.

  • Da
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    airtel had made an offer on new prepaid mobile connection in Goa that recharge with rs800 and get rs300 free M-M talktime and 499 talktime or something like that . the rs300 talk time was supposed to me used in 15 days after which it expires . i made a call for 90 odd mins and next day the remaining free talk time had vanished. how did that happen???
    i have changed 3 airtel sims till now. finally i have decide airtel mobile is not for me. now i stick to VF

  • In
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    I had the same problem with Reliance...same story repaeted submitted all my documents to agent, sim was activated and worked for 3 days and then both incoming & outgoing was suspended as Relaince didnot have the necessary updates in system. After repeatedly calling Reliance Customer Service ...which too sucks...they will try and convince that everything on the earth is wrong except them and their hands are tied...agent is completely unhelpful as they have no responsibility once they forward the same story...every time you contact Reliance customer service they give you new complaint number and need 3 days to resolve...when you ask to be connected to senior officer, either they drop the call and just forward to fellow officer...after 4 days of running pillar to post still my connection is not activated...I'm not sure what to do now.

  • Ro
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    Airtel in Banglore is horrible - The customer care does not take any responsibility to help the customer. This happens only in Banglore, They are rude to clients and do not respond in a professional manner.

    I had an instance were a lady from Airtel calls me to submit my documents for Pre - Paid connection at Banglore. Prior to her call I have already submitted my documents personally at the Outlet.

    I had to make more than 5 visits standing at the queue for my Pre- Paid connection and then I receive a call for the submission of the docs otherwise the calls will be barred, I explained the situation to the Customer Service lady, She replied me Its your headache and not my headache.

    Is this way to handle a client... not matter Airtel does lot of business but they have employees who speak without respect.

    Please do not take any connections with Airtel.


  • Ay
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    for any postpaid connections in airtel, (bangalore) kindly contact me on 9900193498, for the best corporate plans where the customer is benefited

  • Se
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    I strongly favour the point that Airtel services are not upto the mark.
    I have been using Airtel postpaid for last 1.5 yr. I migrated my number to pre-paid.
    It gave me lot of trouble.
    First of all, biling date problem, then deposit refund problem, and after 2 hours of time which i wasted at customer care center, they agreed to migrate my number.
    I submitted all releavnt docs.
    After a week, OUTGOING BARRED: Reason- Documents not submitted!
    (If not coustomer care centers, who else you will trust for submitting documents)

    I again submitted documents.It went well for 1 and half week. Now, INCOMING BARRED : Reason- Document mismatch.

    I don't understand, why they need to have so much of checks for an existing customer.
    Its forcing me to change my number.

    It really sucks...

  • Sh
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    yes ...very worst service

  • Sh
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    Yes exactly... They just bill as they want... they are not bothered whether custiomer usage low or hig. once if customer highly use the phone and from next month onwards it will not come down even if the usage is low.
    And wen U have ECS and dont ask they loot like anything
    It is just looting ...not giving service

  • Al
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    hi guys, i have a tataindicom wi max connection at ~700/month [ i get three month pack for ~2100
    in my area, its quite fine, and seldome i get some issue.
    i am using it for one and a half year, and customer care is also not so bad ..

    if you have not taken any other connection you can try it ... i dont remember, but i guess, either there is no installation charges or some 500 rupees of charges ..
    the packs are on monthly basis and 3 month basis, so in cae, you dont like, you can disconnect anytime ...

    one of my friend also faced this customer care issue with aritel, and i want to ### that guy ...
    in case anyone of you have some contact number of higher officials in airtel, let me know .. or if there are some other gov / non gov agencies to handle this, please pass the inforamtion ..

    i believe, if these junk guys are not ###ed properly, the same thing will continue and will worsten in situation...

  • Kr
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    Airtel customer care is the worst i have ever faced in y career. No sin if i curse the entire people in Airtel. Nobody deserve to continue their work, the way they behave and talk to customers. There is no escalation point i was surprised when the same person handled the calls for issues to Nodal as well as Appelate officers. When asked the people are so rude i feel like screwing their tongue the way they respond. I am still waiting for my deposit refund even after two months as i still get to here that it is under processing and no end to it as each time i have to explain the issue to the new person and the new person gives me only dates and no solution.

  • Vi
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN !!!ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT...Do not go for the airtel tv...because it is totally ###ed up ball of ### that they are selling they promise you something and they give you something, ...take this as far as possible ...bcoz believe me what i went through you would not like to go through ...make sure that airtel goes outr of business...for all the ### it throws on TV it is not even close to providing it...screw airtel...

  • Sa
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    I had requested for a migration of Prepaid to Postpaid connection on Jan 31st 2009 at the Airtel office on Airport Road Bangalore.
    As per procedure all necessary documents were submitted and the payment made. The sim card was supposed to be activated in 48 hours, or so I was told. After 5 days, when I called Airtel office, they said that their "server was down" and so the processing could not be done. They would need another 4 days to do it. After 4 days, it was still not done. I went to the office and found that my application was lying on the desk of the person who was working on it. They had "forgotten" about it and was working on it. Another 2 days. When it was still not done, I called the nodal officer. The nodal office is another place of chaos and they have absolutely no co ordination in their work. The office closes by 5 pm and everyday there is a new person answering the call who has no idea what the other person has been doing. I did not see much hope there. On Feb 12th, I went to the office again and this they told me they had "lost the documents" and I should be submitting these again. The person handling my documents had not come to the office for three days and the others had no clue as to where he had kept my documents. In fact, they were not able to trace him at all. I had requested for my money back as I dont have any more faith in these people. They convinced me an executive will be there at my place first thing in the morning next day to collect these docs. No one came. I am writing this complaint more out of disappointment than frustration. I work in a mobile phone service provider company and it is very sad to see the difference in service standards with our Indian counterpart.

  • Am
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    guys even the signal is pathetic in my house in bsk 3rd stage. i stay in ground floor. but reliance works very fine in my house. i dont know wats wrong wit airtel coverage. hands down to airtel!!!

  • Os
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    Airtel really really really SUCKS. I just wish I had used any other service provider. I have Postpaid mobile connection, WiFi, DSL and landline all by Airtel. Now I realize HOW STUPID I WAS. Whenever there is a deadline for paying my bills. Their site do not work and I happen to pay late fees. This happens very frequently. I raised my voice to customer support. They suggested me some dumb options like some sites I don't want to trust or pay some bucks for getting my bill paid or something like that. In short, there are some dumbs sitting out their on the name of customer support.

    Guys... just think 1000 times before you choose for any Airtel services. Don't be fooled by looking at good brand ambassadors and TV ads.

    These Airtel people should understand that it's just the good service and customer support that a customer is looking for.


  • An
      17th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    it is true that the airtel service of banglore sucks!! the worst ever network in the world. Probably it is the strategy of airtel to convert their black money to white money. that is why they are not heeding the complaints.

  • Sr
      16th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I completely agree with all the nuisances that Airtel is creating to it's pre-paid customers. I bought a airtel pre-paid, now I'm receiving numerous nuisance calls stating that this number was used by somebody else and they lost the phone and they will give police complaint if we dont return the mobile. When you call customer care they are hopeless to the core and even the supervisors are completely useless and since they could not give a remedy to my problem and they hung up on me. I seriously don't think any call gets moniotored at Airtel. Why does Airtel issue a number which was already used by somebody else. If any body at Airtel looking at the grievance please solve such nuisances to maintain the credibility.

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