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Air Canada / rip off

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I travel frequently with Air Canada. At least two or three times a month earlier this year I was traveling on a puddle jumper and as always, bring my briefcase with me on board the cabin. This particular day, the steward told me that I had to check my bag as it would not fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat. I told him that I could not as it was all electronics, he proceeded to assure me that sky Cap would take very good care of my electronics. after about five minutes of arguing with them. I gave in and gave him my briefcase. I did not notice any electronics missing until I got to my meeting the next morning. I was missing an iPod, voice recognition dictating software headset, my web cam, digital camera were all missing. I immediately contacted Air Canada at the airport where a landed and informed him that I had several pieces of electronics missing. Given the flight number and everything that I felt was pertinent to getting my electronics back. I felt confident the facts there was only one person to handle the sky check, Air Canada could easily figure out who that was and get my electronics back. When I came back to the same airport to fly out again. I spoke to air Canada Representative again and received a written confirmation of the report I had filed and I felt confidence and reassured that I would either get my electronics back or I would be compensated for my loss... after four months of communicating with Air Canada. Air Canada would purposely transfer me to all different departments. Just a semi through hoops. Air Canada asking me to fill out these reports over and over again and asking for receipts of all the equipment and making me jump through hoops time and time again. After all that. Then they inform me that they company policy is not to ensure or be responsible for electronics, When they are checked in.
In other words. They can steal all the electronics they want, and the company will never be held responsible. I don't even think they even investigated.

I am positive that their purpose was to stall me as long as possible and to put enough hoops and barriers in front of me that eventually I would give up. and at that point they wouldn't have to reimburse me or do anything. Not even investigates their employees. if Air Canada employees feel they will not be investigated. It's as much as encouraging them to steal.

Do not check any electronics or any valuable items with Air Canada, or Any airline.

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  • Ro
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    Nothing seems to have changed at Air Canada. Returning from Europe a couple of years ago. We left our digital camera on the aircraft seat with over 400 digital holiday pictures after landing in Calgary. We were last ones off the aircraft and the cleanup crew were waiting to board the aircraft. We went directly to the Air canada counter to report our loss feeling they could send someone to the plane and get it. That never happened. The camera was never found. You can guess who had the best chance of stealing that camera.

  • Ai
      18th of Jan, 2009
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    I will comment on two things regarding the initial story and the comment after:

    A) Checking in electronics is for the majority of times safe with Air Canada, you should do this with your suitcase and brief case. The airline does really do enough to take care of passenger's property as being an airport employee for YVR I've driven past suitcases just sitting on the buggy in the rain. As for your electronics, if they're important then you should launch a complaint with your local police, and even to that fact if they're worth then go through a lawyer. Air Canada hates bad publicity and theft for them isn't a rare thing, it has been in the news as many of their employees are selfish, greedy, and lazy people that feel entitled.

    B) As for your camera, you can also do them same as Air Canada has a sheet of crew peolple that cleaned that plane, and if enough pressure is exerted they will find out who it was through the crew leader who to save their job will turn in who it was that took the camera. Trust me I've seen people board these plans that shouldn't be on there just scanning for things that they can take home.

    All of that being said the majority of employees are Air Canada are honest hardworking people, but there are always a few bad apples, and this is common in all work places and it's unfortunate that you two had to be the victims of this. Air Canada has some of the worst customer service, that's what you get when you have the CAW running your phone lines, rude employees who don't care because they're unionized.

  • Wi
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had the same thing happen to me, electronics stolen from luggage, they even cut the seals on the zipper, then had the gall to say that they need to open the suitcase

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