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Business class ticket goes from 7500o points to 432000 points! When will someone start a class action suit against Aeroplan.

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Feb 13, 2017 7:23 am EST

1hour15min on the aeroplan help line still waiting. Stranded at airport. Air Canada sucks! Avoid at all cost.

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Feb 13, 2017 6:56 am EST

Do not bother using aeroplan anymore. Forever wait on the phone, and when they do pick up, they don't process the request correctly. Tried to contact themwhen i had proble, checking in, guess what the office is CLOSED WORLDWIDE. Ended up missing the flight and stranded in the airport with a one year old, They don't care about their customers traveling the world.

Jun 13, 2011 8:03 pm EDT

Ordered a Costco Membership Card using Aeroplan Miles
Order placed: Jan 10, 2011
Never received any thing, called in April requesting for the order status They told me the item has been shipped out in Feb. Will send another one.
Still didn't receive anything, called in middle of May requesting for update. They asked me to fill in a Lost Item Form, I did so and faxed in. And they told me I will receive it within 4 weeks.
Still received nothing, called in June 8, 2011, they just said "Sorry" and "promise" me to send me "right away!" and I can call in again on Monday requesting for a tracking number.
Called in Monday, June 13, they told me "I will send it to you immediately!" And there will not be tracking number. (What a bull ###!)
I ask them to send me an e-mail confirming that they ship out the item, they "promised" to do so but I still don't get any message/e-mail from them.

Jul 28, 2016 5:17 am EDT

Trying to book a Points ticket for me and my wife, but looks like the company wants to save money and have people who use the points pay for more.

Ticket from Toronto to LAX flight they only have 1 (ONE) ticket on every flight in business class? why so you can pay for the second ticket or instead of 40,000 points they want you to use 250,000 points for the same ticket.

used to be 2 Tickets for every section of the flight but now its only 1.

Jul 28, 2016 5:17 am EDT

Aeroplan Customer Care [protected]) is the most abysmal help line I have ever encountered. Apart from the inane voice-response system to start with, there is an interminable wait for an agent with arcane music playing all the time, and no indication of how long it's going to be. After 30 minutes the line went click, and I started again. I suggest anyone collecting airmiles start using a different airline where there is some modicum of service.

Jul 28, 2016 5:16 am EDT

I was to be charged 80, 000 aeroplan points to fly to New Zealand return. But I could not get any flights within a week of my prospective return date. On top of that they wanted to charge me $800 in fuel surcharges. I had to spend $80, 000 to collect these points which took over 2 years and had to pay $240/year for my Visa aeroplan card. So paying $800 plus $480 for 2 years of card renewal as compared with just buying a ticket for $1600 makes aeroplan a relatively poor deal. If I have to spend 2 extra days on my trip just to accommodate aeroplan flight schedules, then my cost is well over just buying a ticket and flying the dates I choose.

Sep 24, 2014 9:40 am EDT
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Aeroplan is a Big scam! It overcharges the customer with manipulated taxes & fees. The revenue ticket from Toronto to Shanghai is priced at around $650, however the Award ticket not only costs 75, 000 miles, but also $456 fees and taxes. Many of the fees and taxes are fraudulent.

I also looked at the flight within North America. I specifically choose United flight to avoid Aeroplan's ridiculous fees and taxes. While the operator (United) only charge US$5.60 fees, Aeroplan would charge $CAD21+ for the same flight. Another evidence that Aeroplan tries to rip-off its customers, ILLEAGLLY!

Aug 23, 2014 5:46 pm EDT

The scam that I have encountered is particularly insidious. When a customer tries to enter flight information regarding a flight booked the drop-down list of possible dates does not include the date of the flight. Since the date of the flight cannot be entered no reward miles are possible. This is fraud. This is a criminal offence.

Jul 28, 2016 5:17 am EDT

Points provided as gift to me and booked by family friend a seat with Aeroplan and fly to Europe this summer.
Since then I have accumalted enough points to upgrade my seat to Business class.

However, Aeroplan insists that our family friend is the only person who can request my upgrade and that he would have to pay the additional points!
Why? No adequate explanation except that it is company policy. This is unbelievable. Can someone knock some sense into Aeroplan?

Jun 26, 2013 11:11 am EDT

Has anyone tried the STARS promotion? They say collect 100 stars and receive 25000 miles... I diligently collected only to find they were behind in their posting and they stated you have till July to receive all your STARS then pouf..the contest and results disappear completely in May. You have NO way of finding out what their accumulation is. I collected 118 STARS, KEPT ALL MY RECEIPTS only after a lot of back and forth to be told..too sad you had 99 points. No one answers the phone. I requested a breakdown by EMAIL of this figure..only to find..yes, MICHAEL of the EXECUTIVE desk has written a note on my account that he is requesting the sponsors to send in the information? SO HOW DID HE GET 99 then... With all the back and forth I was ASSURED We are so sorry, we will do something to make this up to you. So I left a message with dear Michael if that is the case I would like ONE STAR please... whatever...I think I will sue in small claims and get them to spend tons on a lega bill. Anyone else get scammed?

Apr 20, 2013 3:52 pm EDT
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I was a member for 17 years, so now my points are gone.Te problem isIprchesed ga on three dates at esso, I did not keep the receipts, esso does not keep track of stuff like that for more thana week, and aerplan basically tells me I am lying. Since I have no prove, I loose my points (123000). Too bad Air Canada lets some Business administators wreck their reputation, Aeroplan goes the way of the Rogers and Bells, too much greed, no regards for its members. I would be very surprised if they get away with that for Members with non canada residences. I assume not. No bank would get close an account with assets in it, and aeroplan does because they can, the points are money; I can buy them back for 1200 Dollars, another complete joke when that is all I will ever get for them; and they are allowed to call this a buy back program.

Jan 02, 2013 5:02 pm EST
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Gotta love this. Tried to book an Aeroplan Award ticket from YYC to Okinawa. According to Aeroplan's own rules, you can have a stopover at no additional charge. EACH AND EVERY OPTION (you can never use their booking engine for an itinerary with a stopover) FOR FLIGHTS BETWEEN CALGARY AND OKINAWA ARE VIA TOKYO WITH A CONNECTION...Fair enough and a logical and direct routing. When I called to book (so that I could add a TOKYO stopover on the return), the idiot at Aeroplan said I would have to use 2 award tickets because "the stopover in Tokyo exceeded the allowable mileage". So as a test, I if he could just book me without the stopover. The answer was "yes" (and only 1 award ticket) and then gave we the available flight options. EVERY ###ING FLIGHT CONNECTED THROUGH TOKYO! Are these Aeroplan ###s all suffering from brain damage? I recorded the call and have forwarded it to my lawyer who indicated that the recording can be used in legal action in any jurisdiction that permits recorded telephone welcome to my world, the real world, Aeroplan! Stop screwing your customers.

Jan 02, 2013 4:21 pm EST
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Well it looks like we are singing the same tune here. I too am fed up with Aeroplan's B.S. I have just been told by a rude customer service agent that my air miles from Singapore-Heathrow (London) return do not qualify. Funny how they always use to. Air Canada's service has been in decline for many years now and it is on parallel with Aeroplan. Unfortunately, I live in a rural area of Canada and there are not many options open to me for initial travel. This appears to me my last year to qualify for Elite Status due to rule changes regarding mileage accumulation. Good riddance to them, I'll take my chances with other more friendly airlines (anything basically).

Jun 01, 2012 6:38 am EDT

Bailed out by the same Canadian public that they continue to abuse every time you try to book a flight using your AeroScam points. I'm amazed that anyone still fly’s with this bunch of overpaid lowlifes. And God forbid that you should want to visit, live in, or have a family member die in Newfoundland. Because that’s when they really sock it to you.
I only fly Air Crapada when I absolutely have no other choice. I got tired of being punished for collecting AeroScam points. For 25, 000 AeroScam points Air Crapada will fly you to a destination they don’t even service just to make you overnight. But if you are willing to pump out 50, 000 plus AeroScam points the choices of flights go from zero to unlimited.
Do those overpaid lowlifes actually think the Canadian public don’t know what they are doing? It’s no wonder they can’t make a profit.
Thank God for Westjet… and go Porter Airlines.
A very dissatisfied customer who will only travel on Air Crapada if I have to.

Mar 26, 2012 3:57 pm EDT
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2 IDENTICAL REWARD BOOKINGS on the EXACT SAME FLIGHTS on the EXACT SAME DATES (Calgary-Copenhagen-Calgary). I completed the booking using United Mileage Plus wherein the total fees for a 60, 000 mile award was $203.30. By comparison, the booking using an Aeroplan 60, 000 mile award (for exact same flights, exact same date, exact class of service would be $650.56. And the funny part, the United award is for seats on the Air Canada flights!

When I contacted Aeroplan for an explanation of the $447 fee difference, Supervisor Mindy from Montreal called with no explanation, just excuses and treated me like crap. Customer Service at Aeroplan? Not in this lifetime.

Jan 27, 2012 7:55 am EST




Dec 24, 2011 3:00 pm EST
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Aeroplan has become the main reason I now avoid Air Canada like the plague! My loyalty has switched to ANY other airline. I hope the blokes at Air Canada realize how effectively they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Oct 10, 2011 8:12 pm EDT

I agree with practically all comments above. Unfortunately Air Canada has a monopoly on most flights that I need so saying I won't fly AC again is impractical; however if another airline is available AC is my airline of last resort.
Aeroplan has just "stolen" 120, 000 points from me. It looks as though the legal resort is the only hope - joining the Quebec class action suit might help. (Merchant Law group, Montreal)

Sep 21, 2011 6:54 pm EDT

Trust me go to RBC Avion and you will not believe the difference. No blackouts and polite people. I was Aeroplan and tossed them for all the same reasons.


May 25, 2011 2:55 pm EDT
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Westjet is looking better and better. If they can get a good loyalty program in place with at least one major US carrier - it is adios to AC after a long run (April 24, 1987)

May 25, 2011 2:52 pm EDT
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it's a cut throat business and Air Canada / Aeroplan are doing their best to ensure that they remain at the forefront of those that would rather despise their loyal customers than serve them.

May 23, 2011 10:44 pm EDT

I have over 200, 000 Aeroplan points and each time I try to redeem them as gifts for friends so that they can fly I can't do so. This is mainly due to the inflexible and restricted options available. For example, a friend of mine can fly out (multiple stops, overnight stay) after I gave Aeroplan a number of days to choose from, but cannot get back, even though I'm trying to book 2-months in advance. Her only option is to fly business class. If she goes online, of course she can find better deals. So the question is, why patronize this program? For me this is the last straw. What's the use of accumulating points that I want to use as gifts so that friends can fly to places they want to go if I can't redeem them? Looks like I'll have to give even more business to American Airlines than I already do. I patronized Air Canada because I'm Canadian, but they don't deserve it.

May 13, 2011 2:42 am EDT

I spent from Friday evening through Monday morning trying to book 2 reward tickets. I kept getting an error message. I spoke to an agent who told me that unless I got an authorization number from their web techs, she would have to charge a fee to make the booking for me. The first two times I spoke to the web techs, they admitted they were having problems with the website and that I should "keep trying." Meanwhile, every time I "kept trying", the miles it was going to cost to purchase the tickets kept increasing. Of course, there's never anything available at the lowest level, so I tried "Classic Flight Plus". My two tickets started at 86, 000 miles, increased to 91, 000 miles, then to 116, 000 miles, and then to 125, 000 miles. I finally called an agent who said that yes, she knew the Aeroplan website was giving error messages to customers who were trying to book their own flights, but she still had to charge me $30/ticket (plus tax) to book the tickets for me. Well... lo and behold... she was able to secure the two tickets for 86, 000 points... not the 125, 000 points the website was quoting to me. What a scam. They get your money one way or another. I've been saving Aeroplan miles since 1989, and had intended to use them for a first-class trip around the world when I retire. Well...that dream went out the window when Aeroplan came up with its seven-year deadline. I began using the miles and am now down to 125, 000 left in my bank. When those are gone, it's "good-bye Aeroplan" and "good-bye CIBC Aerogold VISA." Who needs to pay a fee for a credit card associated with such a crappy customer "reward" program?

Apr 27, 2011 4:20 pm EDT

Aeroplan is the worst reward program. Our family has had 260000 point stolen from us over a two year period. We travel and live away from Canada for longer periods of time and do not always pay day-to-day attention to our Aeroplan card and stiking it inot things (although if there were Aeroplan executives nearby that would no doubt change). Any ways, the fact was on phoning Aeroplan it was clear they intended to do nothing. Indeed their condescension and arrogance only made my more annoyed. They were clear about one thing - they are not Air Canada. In fact they seemed almost to be touting the fact that they were not the airline and in some ways could not give hoot about Air Canada. Wow! I called AC and they told me that they could do nothing. I told them Delta miles did not expire and they basically said " then use them - that's why we have competition." Well unfortuantely, in many instances, as Canadians we do not have competition and that is the basic problem. Now, when possible do I fly anyone but AC, however I still need to use them occasionally to get to Vancouver to connect up with a real Airline, although we also now go through Seattle and connect to Delta - yeah, no expiry. We fly trans- Atlantic 2 times a year and we are now just about to return to Asia for a 5 year stint - last time I was in Asia I made about 7 trips a year back to Canada. I can not believe AC can just sit idly by and dismiss it's customer base. As a seasoned trqaveller I suppose I could have jumped through their tricks and navigated their trickery, but really why should I have to. Where is the honesty and or loyalty from them for their dedicated travellers. Bravo Delta for coming to your senses. I feel for every single traveller who has been cheated by AC and it seems to me reading this site it is even worst for the less frequest travellers who try to collect a reward over a longer period of time as it is apparent they really stand little to no chance of ever redeeming anything from AC for their long erm patronage. Do not waste your time - remember even Air Canada themselves recommend the competition!

Apr 17, 2011 1:41 pm EDT
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As is typical with anything within 20 feet of Air Canada (realize AP is separate) - there is an ill odor that permeates around those that choose to hang on. I myself am an example having used AC and its affinity plans, since 1987 for business and personal activities. I have taken several trips on points but never without huge amounts of either compromise - always on my side (ie: change dates) or being nickeled and dimed to process an award (ie: speak to someone? will charge you for that) With this recent announcement (this week) that redemption rates will increase, they have hit my trigger spot. For the first time since 1987, I will do a full review of my options, although I am not holding out much hope that I will find anything that much better. And believe me, if I switch and there is a vested reason not to fly Air Canada - zero problem there - will be nice to fly with crew that care (yes there are exceptions, but really attitude means so much). One can taste the difference in attitude between AC and say Porter, West Jet. It is the damn affinity plan that has kept me tethered, perhaps now is the time to look elsewhere. Should West jet strike up a deep alliance with One World or other, I may be gone. Bye Bye Aeroplan and AC!

I would classify Aeroplan as the type of business that has a captive audience, will spend and be exciting in order to entice, but once in, the customer is viewed in contempt. I would classify Toronto's Highway 407 in the same way. Both are arrogant towards customers, leaving them with little choice.

Mar 30, 2011 6:50 am EDT

I totally agree, Aeroplan has hit the dumps for me. I've been a member for over 20 years and the last few years I've noticed Aeroplan depreciating my miles at a high rate. Twice since last summer it takes more AP miles for the same cash.
Flights require a rapidly increasing cash payment for fees and taxes, such that the fees for a flight to England is as much as paying full cash for a flight only about 15 years back. Other airlines have not increased their flight cost nearly as fast.

So I'm liquidating my AP miles, to move on.
Looking at an iPad from Aeroplan, I see AP selling the iPad V1 for the same AP miles it takes to get an iPad V2 ?
Yet Apple is selling the iPad V1 at a significant discount.

Those running Aeroplan are either stupid or are thieves.

Mar 16, 2011 10:13 pm EDT
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BEWARE _ AEROPLAN IS A SCAM! I have accumulated 80, 000 Aeroplan points over the last few years and have been trying, unsuccessfully, to redeem them for travel over the last year. I tried to book a flight from Calgary to Las Vegas 3 months in advance and was told there was no availability. I tried to book a flight to Maui 4 months in advance and was quoted 180, 000 miles round trip for a terrible flight that was 20 hours due to connections. I would not ever purchase a flight with that type of terrible connection. This week I tried to book a flight to St. Loius in May, off season, leaving on a Wednesday and was asked if I could leave on the Tuesday as there was no availability for my requested dates! I can't fathom this type of mediocre program with such a limited availability. The manager at Aeroplan said their hands were tied because they share seats with other partner programs such as United, and that the airlines decide how many seats they alolocate to points flyers. He suggested I book even further in advance so I just attempted to book a holiday in DECEMBER and guess what? NO AVAILIBILITY for my dates, and the alternate dates were horrible 20 hour flights again, and the points cost was 180, 000!
When I tried to complain to CIBC VIsa and to Aeroplan, there was no formal complaint process and I was told to use my points on gift cards. I honestly feel like Aeroplan is now a SCAM.

Mar 16, 2011 9:19 am EDT

Aeroplan does suck!

I stopped flying Air Canada from Toronto to Hong Kong, because having points on this airline is completely useless. I have 900, 000 points and i can never use them!

Plus now i fly Cathay Pacific, such a better airline at all levels especially points, flight are always available and you can make lat minute changes with a smile at the other end of the line.

I think a pre-requisite to work for Air Canada is to be arrogant and i think their service and entire company suck!

Mar 06, 2011 8:53 pm EST

Aeroplan is nothing more than a corporate scam. I am trying to use miles to purchase a ticket from LAX to YYZ, which is 7 months away! CSR says no seats available...try back later.
I will be switching air mile plans and will not fly AC. They are a bunch of FN crooks.

Dec 27, 2010 7:29 pm EST
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Areoplan is the most disappointing rewards program in the marketplace. Be cautious as they say they notify you of rewards miles expiring but you may not receive them do to filtering from your ISP. I will never fly Air Canada again for business or pleasure...

Aug 27, 2010 4:31 am EDT

I was 'fortunate' enough to gain the so called 'prestige' status after flying 25.000 miles last year with my aeroplan. I booked a ticket to Madrid and like so others on the site, I was unable to use one of my four upgrade certificates even though I paid over $1000 dollars for the flight. As others mentioned, I didn't have the right booking code. What infuriated me the most was that I asked for a seat with leg room and was stuck in bulkhead with a newborn infant right next to me while I looked into the business section and peered into a half empty business class section! Then I later went to the back of the plane only to find the last rows filled with people sprawled out over three seats each. Thanks for the special treatment Air Canada.
I will be sure to book my next trips with TAP or Lufthansa where both gave better service to me as a 'normal' customer.

Jul 08, 2010 4:42 pm EDT

I will stop flying Air Canada. They suck. Surcharges, inflexibility of their people, everything is awful. I have to redeem miles on stuff because I could never book a flight on the dates I wanted. When I was able to fly using my miles, they did not accept me to be in stand-by for an early flight, even paying the standard change fee available on regular flights. Who built their business model don't care about people. They don't want to keep the customer loyalty.

My dealing with Aeroplan sound much like all of the others .

-no ticket available at that rate
-it will cost you to reedem
-missing points on my account
- lost point due to " inactivity"

What's a consumer to do? Anyone? Is anyone advocating for the comsumer?

May 25, 2010 8:48 am EDT
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I have had my points taken twice from Air Canada. First, I discovered that my points had been taken the day before I had travelled. I was livid and attempted to contact them. The problem was that I had moved to the Middle East and couldn't phone them. Unfortunately, even though the rest of the world uses internet correspondance, Aeroplan doesn't. I did call them to ask why my points had been taken, put back on two weeks later (after I had already flown) and then removed again two weeks later but nobody answered the phone. I had never received any correspondance from them stating that my 62000 points would disappear and never got any response.

So I decided to give them another chance, especially since Air Canada seems to have a monopoly on international travel. What a mistake. I flew three times round trip England to Van. The last time I flew was December 2008 but, having had bad expereiences in the past, I was careful to only book through Avis when renting a car and used my card for approved hotels between Dec 2008 and the present. Turns out that I went to check my point balance the other day only to discover that they were gone again - 28000, this time. I was livid.

I waited a few days to call and have just gotten off of the phone. I was informed that only a few of the Avis locations are affiliated with Aeroplan (although Avis stated that all of their locations are affiliated) and that it was my problem. The woman on the phone was excessively rude (my husband was truly shocked by how rude the "customer service" rep was) and then put me on long distance hold for 20mins to "check on something". In the end, I was told there was nothing that could be done and that it was too bad. I couldn't believe it!

We've now decided we will never fly with Air Canada again. I am ashamed to say that such a substandard airline carries Canada on it's planes. I have been more than responsible in this matter but have decided, since Aeroplan and Air Canada are not held accountable for bad business practice and consumer affairs, that I can not endorse nor recommend this company or its affiliates to anyone. What a shame to have to boycott so many Canadian companies - and what does all of this say to non Canadians about Canadian business?

Apr 02, 2010 3:02 am EDT

"Points don't really mean anything" says Drew Carey in Whose Line Is it Anyway? This Line DESCRIBES AEROPLAN and AIR CANADA. Here is my story.

There is no organization as deceitful and misleading as Aeroplan and Aircanada. I have more than 67000 points and they recently sent me a package with upgrade certificates, guest lounge passes and a bunch of other paper crap. This means that I have "elite" status. But what it really means is that Air Canada and Aeroplan have managed to fool me long enough without actually giving anything back to me. Why? I tried recently to upgrade a flight from sydney to vancouver using these upgrade certificates but unfortunately the economy ticket that i bought was not the right fare. Even though that they said Tango M and U class can be upgraded. Apparently, I need a "brown certificate" as oppossed to a "blue certificate" to be able to upgrade any economy fare to business. This is the interesting thing: in order for me to upgrade my ticket I have to pay over 1200 dollars more (one way) and then be placed in a waiting list which is not even guaranteed that I will even get upgraded. The whole point of staying loyal to this f****ing company is to be rewarded an upgrade when you buy the cheapest ticket.

Here is another annoying thing. If you are departing from Sydney to YVR, the business class passengers get an express pass through customs in Australia with a voucher that gets them through the line up in customs faster (Sydney airport is somewhat of a zoo). I specifically asked the AC people during check in with my "elite" status if they could give a customs express voucher. The answer "NO". They also wouldn't give me a pass to go to the Air New Zealand lounge. Very "elite" indeed.

I want to warn anyone who is about to start getting aeroplan points by making their reservations with air Canada: After miles and miles of flying with air Canada you only get a useless package of upgrade certificates which you are not going to be able to use anyways. Why would you pay thousands of dollars more for a latitude fare and not be guaranteed a seat in the business class. Star alliance is a rip off. Try to collect points with someone else.

Another thing: I don't know why Qantas is not flying direct to Vancouver even though we have so many Australians in BC. I suspect Air Canada is pulling all the strings to make sure they hold on to this route. I heard they are quietly and successfully fighting Emirates so that they can't start a direct Vancouver Dubai flight. ###!

Feb 10, 2010 8:13 pm EST

Aeroplan truly sucks. Their advertising campaign misleads. The excessive point requirements for travel rips off people. I am truly under impressed and have separated myself from all point plans associated with Aeroplan. Bye bye Esso. Bye bye CIBC Visa. Bye bye AirCanada!

Sep 05, 2009 1:30 pm EDT

I have taken the route of using my card at Esso, submitting hard to read numbers off off orange juice cartons, cereal bars and corn chip bags in order to keep my points alive. Well, isn't just the way of air canada, to have no record and now have suspended my account and taken all of my points away. Customer service was rude, wanted 'proof' of my entries, like what a snap shot of the screen? They were rude, non helpful and certainly displayed the too bad for you attitude. I guess keeping small fry like me that does not fly monthly is not a concern for them. Loyalty to our countries namesake means nothing.
I am now determined to fly anybody, and they are usually cheaper anyway, but Air canada, and quaker can chew somebody elses oats, cause I'll get my oats elsewhere.
I don't know how this 'stealing' my aeroplan points is not illegal.
Angry does not even begin to explain my outrage. Wait till they want another bailout, I'll be on the front lines fighting that with all that I have.

Aug 03, 2009 10:33 pm EDT

MONTREAL -- The Quebec Superior Court has granted authorization to launch a class-action lawsuit challenging Groupe Aeroplan Inc.'s practice since October 2006 of cancelling points accumulated in its loyalty program.

The motion, obtained by Montreal lawyer Owen Falquero of Merchant Law Group LLP, was filed on behalf of about seven plaintiffs across Canada. But the number of petitioners, if and when a class-action suit is launched, could balloon to thousands of people.

The motion was filed formally on behalf of Noella Neale of Port Coquitlam, B.C., a single mother whose 150, 000 points were annulled by Aeroplan because she hadn't made a contribution or a redemption in her account for one year, a period during which she had fallen ill.

Those points fell victim to Aeroplan's rules, instituted in October of 2006, under which the company erases points in an account dormant for 12 months.

In a telephone interview, Neale said she was going to pay for her daughter's trip to New Zealand -- her graduation gift -- until she tried to pay from her account and saw that it had been emptied.

Aeroplan spokeswoman JoAnne Hayes declined to comment on the issue because it is now before the courts.

In a statement, Aeroplan noted that "no class action has yet been filed. This motion is the first procedural step before any such action can be instituted."

The company noted that "petitioners (are) seek(ing) court permission to sue Aeroplan on behalf of program members in Canada to obtain reinstatement of expired miles, reimbursement of any amounts already expended by Aeroplan members to reinstate their expired miles, $50 in compensatory damages and an undetermined amount in exemplary damages on behalf of each class member, all in relation to changes made to the Aeroplan program concerning accumulation and expiry of Aeroplan Miles as announced Oct. 16th, 2006."

But Aeroplan stressed that it "is of the view that there are good grounds for opposing the motion for authorization and will vigorously defend any class action, should one be authorized by the court."

Neale said: "I felt like they stole from me."

"If the bank took my money like that, it would be theft. I earned those points. They belong to me, and (Aeroplan) has no right to take them away from me."

-- Canwest News Service


I just tried to book a flight 3 months in advance with aeroplan points from Vancouver to Toronto and found out that there web site says they have no direct flights available! (They fly this route 5 times a day non stop). So I look at business class, which should cost me 40, 000 points return. Suprise, they want 226, 000 points for the direct flight!

Remind me again why we use this airline? I would rather throw my points away then let air canada take my money and my points. Westjet gets my booking again and I still can't use my 220, 000 points I've collected from aeroplan. THEY SUCK.

Jul 15, 2009 12:15 pm EDT

We are flying to UK using 160, 000 earoplan miles for two people. Air Canada with fuel surcharge BS and then airport fees is going to charge $1350.00 ontop of the aeroplan miles. We could buy 2 tickets with all fees included for $1800.00 and save 160, 000 Aeroplan miles. What is the point of Aeroplan? Just to get you to think your getting a deal and give them more money? I hate AirCanada with a passion. The service, the prices, aeroplan-everything. Will do everything we can to have work flights use other airlines.


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