Air Canada / air canada gave away my ticket

My experience with Air Canada, is the worst experience of my life. I am hearing about bad passenger experiences in North America, where airlines are going way too far claiming safety and security as an excuse to cover bad behaviors from their employees.

Here is a story, I would like to share about our flight with Air Canada this week-end, a 'nightmare'. First of all, let's give more details about the situation. I was traveling to Canada for the weekend to attend a family wedding. I was flying from Newark Airport in New Jersey, USA to Toronto Pearson YYZ Airport in Ontario Canada, both to and from flights were with Air Canada, my only option with timing.

My original flight # 7657 was to depart on Fri 07-27-2018 at 2:25 pm. from Newark. The flight was delayed for an hour and half with NO explanation from staff or pilot. There was light rain outside and the staff never provided any explanation or details for the long wait and never mentioned when we will take off. We finally departed at 3:58 pm. The flight only last 48 min, but there was terrible turbulence and the small plane, which only had 70 people kept shaking.

I was scared for my life, that we were Not going to make it. The pilot was not good at communicating with passengers. I was not the only passenger scared and frightened and staff was not helpful. Luckily, we all landed safely.

My return flight was my "Nightmare from Hell".
My flight # 7686 was scheduled to depart Sunday 07-29-18 at 3:45 pm from Toronto back to Newark. I arrived at the airport at 1:15 pm, thinking I had plenty of time to go though security and check in. None of the kiosks were working to print my boarding pass. All the passengers were told to wait on long lines to have customer service reps print the boarding passes. After, I waited 28 mins on line the representative told me, I was "too late" The customer service rep at the counter, said I have to arrive minimum 3 hours before hand.

They had given my seats away to someone else. I was furious and pissed off. Apparently, she said its Air Canada's policy to Not issue boarding passes if passenger does Not show up 3 hours earlier than posted flight time. Also, the air line can give away my seats even though I was there. The lady was rude, arrogant, mean and disrespectful. This was the WORST service I ever experienced ever. The lady refused to help me and said it was my fault. I fly quite often and never experienced this.

She said nothing was Available until the next day Monday 07-30-2018. Then she said she will book me on another flight at 7pm to Newark and I would have to pay $150.00 for the booking fee. At this point, I was angry and frustrated but had no choice or option, I agreed and paid $150.

Unfortunately, it got worse after she printed the boarding pass it said "Laguardia Airport" and Not Newark. I asked her and she said "oh I meant Laguardia not Newark". She flat out lied to me and made it seem like no big deal. I tried to stay calm and collective, but this lady was the worst customer service ever. I had no choice to fly into Laguardia and take a car service to Newark Airport where my car was parked, it cost me a $100 extra. I got home at 1:30 am in the morning.

This was unacceptable on all levels from Air Canada. I had paid over $500 for the tickets originally. Then I dad to spend another $250 to get back home.

I would like someone to get back to me.
I can be reached directly at [protected] or [protected].

Aug 01, 2018

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