Air Asia / refund not received

Hong Kong

I am writting you to raise an pitiful issue that happened to my
husband and myself during my flight booked with Air Asia to go from
Hong Kong to Perth transferring through Kuala Lumpur. My booking
number for this flight is CEMPMW for which we paid 6, 748 HKD (booking
date on the 23rd of Nov).

1) On the departure date of the 5th of February from Hong Kong to Perth,
I received a sms notification at 10.10am advising on a delay from Hong
Kong retimed at 6.50pm instead of 5.45pm sheduled initially. Then I
received a second notification at 2.33pm advising on a further delay
to 7.45pm departing from Hong Kong. Which means 2 hours delay
comparing to our initial departure time. Knowing that our transfer
flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth was at 12.05am, we were supposed to
arrive at 11.45pm by being very optimistic, so we would only leave us
with 20 minutes to land, open doors, run and collect our boarding pass
and effectively board, so quite IMPOSSIBLE.
So at the boading gate, Air Asia staff removed us from the passenger list and told us to reschedule to next day flight. The flight was overbooked.

2) So I called Air Asia call center to rebook a ticket. We were put in next day flight on the 6th of Feb at 10.50am at no cost of course (see confirmation here attached).

3) We came back at the airport the next day to get this flight at 10.50am, and again we were removed form the passengers list. Air Asia staff at the check in counter told us that there was maybe an "IT issue" and that we needed to pay for next flight at 1.15pm to be sure to get the flight this time. They advised that we could claim it afterwards to the service center.

4) Finally we were able to take this flight from HK to KL and to take the connecting flight from KL to Perth.

I do not know all about your internal flight management issue or overbooking management, but what is for sure is that a your customer, I have suffered from all the consequences:
- I lost one day trip vacation in Perth
- I lost one hotel night in Perth
- you made me pay 14, 301 HKD for two tickets (HK>KL>Perth).

I am of course claiming again to get this 14, 301 HKD since we already initially paid 6, 748 HKD.

Jul 11, 2016

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