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it's still a pain to call air asia

I was searching for a Air Asia Customer care service numbers & I came across an article which has giving words to my feeling, it was" It's pain to call air asia". However there was a reply from Mr.Tony saying that in february 2009 this problem has been overcomed. But let me tell you today is 26th November 2010 & the situation is still the same or should I say it is worst.
I am trying to call air asia from last 5-6 days to get back my money which was deducted from account but no booking was done because the server got hang in between. Everday day I am calling at least 2-3 times to air asia customer service but all I get to hear is promotions & promotions of air asia but I cannot catch hold of any operator/representative of air asia. Further to my pain, I was calling at a premim line for which I have to pay RM 1.95 per minute but still I hang up for more than 20 minutes no answere only promotions & promotions. Mr.Tony please give me some relief by letting me know how to contact air asia to get back my money.

Now I am fedup I dont know whom to contact to get my money back. Further more I did register myself for the live help. However I didn't got the email/message from Air Asia confirming my registration so I cannot login. I have tried to register using all my email id's but I didn't got confirmation for any of this email. Further more I lost time in doing all this & so my ticket cost is increasing day by day as the flying date is approaching closer & closer.

  • Je
    Jenny Hvalgaard Dec 07, 2010

    I have the same problems I have trying contact Air Asia since the 10th November after a spinal injury which has prohibited any travel. The booking number provided is not recognised by their website for me to change travel dates, it is now 48hours till my scheduled flight date, I have not been able to make the changes and I am now at risk as just appearing to Air Asia as a no show on the day, how frustrated am I. I have called all the numbers in Asia, I have emailed and got a generated reply "we will be touch we care", have 4 of those so frustrating. With all the complaints that have been logged online there must be something that can be done to meet basic standards in this country to be able to run a business. I am sure going to find out

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  • Na
    Nate R. Dec 07, 2010

    I totally agree I am trying to book my flight but their awfully website is generating errors over errors and I just can't go through the payment.
    I really need to book a flight and it's extremely urgent and they are one of the few companies that fly in the interest locations in Thailand.

    Their hotlines are ALWAYS busy, I did not even to get in the queue yet as the voice just says something like, please we are receiving tons of calls try later... but it has been like that for the past 3 days.
    The live help chat is either offline or there's an enormous waiting line. I was like 230 and after 4 hours I got dropped out and I go back in in a higher number. Every time few hours pass you get disconnected so there's really no way to get ahead on the line.

    I am just gonna try to book the flight with another company. I flew alot and this has to be the worst company I have ever encountered.
    0 stars out of 5 for their customers service.

    Incredible piece of s#$!

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not serving meals prebooked

I, dato' ang choo hong and my wife datin tan kim lian booked the above flight online on 13-10-2010 with prebooked meals and paid for them (Total fare paid rm602.00)
When we boarded the above flight on 13 nov 2010 we were not served the above meals despite us showing our printed itinerary that showed the prebooked meals. Your sfa muthukumara (2709) insisted on refering to her own document and not ours, and even comented that we may have booked a different flight.
Your inefficiency, uncaring and unprofessional attitude has caused us embarrasementand mental and physical suffering.
We now demand:
1. A refund of rm24 for the meals paid for.
2. An apology from top management
3. A token compensation of rm48 for the embarrasment, mental and physical suffering that we endured.
I would expect a personal response (Not a standardised computer reply) within 7 days of this mail.

Dato' ang choo hong.

attn : dato's tony fernandez > complaint - what an appalling service!

Dear Dato’ Tony Fernandez (Though I know that this email will not be escalated to Tony),

I would like to log an official complaint on the AirAsia customer service.

The service provided was horrendous!!

On the 1st Sept 2010, I made a booking during your promotion; flying from KUL- BKK. At that point of time when the booking was made, the AirAsia site was hanged.

There wasn’t any confirmation after I have keyed in all my credit card details to make payment and it went back to the home page.

Therefore I’d assume that the transaction wasn’t successful and proceeded to make another booking and it was confirmed.

To my surprised, I received TWO travel itineraries thru my email the next day when I checked my email.

Immediately, I called your customer service hotline. After waited for more than half an hour, finally someone answered the call.

Having the confidence that AirAsia will resolve my issue, I did not take down the personnel’s name.

I have informed the agent my whole situation, that I wanted to remain the first booking i.e (Booking No: Y2YC3Y) and cancelled the second booking (Booking No: XZRSYR).

But the agent informed me that AirAsia is not able to refund the amount into my credit card and be able to refund via credit for future booking.

I have insisted it to be done or I would like to speak to a manager who make a decision.

A standard call center answer was given as usual..” oh my manager is having meeting. There’s no manager available. We will get someone to call you back”

After a week, I still have not received any call from AirAsia.

Therefore I made another effort to call AirAsia again and this time round I’ve spoken to Juliet.

Again I’ve explained myself and requested to speak to a manager.

The standard answer was given again. I refused to put down the phone because it was so hard to get to you guys and I know you guys will not call back.

True enough, I received NO call back!

A week later, I called and spoken to Loong. Again explained everything again, he was being rude and said will get some one to call me back.

This time around, the next day, I got a call from Esther. She told me that AirAsia will need to check whether there is any system error on that day and will get back to me in 3 working days. .

That means, u guys are doubting on customer words.

But it’s ok. I gave u guys a benefit of doubt, hoping that you will really check and call me back.

To my disappointment, NO ONE call me back ever since!!

What an appalling service!!

Your customer made the effort to follow up on the issue but you guys are taking it for granted!

Imagine the amount of time that I have wasted for all this awful service..

I demand an explanation and solution for the whole situation in 2 working days!

If there’s no appropriate reply from you guys, I will not hesitate to take this up to the press, blog and consumer rights!

Your disappointed customer,

Natalie Goh.

refund scam

Beware of their refund practice! Never in my life have I waited for more than 7 business days to receive a refund! First, they don't inform you how long it takes. Second, you constantly have to follow up on it because everyone tells a different story! Their service is crap and it'slike talking to a script reading robot. Now I see how this low cost carrier really make their money! They simply rob you! Now they have rm3, 099 of my money for a tour I booked and I haven't seen a penny back! Reason for refund? They had incomplete website at the time of booking. Think about it, would they give me a refund if I wasn't right?? Someonething's definitely not adding up here! Someone who knows consumer rights of malaysia please tell me what to do!



A week ago I booked for a return flight for my cousin and her children.
November 26 brunei - kota kinabalu
January 04 kota kinabalu - brunei

November 27 kota kinabalu - clark
January 03 clark - kota kinabalu

All my entries were correct until I printed out the confirmation.
B4vs9m brunei kota kinabalu, thursday november 04.

I dont know what went wrong so the following day I went to airasia ofc at the brunei airport hoping that they can help me with my problem.
They then refer me to this address to send an email regarding this matter.
Can anyone help me so we will no longer spend onother money for booking another flight please help.

Please take note: from november 04 brunei - kota kinabalu to november 26 brunie kota kinabalu only.

Thank you and more power.

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online booking

I booked a flight via the airasia website from tokyo haneda to kuala lumpur (booking number e1t6qy). I...

lost luggage value more than rm5000

I lost my luggage during the day trip job at Langkawi on 02 Oct 2017, Flight AK5322, depart time at 10:20am...

booking specials

Airasia advertise specials on their website and send out enewsletters to advertise specials but then when I try to book those specials they are not available to be booked. This has happened several times before that I have experienced. Usually after a few days the error is corrected and it's then possible to make a booking for the promotional price offered but it does make booking a frantically difficult business. I could not afford to travel without these specials and I am very grateful for them. But why are they made so hard to actually book online. It as if airasia just does not look at their own website. They say one then and don't bother updating their site to reflect the offers they have made. It is very poor business.

  • Az
    AZLAN23 Aug 03, 2011


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most unhelpful and looting attitude

A painful experience with air asia in klcc - 6 sep 2010

Having seen a lot of attraction in media and in the web I have booked a return passage for my family of 3 (Includes 4 year old baby girl) from brunei & ndash; kl & ndash; kolkata, and have paid the required fare as per airlines policy, eg; extra baggage over 15 kgs, selecting your choice of seat, ordering your meal etc etc. For your information, I have travelled approximately around 30 years now with several airlines, but with air asia it was my first trip and will be the final one. To be more accurate, we have extra baggage and have paid for the excess baggage fare in kolkata without any concession so far (As other airlines provides for travelling in a group or a family). The following day ie; mon 6 sep 2010 have booked (3 months in advance in may 10) for kl & ndash; brunei at 1310 hrs, now, here begins the real policy of air asia and its’ miserable management, unhelpful and how to make money attitude of its’ staff. I along with my family checked-in well in advance at 1130 hrs (Flt time 1310 hrs and boarding time 1230 hrs printed in our boarding pass) in & lsquo;drop in baggage’ counter & lsquo;s 14’ where I was asked to pay myr 160 for 7kgs + excess baggage. As our boarding time approached I along with my family had to go through & lsquo;security check’ where all passengers of & lsquo;mixed flights’ being checked (Or harassed!!) , where they were four of them checking passengers & lsquo;hand baggages’, and we were interrupted and told to re-check one of the hand baggage which they said & lsquo;over sized’, I then along with my friend rushed to counter & lsquo;s 14’ where a very rude and unhelpful lady was attending passengers, as our flight was announcing boarding time I had to skip the line and requested this unhelpful lady to check-in my so called oversize hand baggage who flatly refused and asked me to stay in queue. By the time when my turn came, she said gate is closed for brunei flight, then I complained to her, that if she has done it earlier it would not have happened. I then had no alternative and had to run through the security and immigration carrying my baggages and my baby girl bathed with sweats, as I gone through the procedures, my flight has left us behind. I complained to many officers on duty, all said it was all my fault that left us behind. Here I wish to express few of the points that other airlines follow that we know for flying with them many years. Firstly, as all other airlines, air asia should assume that checked-in passengers are already in the terminal and may be going through problem and must look for them, as all the details of checked-in passengers are already exists in their system. This they did not bother to do neither announced the names of the checked-in passengers. Secondly, if any passengers are stopped with this type of problems should be helped by their staffs as done by other airlines. My experience told me that I could see many passengers facing such problems running for help in the terminal and later found to be left behind. Then I was referred to counter no r14 where I found another & lsquo;south indian origin’ attendant who was not even unhelpful but adding pain to the stranded passengers, from whom I got negative response. I then was asked to go to counter no s25 where according to r14 attendant, a & lsquo;duty manager’ will be there to sort this problem out, I went there, here again another & lsquo;air asia’s’ specially selected & lsquo;rude’ and unhelpful attendant was attending, whom I narrated my problems, which does not seem to affect him and asked me to wait for his & lsquo;duty manager’ to come, by the time, my 2 hours already gone, I was not aware where is my wife and small baby, (Let alone for rest and food!!) , I told him I donot have all day to wait for his & lsquo;duty officer’, he just ignored me and did nothing. Finally, I had to take refuse in & lsquo;police post’, where, at least got some helpful tones, and I was asked to speak with one of their officer over the phone, and was told that as this case is between the & lsquo;air line and the passenger’, they would not be of any help. Within this few hours, I met up with many stranded passengers running here and there without any help by airline staffs, then I decided to solve this problem of mine by approaching through proper channel and went to & lsquo;air asia’ office in the 1st floor, where I met a security guard who did not allow me to go inside, instead called another & lsquo;indian origin’ a punjabi young man who introduced himself as one of the managers, from whom I got same negative response, finally I had to go back to police again and wrote a report. Please note that by the time I made this report it was already 1630 hrs, 3 hrs and 20 minutes since my flight left us, still I was running for help without trace of my left luggages and my family stranded in some corner of the over crowded halls. Then the duty policeman sent two of his staff to counter r14 and submitted my report, where there was another man on duty & lsquo;jason’ who called me in his counter and finally wanted to help, provided I pay extra money ie; b$ 387, in addition to the previous return fare I paid for brunei & ndash;kl b$ 728:90, b$ 65 for excess baggage, which totaled as b$1180.90, a normal return fare for any other & lsquo;world class’ airlines. I have not mentioned about the extra hotel charge I have paid for another extra day in kl. So now you will have the clear picture how anybody can say this is & lsquo;low cost’ airline. The reason, I am sending this report is not for the hard time I got from air asia, but for those who are suffering now and will and having hard time choosing this airlines, as I have witnessed people crying for help in the terminal, luggages off-loaded for checked-in passengers, growling staffs with greedy eyes how to make money out from troubled passengers. I assure all that with this sort of service in the name of & lsquo;best low cost airline’, this airline is just after making money by looting its’ innocent passengers and this message must be spread wide and fast to save innocent people. I sincerely discourage all innocent first time passengers like me to give an extra thought before taking this airlines offer and attractions!!!

  • La
    lani00 Sep 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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unfair luggage fee

Dear sir,

My name is helen nathalya, i'm one of the passenger of qz - 7717 (bkk-cgk) on 16th of august 2010. the reason im writing you this is... i got an unfair fee which got charged on me. here's the full story:

I bought the ticket (x9qr8q) via internet without any luggage fee, because I just carried my cabin size luggage. but on my way back from bangkok, right before entering the waiting room, one of your staff stopped me and asked me to put my luggage on the weight and it says 11 kg, and the she asked me to pay extra for 4kg for 660 bath (169 bath/kg that's equal to rp.45.000) and I paid.

As I arrived in jakarta, I saw on your banner says:

A. extra weight (means by already having a purchased luggage fee) will be charge rp.45.000. / kg
B. the luggage fee @ the airport is rp.90.000 (up to 15 kg)

So I think that would be overcharged on me, I supposed to in point "b" (as I didn't had any purchased luggage fee earlier)

Now I want to ask for your responsibility for the case, thank you.

Fyi: I did see mr. rully @ terminal 3 on 17th of aug in jakarta airport and told him about the story.

Best regards
Helen nathalya

daylight robbery premium line, inept staff

My husband & I made an early online booking of a flight on AirAsia as we were waiting for his new passport to...

airasia staff give me very bad face, rude, unpolite

(Time:9.20am Date:10Aug2010 Place:Thailand International Flight)
When i check out, the airasia check out counter pound weight of luggage . After that go to baggage fee counter E24 to payment fees . Then i need more details luggage fees. I think it will be wrong luggage fee. I tell her to check the weight of bag again. Then she say that her dont know the weight.She unhappy, give me very bad face & rude. "How i know the weight luggage". She ready tell me go to previous counter E02 again. I show the boarding pass again & circle total bags weight to her.
This things show her very unprofessional & rude staff.

Actually i happy with my journey in Thailand, but unhappy i back to my country when i thinking this happen.

airasia staff give me very bad face, rude, unpolite

  • Pa
    paraparasakura Aug 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First Day:
    (Time:5.00am Date:31July2010 Place:Thailand International Flight)
    When i arrival to thailand, i & my girl friend luggage lost at airport,
    Then go to bangkok to purchase clothes, shirts & commodity and etc. Waste lot of money.
    Lucky airasia staff find my both luggage at night & return me. But it too late. I already buy all thing.

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no response

I am absolutely shocked by the complete lack of customer service and the totally inefficient processes I have experienced before even getting on a plane with air asia! On 2nd august I received an email saying my flight on 4th september d7 2007 (Stn-kul) had been cancelled. This caused me huge inconvenience trying to rebook flights, accomodation, transfers - not to mention the costs incurred. But the most painful experience has undoubtedly been trying to get a response or contact at air asia who actually knows what they are talking about. Even getting to speak to sometone has turned into a complete nightmare. On 2nd august I spent over 2 hours trying to speak to someone - I was even cut off twice by operators. Eventually I did speak to someone, they confirmed my flight was cancelled and booked me onto a new flight. Well, I thought, atleast that's sorted!

The next morning I received an email to say that I should disregard the email from 2nd august and my flight was not actually cancelled! Ofcourse, by now I didn't want our flights changed back, after spending a whole day and lots of money trying to sort things out. But what flight am I booked onto? I have emailed everyday since then and tried to find an actual complaints procedure but there appears to be no way of getting this information or a respose from air asia. This is totally unacceptable. All I can hope is that I am booked on the flight, but finding out that for sure is proving impossible.

The worste customer service I ever experienced!!

no disabled facilities provided


We travelled from bali to singapore and notified you 48 hours in advance of our special needs.

on arrival at bali from our house in ubud i was confined to my wheelchair. When we got to the waiting room the aeroplane was not connected to the waiting room by a movable connector (Jet bridge??) which extends from the airport terminal gate to the airplane.

We got to the tarmac ok via use of a lift in the waiting room in my wheelchair. I then had to be carried up the stairs and put into my seat.

Why do you advertise that you can help people like me have easy access to your planes, no small wheelchairs are available and the plane was not even connected to the waiting room. I was very disgusted.

On arrival to singapore the plane was connected but still no slim wheelchair was made available for getting off the plane.

One the way back was the same at singapore and much worse in bali as you landed at the domestic terminal and they had to carry my wheelchair on and off the bus to the international terminal arrivals.

It made me feel very worried that i would be dropped, the guys that did carry me were complaining this was not in their job description.

So why did i choose air asia??

I broke both my legs in bali, where they got my surgery terribly wrong, so i have been travelling to singapore to get myself repaired. It has been very expensive and because i need someone to dress me this time we did not have enough money to use singapore airlines again. You advertise that you can deal with disabled people this is clearly not true.

I am due to go back to singapore at the end of september and am still low on funds, i could afford to use air asia but i now know that i am not welcome on your flights.


Jon griffin

online services

Why is my seats number keep changing? I brought a piority seat weeks earlier before departing. But AirAsia change my seat without even giving me notice. What kind of stupid service is this? Book and purchase a seat but in the end still not yours.

I try to call their service center but I was put on hold for almost an hour and no one seems to pick up my call.

I do not think is right to call them "World's Best low cost airline".
It should be called "World's Best low class airline"

Services are SLOW,
Attitude are POOR, ... Hopeless !!

website etc...

Where to begin? Prior to the last couple of weeks, I had never had a problem with Air Asia then a couple of weekends ago I tried to book a ticket, at a promo price, to fly from Bangkok to Hong Kong. From Saturday to Monday afternoon, via my safari browser, I tried to buy that ticket but was unable to. I had never had any problems using safari before on the Air Asia website so for it to no longer be compatible is bizarre. By the Monday evening, the promo price had gone, meaning the higher regular price was the only one available. I wrote a couple of emails to them asking them why I couldn't book a ticket and have still had no response.

This week, on Monday afternoon I used firefox and booked a flight to go from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Everything seemed fine until the final page loaded and told me that my booking status was pending. Strange. Had never happened before. I waited for an email to confirm my flight but nothing was forthcoming. The next morning my friend made a call to tell me that my booking had been cancelled and that I'd have to buy a ticket at a more expensive price. I tried the live chat function, which closed on me on 3 occasions and I wrote another email. I then phoned their call centre three times and wasted thirty minutes explaining myself again and again because the line kept, bizarrely, losing connection. In all, I lost four hours of my life trying to find out what happened with my pending status and why they couldn't email me to tell me my booking had been cancelled so that I could try and rebook it.

In the end, my friend made the booking on my behalf and it so far seems, touch wood, to be okay. We'll see come the 19th August.

I really hate these no frills airlines. Ryanair is still the worst but Air Asia is pretty appalling too. No communication and no customer service. If Cathay Pacific etc... weren't so damn expensive then I wouldn't fly with Air Asia.

By the way, other posters are right. Air Asia are very sneaky and cunning with their charges and the way you book your ticket. The unhighlighted cancel buttons as they try to get you to take their travel insurance, I don't know how they can get away with it. My flight started at around 2900 baht and rose to 3900 baht after various charges are added.

false advertising

When my wife and I purchased our tickets to bangkok from the air asia website, it stated quite clearly no additional fees.

Indeed, when we departed taipei there was no mention of any fee. However, on the return journey, the air asia clerk refused to check us in until we each paid an 800 b fee. When I balked, the clerk, who was well prepared in advance, presented a page full of microscopic type with the paragraph detailing the fee already circled. We had no choice but to pay the fee or be stranded in bangkok.

Upon our return to taiwan I attempted to contact air asia's. Nobody answered the phone, not even an answering machine. Several emails and six months later, I have yet to receive a reply from their customer service department.

  • Me
    MelissaNC Jan 08, 2015

    False advertising seems to be a specialty at Air Asia! Possibly the only one they have! You can't advertise direct flights without permission/approvals in place! Heaviest advertising campaign I've seen, especially for a service that can't be provided!!! SHAME ON YOU AIR ASIA

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We were overcharged by air asia on upgrade of seats from kl to australia
quoted price was 300 ringets at checkin counter.when we got our credit card statement we were charged in Australian dollars. this meant instead of au$300 for 3 persons we were charged au $900
The only means of complaint we have is by email which they just ignore.
i would love to be able to sort this out face to face with airasia but they do not have an office in Australia.

booking engine is a trap

AirAsia booking engine is a trap. I've made a booking for 9 people fly on 14 Aug fly from KK back to HK. After credit card payment, a message popped-up my booking is unsuccessful although I could choose the seats. Maybe purchase by somebody. Also I didn't get a confirmation reference on computer screen. AirAsia misleading me my booking is not success. Alternative, I made a booking for another date 13 Aug. I got a confirmation ref on screen immediately after credit card payment. My credit card has been billed twice!!

I've talked to them and email to them few times asked for refund one of my booking. They refuse to refund to me but offer a credit shell...If AirAsia booking engine has no problem, how come I don't received a confirmation reference on screen for my first booking but the second booking does? No one will book a group of people fly on 14 Aug and same group of people fly one day early from same place to a place.

Also I have checked with my bank which transaction comes first and they said the 13 Aug has debit my card first and 14 Aug comes second. Obviously, their system has something wrong at that time!!

I found my case is not the only case. Some people also had same problem. As online booking is a major business of AirAsia. Their booking engine is so tricky. I wonder how many people had been to this trap over years?

  • Ga
    Galloping Gourmette Nov 13, 2014

    That's for sure, their booking engine is not just tricky but totally unethical!
    I also made a slip and booked the wrong destination which is still 6 months down the track, and all the dope at their call center could quote, was the bookings "terms and conditions".
    In other words, "Too bad mate, that your problem"!
    No refund or corrected flight, I cop all the loss.
    I are having second thoughts about using Air Asia again, and don't forget Air Asia's base is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is where flights dissapear from never to be seen again, including all their passengers??

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ticket issuing

We booked an air ticket on line for a family member to come down for our wedding. The ticket was issued and we sent the itinerary to her. However, upon check-in, she was told that the credit card we used was declined and she had to pay the fare there. How then can the ticket be issued if payment fails? Why were we not informed VIA EMAIL, after all, the itinerary was emailed to us 5 minutes after the booking was made. It is unprofessional and highly inefficient that a passenger is not aware payment did not go through. If they had made us aware upon booking the ticket we could have made another plan. I am highly disappointed and WILL NEVER use or recommend Air Asia again. I'd rather pay more and get the service than less and just waste money. I was warned by a friend about Air Asia and failed to listen. I cannot believe that a ticket would be issued without payment and the airline expects that if it doesn't go through you'll be able to pay there and then. How about for those people who do not have money to pay for it there and then and rely on family members.

  • Ht
    htsow Mar 15, 2011

    I share another experience...

    I book flight ticket from Penang to Macau years ago, and today just get to know through a friend that "AirAsia suspense Penang-Macau flight ". As I saw on the AA website that my BOOKING CONFIRMED until today, i didn't see the AIRASIA small notice at bottom! !

    31th March have to fly but nobody from AA told us. No phone, no e-mail until today! ! use PREMIER LINE to phone AA and get charge RM150-160, get a stupid answer!! ask me refer website, link, notice, we can't do anything!!! Do you still believe AA? ? Disappointed! !!

    Solution given by AA is not going to solution our problems but AA problems. They just refund and we need to wait for up to 60days and my friends get the refund after 120days. Another solution is reschedule and need to top up RM600 per person which is about RM3000 for 5 person of us. Do u think this is fair for us???

    Kindly advice by everyone...

    Let change the airasia slogan... NOW EVERYONE CAN LIES

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