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buying travel insurance - think again

Our air asia flight from kl to jhb (Ak5276) on 22-dec-2009 was delayed an hour from 2115 to 2215. This is the 2nd time delay after our previous delayed flight from kl-langkawi (Ak5328) on 20 dec 2009 from 1610 to 1730. The good things is we had bought air asia goinsure travel protection insurance and it does covered flight delayed. The bad things was, we only can claim if the delay time is 6 hours long, no less (This is for domestic travel, for international you have to check).In addition, to make a claim (If you are entitled to do so) you need to surrender a written report from air asia for the delayed confirmation (This is because the insurance services is from another company and not managed by air asia). Just imagine the work need to be done for making claim here. There are also a lot of hidden policies for this insurance which is more likely to secure money from customer than protecting them (I remembered the ceo saying that they are making profits over it, I don't blame him, it's a business anyway). To conclude, buying an insurance for traveling with air asia is an option but does it really providing the cover you need? And is the process of making the claim is at ease? Please re-think again before buying goinsure with air asia. Btw, why you need a travel policy anyway? All air services company is responsible for its passenger safety during travel. Adios!

M. Jihadi
Johore, m'sia

  • Ts
    ts_ong Apr 13, 2010

    im totally agree wif u. Air asia r sucks...time delay, late notice, slow response from customer services, n now "force" us to call them at a rate of rm2 per minute...dun believe?...try call da existing number, c anyone answering ur call or not!


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  • Ko
    Kopi-teh Jun 27, 2011

    i agree with M.Jihadi on airasia insurance shortcomings. Of course, flight companies need to write the types of policies that would not bleed them in times of claims, would they?

    But M.Jihadi failed to see the true reasons why travelers need to buy travel insurance. Most insurance offered by airline companies are protecting the insured during the flight. Once the insured touched down and leave the airport, the insured will be on his or her own throughout his travel in the visiting country. Anything can happen during his ground tour/activity: accident, falling sick, emergency that needed airlift evacuation, evacuation out of natural disaster affected area, snatched passport or money plus whole lot of other benefits. This is when the real benefits of having a comprehensive travel insurance come into play. So, IT IS essential to buy a travel policy before you fly, but it is advisable to get one directly from insurance company, not through the airline-built-in insurance.

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  • Le
    LeighAmity Apr 30, 2013

    Yep and when you do have a legitimate reason to claim (ie wife taken to hospital in motor bike accident) to actually get a claim through and refund takes a short 2-3 months with 4 or 5 emails, and several phone calls, followed by being told that they will only reimburse you the flight excluding taxes and baggage and do an international transfer that will cost you an extra $20. Awesome - definitely more stress free flying 'naked' (insurance wise). But make sure you have medical...with someone else...someone good!!!

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  • Ye
    Yee Teck Ten Aug 20, 2018

    Yeah...Airasia is suck and always want to charge every single thing but Airasia have you ever think how poor is your service? let me tell you... Airasia is like SHIT!!!

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online flight booking

Hi everyone,
My wife booked a flight through air asia's website here in the uk.

The transaction, after proceeding to the very end returned an error! With nothing other than a case code!

She has spent an hour and half on the phone (They have a toll number here in the uk) at her cost, trying to work out what happened and how to avoid being charged twice!

The phone assistants claim it has finished for the weekend (Nothing outside mon-fri 9-5pm) and it maybe that her booking will be fixed by it and go ahead, in the meantime she has to book a flight with the exact same details as previous (No details provided, no verification email, no nothing) or else be charged for both bookings!

The assistance by phone offer no assistance outside it support hours, claiming that it will not be until monday sometime (Depending on it).. And also when she intends to be flying... That it will be able to clarify what happened!

So despite a case code (They can't trace records from this) , no it support for this issue, no help from the booking support phone assistant's and no manager offering any support.. We have to take all the risk on a & pound;1000 - flight. They refuse to assist us, despite the cost of this (Highly inflated) christmas flight (To visit unwell uncle!). Subsequently we realise there are other flights, only costing marginally more, offering much less difficulty!!

This is an utter disgrace... This is air asia.. Please don't make our mistake, please use another airline. This is outrageous and totally lacking in any form of customer service. It has been a horrible experience.

I will gladly offer further details to anybody interested in knowing more. We are in the uk, please benefit from our bad experience. Look for following letters to the straits times :)

We are very angry and disappointed with this lack of customer service - it's not like we have bought a cheap consumer item - this is costly flight at a difficult time!

Get real air asia. And remember one customer with a bad experience will tell many, many other potential customers to go somewhere else.

Andrewh (Harker. [protected]@gmail.com)

  • Pa
    PaulK Mar 25, 2010

    AirAsiaX... be careful.

    Most recently, my wife and I were stranded in Abu Dhabi when AirAsiaX announced they were canceling service to/from Abu Dhabi in January this year. They didn’t notify us (their stranded passengers) until Feb 10th. Neither did they offer any accommodation nor answer our emails asking for help. We had to get back to Malaysia on our own. They won’t reimburse our additional expenses either.

    They said they would refund the Abu Dhabi/Kuala Lumpur portion of our trip, but it will take them 30-50 days to process the refund. Such an attitude!

    Watch out for these guys. If you are considering using AirAsiaX, It might be a good idea to develop a plan B... just in case.

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website hang, ticket paid but no confirmation

Booked for flight and hotel, and during transaction, computer got hang. Called credit card and they said payment went through. Immediately called singapore air asia, and was told its a subsidiary of air asia and need to call malaysia office. emailed them but no reply since 4 days. Called airasia, put on hold for 10 minutes. Expect me to wait and put on hold over overseas call??? Called singapore office again and was told they would sent service request and will respond within 24 hours. Its been 48 hours and no reply.

Pls stay away from goholiday.airasia.com. This is the worst customer service and i will never choose air asia ever again. I paid $1000/- plus and am in dilemma.

  • Md
    mdsha76 Aug 08, 2010

    You can call Malaysia or Singapore or UK number, all calls come to same place -- KL.

    You can search for voip providers, Many
    Voip providers provide free call to Malaysia and Singapore.
    email me

    [email protected]

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no refund after 3 months +

I am no longer able to emailed to airasia. Can anyone help? I live in nz. Thanks. Fr mary

Dear sir / mdm,

I had call many many times, emailed twice. I have 2 replied emailed. One said “ the department will contact me”, the other said “ pls contact call centre”. I was asked to email malaysia - [protected]@airasia.com but no reply after 2 ½ week. I have done everything I can but no one will help me. Please, do something for me or I will seek lawyer’s advice.


- - - - - original message - - - - -
From: mary [mailto:[protected]@orcon.Net. Nz]
Sent: saturday, 28 november 2009 1:21 p. M.
To: 'malaysia - [protected]@airasia.com'
Subject: waiting for refund after 3 mths +

Dear sir / mdm,

I am desperate! I need someone to help me!

I live in new zealand.

I made a booking from tianjin to kl, for 19 mar 2010 on 21 aug 2009 12. 27. The error report appeared as “the fare and / or flights that you selected are no longer available. . Although they were when the system displayed them to you initially. Someone else has just purchased the seat (S) that you were considering.

Your credit card has not been charged. We suggest that you return to the search page to look for new flights and / or fares.

I made a new booking from tianjin to kl, for 20 mar 2010 on 21 aug 2009 12. 36 again. Few minutes after the failed attempt. The error report appeared as “ a possible duplicate booking has been detected, this may occurred …. . Please call reservation center for assistance. Case number: ak012940525007

When I checked my credit card a / c, I was shocked and angry, my credit card has been charged twice. I had 2 bookings from tianjin to kl, ons3aq and ow8wdq confirmed.

On the same day, I called the centre, after 3 calls, I talked to zak (Near 12. 50) , he said the error dued to website error. I will get my refund back in 30 days & cancelled the ons3aq for me. I was not happy, the website error & I have to wait 30 days??? But nothing I can do, I live in nz.

I called again, 2 days later on 23 / 8 / 09 at 09. 35, the staff told me not to worry. Ons3aq has been confirmed cancelled, wait for refund. I feel better.

On 21 / 9, one month later, no refund. I called twice, finaly at 13. 24 talked to kevin, then put me to mathew, give me a case no. 1814286. Mathew said the previous staff put my payment on hold, he will do it right away & promised me, refund in 30 days. I was more unhappy. But nothing I can do but just keep waiting.

On 24 / 10, 2 months later, no refund. I have called 5 times. I called again on 26 / 10. The staffs who answered keep promising me refund in progress. But still no refund…

On 27 / 11, 3 months later, no refund. I called around 09. 30, the line was not the best. I couldn’t hear the female staff name properly. She told me I won’t get my refund dued to my double booking error but she can put the $ in credit shelf. More shockly, she told me, the credit shelf expired in 25 / 2 / 10. She is sure of what she said.

Dear sir / mdm,

I have lost! I do not know what to say from nz anymore. Is there anyone from airasia who will help me to put this matter right???

I emailed twice. The first replied dated 6 / 11 / 09 as below

“dear ms mary,

Greetings from airasia.

Please rest assured that we have received your specific complain and your request have been forwarded to the respective department. The department will contact you directly.

Thanks and regards,

Customer care

I was so happy, thinking someone will help me finaly. But after sometimes, I emailed again and got replied on 26 / 11 / 09 as below

” dear mary tee

Greetings from airasia.

Regards to your inquiry, we appreciate if you can contact our
Call center for further inquiry at 603 - [protected] / [protected] open daily from 8am to 9pm (Malaysia time +8 gmt).

We apologies for the inconveniences caused.

Thank you. ”

Please, can someone help me?? Merry x’mas!


  • Je
    JELLAY Mar 28, 2014


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delayed departure

Linda anne martin / flight no : ak5271 (jhb - kul) 24 november 2009 departure : 0905 hrs

Flight time was postponed to 1200 hrs - delayed by 3 hours - no email, telephone call or notice was given to passenger causing inconvenience having to wait at senai airport for 3 hours before flight departed at 1215 hrs.

Demand for compensation.

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cancellation of my meal

Stewardess insist to cancel my meal.

Meal had bought during online booking, boarding pass had printed meal is server during check in. However stewardess reject to server me, he claimed that my name unable found in they meal list.
No matter how i'm prove I had bought my meal. The stewardess insists reject to serve me.

Stewardess told me send an email to "[protected]@airaisa.com" and claim my money back via this email. This email is useless send out 3 times, 3 times feedback " delivery to the following recipient failed permanently ".

Go to booking webside send an email, the feedback is " kindly contact our service centre ". Call the number always busy. I'm give up.

I cannot understand why so poor service, the plane do not have extra meal ? Why insist want me to claim my money back ?

Give up airasia service.

  • Ja
    JanC10 Mar 17, 2010

    I experienced the same situation before! The explanation given by stewardess was the same, "my name didn't appear on the list". She asked me whether i have changed my flight, and i told her that i didn't change my flight but my booked flight was canceled by Airasia and this flight is the company arrange for me. Then she told me that that is the reason why my name did not appear on the list because I'm not the original passenger on this flight and she insists i can not have my meal and if i really want it, i have to pay for it!!! I keep on argue with her but that was totally useless because she insist not to serve and told me that she would be deduct her paid by Airasia if she give me the food. At the end, the only "SERVICE" she provided was as the same as yours, asked me to send an email to "[email protected]" and claim my money back via this email. However, it is useless!!
    I believe this situation happened quite often, and why it still happening?!!!
    This is what customer service we get when we go for THE CHEAPEST AIRWAY IN ASIA!!

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flight was suspended

In october 2009, I booked air-ticket to tianjin, china for my wife and myself. Unfortunately, I was told by my friend in early november that the flight was anounced cancelled, described in sinchew daily... I failed to get anyone of them for inquiry/clarification after I had tried for so many times to call to airasia kl office.

I never received a single call or email from their office until this minute... What a terrible so call best-budget-airline in the world!!! As a malaysian, I really shame on the airasia!!!

Why they never take initiative to contact with customer for refund? I strong believe that they have a very poor management team and system. They surely fail in one day if keep going on with this type of attitude like malaysia-government-style...

  • Mr
    Mrs Seow Aug 19, 2010

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I have made a booking from Kuala Lumpur to Taiwan @ 9th May 2010.When I made a payment was a
    appeared "ERROR".
    On 10th May 2010, I received SMS from merchant Bank was informed that few transaction (Airasia) had charged.I was shocked and angry when saw the SMS .Immediately, I called the centre(600 99 8585) to requested for refund credit card.
    Booking No :
    -Citibank Credit Card
    -CIMB Bank Credit Card
    I had call centre 2 -3 times, asked about refund credit card states, customer service staff answered me still on the queue.
    I had waiting refund more than 90 days, I still need to wait HOW LONG TO GET REFUND???
    Have any support document to show my refund still on the queue ???
    Pls reslove above matter & reply mail to me as soon as possible .



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staff was really rude to passenger

On 25 septermber 2009, I was taking the air asia flight from tianjin to kuala lumpur, air asia flight was delay for 4 hours and cause me need to stay at malaysia for 1 night with out booking any hotel. This is my first time taking this flight with this problem. I was travelling with my mum and 2 of my daughter below 3 year old and my wife who was pregnant for 5 months. When asked for help at the counter r68 with accomodation problem, they refuse to help me and what ever they help to looking for was very far from airport, if not was really expensive to us. Because early moring 5 pm we need to go to airport and we arrive at malaysia was really late at night. And they just too ridiculas doesn't like to offer any help and make us more trouble bring us to the police station and the staff was really rude asked the police man to make us bad record, told us don't come back to take their flight anymore and also told us that don't want to see us at malaysia anymore. I mean those staff was really hurrible with their action. The staff was really unreasonable and doesn't provide good help to us and he also run out from his counter and come out would like to him me at the first place. Luckily the other staff was stopping him from that. And they still bring me to police station and always said I sis violant but actually his staff was the one, who did that problem.
I was really dispointed with this flight. And I also promise I will nor recommend any one to take this flight anymore and whole my family and relative will not take this rediculas flight too... Bad... Horrible...

  • Di
    Didi orchid May 23, 2010

    I'm sorry i feel bad for you and your family, i know what you felt that time, ,
    I agree with you, nor in Malaysia or Singapore Airasia are have good staff, they are really rude event to they own passanger. It's happened to me.
    So i also suggest to everyone that don't ever take chance to take they fligt, for me i am enought!!! Not anymore!!!

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  • Am
    A Mara May 10, 2016

    Last week I took a round trip to Langkawi with my family on Air Asia flight. The flight had 2hrs delay which we were fine with. After we got on the plane, flight attendants were really rude and impolite with passengers which really annoyed me! Even when you take a bus they don't treat you this way.. ! I made a promise to myself to never ever take Airasia! I hope soon they close this airline.

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Who the heck are they?
I never booked, contacted, knew about this company, till i got some charges in my credit card of their services.
Of course, since i am based it is difficult to me to contact them by phone. I emailed them telling my problem and they said i need to contact my bank, so it is the only one who can take charge of this situation.
It is my credit card stupids!!
I also have the confirmation numbers of the flights, i don't know why they cannot cancel them immediately. Js3rdm and zt57bt.
They must check first the credit card information to check if it can proceed.
In the meantime the thieves are very happy with their free tickets.
Be careful with this company!

service complaint

4 friends and I had booked a flight from kota kinabalu to singapore on the 26th of october 2009, under booking numbers vmvvem and qqzjax. The flight was to depart from kota kinabalu at 1840hrs. The night before the flight, one of us received a text message from the airline with information that the flight has been rescheduled and pushed forward to 1455hrs. As we were atop mount kinabalu, it was impossible to make this flight. Informing us of a flight change less than 24 hours before the flight was absolutely unacceptable. Your airline must note that most people make itineraries on holidays and sometimes, these plans cannot be changed at the whim and fancy of the airline they have booked.

Upon reaching the base of mount kinabalu, I checked my email account and there was an email notification from your airline dated 25th october informing the same. I contacted your call center at about 3pm and spoke for half an hour with your staff (A lady by the name of maler), who informed me that this change in timing had been made on the 7th of october, and insisted that an email had been sent out on that date. However, none of us received any notification till the 25th. Nevertheless, she was sympathetic and checked the system for alternative routes back to singapore, but later informed us that we would have to pay the balance of about 600rm per person for a flight to kuala lumpur and then singapore. I felt this was unreasonable, as we shouldnt have to pay for the incompetence of your airline to inform us of a flight change that had been made more than 2 weeks before. Maler then checked with a supervisor, and then said that the airline wasn't able to arrange for alternative flights home as route changes are not allowed. I must stress that this route change wasn't a choice made by us, but rather a last resort to get back to singapore in time for our commitments the next morning. I managed to speak with a supervisor who didn't seem to understand this, and instead behaved as if we were being unreasonable by demanding a different route home. When your airline makes a major blunder like this, causing extreme inconvenience, I would expect at the least, an alternative route home. Such a request is neither demanding nor unreasonable. Your supervisor stated that we could only opt for a refund, or take the flight the next day, which was to land in singapore at 1710hrs. Having commitments, a flight the next day was not an option.

We then checked online for alternative flights and found one departing kota kinabalu at 0655hrs the next morning for johor bahru. We tried to book that flight but the internet connection was not good so I contacted the call center again at about 615pm to book the flight. I spoke with a malay man who insisted that I make the booking myself on the internet as it was "very easy". If I had access to the internet, I wouldn't be contacting your call center. He then said that he couldnt make the booking and that I should go to the nearest sales office to make the booking. He then gave me the address of a sales office in kota kinabalu city at 94 jalan gaya (With a telephone number: [protected]), and the number of a miss leslie ([protected]). He said that the sales office would close at 7pm. He also gave an alternative, which was the counter at the kota kinabalu international airport, and said that it would close at about 12 midnight or 1am.in addition, he gave me 5 phone numbers for the airport counter ([protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected]).

We went to jalan gaya, but no. 94 was not an airasia office. We searched high and low and asked the other shopkeepers, but none knew of its existence. The two phone numbers also were not in service. We then dialled the airport numbers, but all were not in service with the exception of one, which was not answered. We went to the airport, but then found out that the counter there was closed as well (This was at 730pm). To sum it up, the information given by your staff, and I presume this is the information in your system, is inaccurate, reflecting imaginary offices and outdated phone numbers. Such an inability to even keep track of your offices is extremely pathetic, and highly unsatisfactory in terms of customer service.

Around 8pm, I made another call to your call center, and spoke with an extremely rude lady named angela. I explained that the offices had closed and that I couldn't make the internet booking, and she simply said to wait till the next morning, when the counter opened at 8am. I said that the flight was at 655am, and asked her to make the booking on her end, and she said it was not possible. She did not take the initiative to inform me of any other way I could make the booking. I lost my patience and shouted that I had been facing inconvenience the entire day because of your lousy airline, and was still being met with such service. When I was done, she responded with a very patronising "finished?". I must say that is extremely rude of your staff. After all the unsatisfactory service which I had received the entire day (And which I had told her about at the start of the conversation), she still had such audacity!

She then (Rudely) told me that we should just go to the airport at 4am in the morning to purchase the ticket from the check-in counter, stating that there were many seats available on the flight. At that point, I didn't trust anything that was stated in your "system" anymore, and I asked if she could simply book our seats and then we would make the payment at the airport, so that we could atleast be assured of a flight home, but she refused. She kept saying "we cannot do that". I ask, what can your call center do then, other than be extremely rude and arrogant? It is the main call center of your airline, but you have wrong information in your system and you are unable to make bookings that are less than 24 hours in advance, even if all your sales offices are closed. I find this very ridiculous.

Left with no choice, we awoke early and reached the airport at 4am, only to find that the counter opens at 5am. Another indication that your staff is unable to give accurate information. We waited in an empty airport for an hour before buying tickets that were rm80 more expensive than the price reflected on the internet. I also did not sign a confirmation nor receive a receipt for my credit card transaction, as they were "unable to print it from the counter". I have never heard of such a thing in my life.

To sum it all up, your airline offers very disappointing service and is extremely incompetent as reflected by your very late notice of flight timing, your inaccurate information and your lousy, unaccomodating staff. Air asia definitely does not live up to its name of "world's best low-cost airline" with such service, and is definitely not one that any of my friends nor I will book in the future. I do hope you take note of this email and buck up on your service standards.

  • Ve
    veronique ice Nov 04, 2010


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  • Pu
    Puwa Dec 29, 2015

    My son had a flight at 6:05. Unfortunately due to Delhi traffic Jam he had arrived just 20 minutes before. Instead of accommodating it, they started shouting at him and asking triple the money to book a next flight. This is very much unprofessional. Booking Ref: MH6V8A Date of travel 30 December 2015

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poor customer service infrastructure

An open letter to mr. Fernandez,

I am writing this letter of complaint on this website, as I have tried to email airasia previously and had no response.

On sunday 18th october I received an sms notifying me that my flight qz7592 kl to bandung had been rescheduled from 9:50 to 20:30 on the same day. With two flights departing earlier, I attempted to contact the information number provided to reschedule to an earlier flight. Online changes attract a rp250, 000 and as the change was a result of airasia's schedule change, I did not feel I should have to pay extra! Unfortunately, I think I would have been better off paying the change fee. When I called on sunday, the call centre had already closed. I tried to contact them again on monday, only to be put on hold for some 50 minutes before getting through. The customer support person was helpful and indicated the appropriate personnel would call me later to confirm the change at not extra cost. Monday passed without a follow-up call. I tried again on monday evening, but was cut off after waiting for 15 minutes. I tried again tuesday morning - could not get through. Tuesday afternoon - tried again, only to wait on hold for 32 minutes. Again, helpful staff, but I was put on hold, this time to talk to the personnel responsible for changes. Waited another 15 minutes before being cut off. A total of 52 minutes on an international call. (No use calling the indonesian support centre - after holding a few minutes there - you just get cut off).

So, after some 2.5 hours on hold on international calls within two days, I am still no better off. My flight has still not been changed. What to do?

Yours in disappointment,

Henri bemelmans
Bandung, indonesia

  • Tc
    tcgf Feb 25, 2010

    Air asia phone services very bad. Better don't put air asia phone number in their page. If your services like this, close your business is better. Damn air asia

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  • Li
    LIYANAGE Mar 24, 2010

    Air Asia very poor customer service, Always online system errors, very difficult to contact them over the phone, Waist money & Time. Most of the staff members are rude

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safety & maintenance standards

Basically the video that was taken on board the AirAsia aircraft - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sghPVZUYQhA - and then picked up by a consumerist group tells the story - one of a cut-price airline that is not maintaining its aircraft, nor exercising its duty of care. I'd like advice as to which International body/authority can take them to task, because it appears that legislation in Malaysia 'ignores' such breaches of internationally accepted standards, and unabated it can not be unexpected that lives may well be lost. The airline's attitude to safety can be seen here: http://airasiaannus.blogspot.com/2009/09/airasia-safety-part-2.html and further here: http://airasiaannus.blogspot.com/2008/09/air-asia-convice-us-theyre-unsafe.html

I became aware of this from a friend who was a passenger on this flight from Thailand to Singapore and witnessed another passenger taking this video highlighted here; in this case and in light of the AirAsia aircraft being in international airspace, could Singapore's legislation not be brought to bear over a Malaysian company? Thanks for your consideration.

Many thanks,

Dee C. Tan

refuse to change booking

I would like to bring to attention that i was refused to rebook a flight from Singapore to Bali booked 16/09/2009 to 17/09/2009 under the basis it was outside the 48 hour period for changing bookings. As it happens I left Bali to Singapore 14/09/2009 12.35pm and landed in singapore 1610 approx. by the time out of customs and to hotel found that my paperwork for visa was not through and would need to possibly stay extra day in singapore but woould be confirmed the following day.
As it happened I was required to stay and rebook accomidation ( by the way hotel the Park At Clark Queys) were more than willing to assist.
On phoning Air Asia to rebook ticket for myself and my wife I was told could not be done as company policy but seats were available on the 17/09/2009 and would be required to pay for new ticket, the only refund i would receive would be airport tax, trying to explain to Ais Asia that I was still in the air before 48 hour limit did not matter (you acnnot make call from plane??) on asking to talk to the mans supervisor or manager of bookings he refused, so now I am out of pocket by SG $500 and upset to the point that I am trying to find someone to talk to but this information is also impossible to get so I intend to put this matter into the press, the Bali Media, Internet and every forum possible to let people know how unreasonable Air Asia booking system is, and their online booking seats do not work as I requested row 1 E, F on the way to Singapore as I was on crutches with broken leg and that booking did not work either NO HELP AT ALL !!!

do not get comfort kit although have pay for it

My luggage 's handle had been broken by the crew that handle the baggage. When I changed the travelling date the rest of the bookings does not change automatically beware anyone that wish to change the travelling date have to check with them at least 2 times they are soo lazy they only want to collect money from u but nothing else. I have paid for the comfort kit, meals and checked in baggge but they try to rip me of when I travel on the same date by telling me I have to pay an extra & pound;85 for the luggage and I do not get meals or comfort kit but I have already pay for it. But at last I argue with the man at the checked in desk and he saw the last intinerary that I have paid for the checked in luggage andmeals just when I thought things were sorted but then on board I could not get any comfort kit although I have already paid for just because I have change my date of travel it does not show on their system how bad is that. I have complain to the company but no action has been taken. I have not got my rm 75 or the comfort kit beware of this airlines do not buy tickets from them unless you really have to. I would recomend malaysia airlines because they are really reasonable and do not rip of the passenger this will be my first and last air asia trip... Plus they still have the courage to ask me to keep travelling with them..

bad customer service

On 10Aug'09, my fiancee and myself tried to check in for our flight to Phuket. However, I was barred from checking-in because the counter claimed my passport to have 1 day less than 6 month before expiry (my passport expiry date was 9 Feb 2010). We were shocked for the rejection to board and the very unhelpful service from AirAsia. No solution/assistance was actively shown to us who have paid for the tickets! We as customers who have paid for the tickets should not deserve such a push-away attitude. We are not convinced that the "1 day less" issue can really result us from not being able to go Phuket. If it is really that critical, why the online booking never prompt for the expiry date of passport? It's a definite cheat for the our money in this case! We were anxious for wasting all the preparations we had done for this trip. However, we manage to purchase another 2 tickets from TigerAirways on the same day later at 7.15pm. Ironically, knowing my passport expiry date, TigerAirways assured me that my passport had just sufficient 6 month allowance. Finally we passed through Phuket custom checkpoint without any problem to and fro (we came back on 13Aug09 by Airasia Thailand). What a ridiculous service AirAsia Singapore had put up?! It's a cheat of our money and we demand your refund for our tickets. We'll write in to the newspapers forum if this is not satisfactorily settled!

deny boarding

Just being late for 7 minutes, airasia in singapore would cancel your right to board their flight. Make things worse, have purchase over rm155 of excess baggage and they stand to forfeit that. They want you to purchase a new fare and new baggage fee of rm310 (Being twice the amount of the excess baggage fee, since purchase less than 24hrs). That is how they make the profit. Through some misfortune of others. They stand to make extra airfare of $210 plus rm310 or rm510 plus the original $255 ringgit they already make. This is blood sucking prasite behavior.

  • Lo
    lostest Oct 30, 2013

    No body answer this question, Do they want to make money ?

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customer service

What the heck is with this airline customer services. I just want to talk to a customer service representative to change a name in my itinerary, but the automated system just gives me the run around without providing a solution. Is it so hard to add a number to just send me direct to a customer service rep without all the hassle of a stupid ###ing idiot automated system??!! Also the system does say that it can change names but after that it just end's there, it doesn't state WHERE and HOW do i change names, it doesn't even provide the option of connecting with customer service rep, it just ask's whether you want to hear the stupid recording again or go back to the main menu ARGHHHHHH!!!

If this is world's best airline... i wonder what the world's worst airline is...

  • Ne
    Needa Sep 02, 2009

    "AirAsia" and "Customer Service" do not go together...

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  • Ro
    ROBIN DANTE Apr 20, 2011


    Reg: your inflight Magazine Advertisement Tariff.

    We are leading Advertising Agency situated at Madurai. One of our Grainte Export Company at Madurai needs to release an Advertisement in your Jetwings Magazine. He needs your tariff card and a copy of your latest Magazine. Kindly send these things along with your terms & condition if the Advertisement is release through us. Our Postal Address is as below.

    11, East Street,
    Singarayar Colony,
    MADURAI - 625 002.
    Ph: 0452 - 2531819, 2532040
    Fax : 0452 - 2535200
    Mob: 098430 - 51819
    E-mail: [email protected]



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  • Mu
    mummy alin Jun 11, 2011

    Near Miss Incident - Almost missed our flight from HK to Kota Kinabalu on 10 June 2011 @ 1950 hrs (AK6803). The tiketing clerk didn't print our children name correctly. only my husbant name (as a surname to my children) appreared on the 3 boarding passes. we were question by the immigration and was asked to go BACK to the check-in counter to get the boarding passes endorsed. we have to queue up AGAIN for another 30 mins. as usual the check-in clerk was working ALONE. he will do the weighing, checking-in, collect money for excess bagages, tagged all the bags. which makes you waiting in agony in the line. he even blame us for not filling-up the flight booking properly. one thing that puzzle me, why does our boarding passes from BKI to HKT, the names apprered correctly (my children names together with the surname)?! we purchase the ticket for returned flight.just imagine, we have to run to the gate with 8, 6 and 2 yrs kids in HKG huge airport. for those who had been to HK, you would understand our situation. just to give you and idea, you have to take two train ride to go to the gate. once we arrived at the gate, this RUDE, tall but fat chinese guy, shouted at us for being late and said that we cant board the plane. i've explain our situtation but still refuse to let us in. my children was crying and i insisted that he called the captain and ask for his clearence. we can still see the plane and the airgate was still intact (which means we still have 50-50 chance of boarding the plane). the chinese guy ONLY pretending to call the captain via his mobile phone (hello, im not that stupid ok). in few minutes came another air asia staff (i guess she's the officer in charged) also saying that we cant board the plane. luckyly she can talk english fluently and once again ask them to call the captain. she also refuse to call the captain. i almost give-up, but i saw my husband standing and wave to the plane (hoping that the captain saw us, and let us in). it seems like the only alternative that we have. i called my children, and we wave like mad to the captain. finally we somebody inside the cockpit notice us, and he went out from the ###-pit make phone call fom the airgate. it was the CAPTAIN (thanks a lot Capt)!! we borded the plane safely after about 20 mins begging, arguing, explaining to the rude and stubborn ground staff. And one more thing, they printed the gate number wrongly in our bording pass. it showed gate 50 but the actual gate was 45. things for Airasia to look-into for improvement :
    1. for international check-in, please add another staff (to ensure smooth check-in process.
    2. to check HK check-in "system" why in malaysia they able to print both children name & surname
    3. why wrong gate number was given to us
    4. to educate/trained they ground staff to be more curtiuss to customer (hey, we paid for the trip ok)
    thanks again to the captain on AK6803 from HK to BKI on 10 June 2011 for letting us board the plane!

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  • Di
    dila_311 May 27, 2012

    i think, airasia must sent all the staff exspecially the staff name mohd zafarizam, sit at counter 11/12 on 28/05/2012 (10.15am) at jb airport go to customer service course..not helpfull..like to chatting to the others staff and just ignore what the customer need..if they want to chatting each other on the duties time, please leave the counter. the three person of them make the image of airasia service look very unprofessional...very dissappointed...

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ripped off

i recently booked a flight and accomodation package from air asia. i too will have to agree with everything everyone has expressed here. they SUCK!! after submitting my credit card details for the package there was an server error, i immediately rang my bank and to my suprise the money had already been taken out. i then rang air asia to chase up the matter. i was told by the cust serv that they had no record of such a tranaction being made. so i rang my bank and they confirmed again that the funds went to airasia/go holidays. so i rang air asia again and i was then told that package deals are handled by go holiday. so i rang them. waiting on the phone for almost 1hr my call was finally answered i spoke to someone who said that my matter will be analysed by their finance people on monday and they will get back to me within 24hrs. it's been over 24hrs and still no word from them! so i decide to call AGAIN and here i'am waiting on them to answer my call, it's been 43mins and counting. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! i feel like i've been scam'd by this airasia holiday deal! am i gonna get my $$$ back? AIRASIA RUINED MY HOLIDAY!

  • Ni
    NiuNiu Aug 03, 2009

    Air Asia is ruining my holiday too! I booked a two-way ticket (Kuching - Kuala Lumper) for 2 seats dated July 29, 2009 and i was shocked to find out that the departure date in my e-ticket was dated July 27 instead of July 29. I was pissed off because the flight (dated July 27 2009) had departed as it was the day after i double-checked my e-ticket from my mail box!! The e-ticket was actually sent late to me. I called customer service and they accused me of my wrong with very bad attitude!! What's that all about as they should have used their professionalism to provide their service to their CUSTOMERS. We are the consumers and we should have the rights to find out the truth of why this airasia was giving me the departure date that I, the airasia consumer, that planned out. I get even frustrated when the service from the airasia customer service is not friendly instead they sounds harsh. They even tried to persuade me to buy another air ticket which cost up rm400++.

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  • Er
    Erick C Sep 17, 2009

    I just had exactly the same situation three days ago. I booked 4 tickets for my friends from Bangkok to Phuket. I paid by credit card, got a confirmation number from Air Asia by email. Yesterday (Sept 17 09) my friends went to Bangkok airport to take their flight and Air Asia told them that my credit card bank did not pay for the transaction. I was mad due to the fact that they sent me an email confirming the purchase of the tickets. My friends missed their flight, had to pay cash for the next flight. In addition I saw on my credit card online banking that they had approved the transaction by Air Asia.
    I am disputing the charges.

    Air Asia Sucks


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  • Ix
    Ixonz Oct 08, 2009

    I encounter the same issue here.. same package offer by AirAsia Go Holiday.. from KL to Phuket on the 15th Oct.. Transaction went tru. but no confirmation email from them.. Nothing!! this is suck..

    And, I am gonna fly on the 15th Oct. 09, yet i'm still not receiving anything from them.. and i can't even reach them via phone or email, wondering what kind of customer service they are, with this kind of cust. care service, they still proudly claimed that they are the most favourite malaysian's airlines.. dissapointing and irritating.. PUI!! SCAMMER AIRLINES!!

    Anyway, i've already called up the bank and i'm gonna dispute..


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  • Co
    colin meek Oct 16, 2009

    My complaint with AirAsia is more serious. In July this year I was charged four times for the price of just one air ticket. My phone calls to the Philippines office of Air Asia all went unanswered and the expensive overseas calls to Kuala Lumpur were put on hold (one for 32 minutes). Not once was I able to get any reply.
    When in Kuala Lumpur I managed to get to see a harassed finance officer from AirAsia and he agreed that, apart from the one correct purchase, one more had been mistakenly deducted via my Debit Card. But, although I was able to show him the other two disputed items on my bank statement, he denied that Air Asia had ever made these extra deductions.
    A few days after this I received a further bank statement from my UK bank indicating eleven irregular deductions in my account. I have never revealed details from my Debit Card to any organization apart from AirAsia, so this would appear to indicate that the company has an officer who is operating criminal activities using details from customer's cards to line their pockets.
    My strong advise to you is do not purchase AirAsia tickets on Internet.
    Apart from the above criminal activity, AirAsia has a very poor customer-concern department. It is one of those appalling organizations that make it clear that once they have your money they do not want anything more to do with you. The total failure of their Philippines office to answer a phone call, their policy of putting all phone queries on hold, their inability to accept that there is a criminal element working in their company, all make for an organization to avoid.
    Colin Meek

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  • Pa
    PaulK Mar 13, 2010

    AirAsiaX... be careful.

    Most recently, my wife and I were stranded in Abu Dhabi when AirAsiaX announced they were canceling service to/from Abu Dhabi in January this year. They didn’t notify us (their stranded passengers) until Feb 10th. Neither did they offer any accommodation nor answer our emails asking for help. We had to get back to Malaysia on our own. They won’t reimburse our additional expenses either.

    They said they would refund the Abu Dhabi/Kuala Lumpur portion of our trip, but it will take them 30-50 days to process the refund. Such an attitude!

    Watch out for these guys. If you are considering using AirAsiaX, It might be a good idea to develop a plan B... just in case.

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  • Ht
    htsow Mar 15, 2011

    I share another experience...

    I book flight ticket from Penang to Macau years ago, and today just get to know through a friend that "AirAsia suspense Penang-Macau flight ". As I saw on the AA website that my BOOKING CONFIRMED until today, i didn't see the AIRASIA small notice at bottom! !

    31th March have to fly but nobody from AA told us. No phone, no e-mail until today! ! use PREMIER LINE to phone AA and get charge RM150-160, get a stupid answer!! ask me refer website, link, notice, we can't do anything!!! Do you still believe AA? ? Disappointed! !!

    Solution given by AA is not going to solution our problems but AA problems. They just refund and we need to wait for up to 60days and my friends get the refund after 120days. Another solution is reschedule and need to top up RM600 per person which is about RM3000 for 5 person of us. Do u think this is fair for us???

    Kindly advice by everyone...

    Let change the airasia slogan... NOW EVERYONE CAN LIES

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flight delay of more than four hours

My name is k chandrasekharan. I was booked on flight qz7695 from kuala lumpur to jakarta on monday 20th july 2009. The flight was scheduled to depart at 20.50 but was delayed and finally took off after midnight.

This delay caused me a lot of inconvenience. I understand that I would be reimbursed a sum of about rm 200.

My postal address is
2a laluan tambun perdana 10
Panorama tambun perdana
31400 ipoh.

I would like you to address my complaint and let me know the outcome. You can contact me at

Thank you

Yours sincerely

K chandra

slow refund

This is an email i sent to [protected]@airasia.com on 4th April 2009, and until today, i have not received even 1 reply from them..
"I have book a group (4 pax) ticket on 16th May 2008, from Miri to Bali transit through Kota Kinabalu. Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled. I went to Miri Branch AirAsia office on 9th August 2008, looking for refund.

Overall, i have requested for 5 refunds (booking no.: WSEDLA, PLTNCF, FW4YDD, BQGCAD and HQ2DCF). As at today's date (23rd July 2009), i have only received 4 refunds.

I have been in and out from Miri Branch AirAsia office regarding this matter, for uncountable times. Surprisingly, i had been told that the refund have actually credited into my credit card account, but i did not received.

After that, i brought all my credit card statement which i used to book the ticket, to show to the officer in AirAsia Miri Branch, but, the answer i get was, AirAsia's Finance Department had just moved to Thailand, and i have to wait for reply from them, once they reply, the office in Miri will call me up.

Unfortunately until today, i have not received any phone call and refund for my request. I am really curious what make it took so much time to proceed such a small matter?"

And yet, yesterday (22nd July 2009), i went to Air Asia office AGAIN, when i ask the officer, he just said, he will call me up for updates.

What a dissappointed working attitude!!
What should i do?

  • Ma
    mashoney Dec 03, 2009

    I also want to complain about bad services or no service at all at airasia

    I have booked a holiday package with them but during the payment page, the transaction had failed but later i found that my credit card has been charged. so i called air asia (takes like forever for my call to be answered!) and then she said that the transaction have been reversed back and ask me to check in 3 days.

    after 3 days i check my statement and it is still there. i called airasia again and got the same anwer. now its been like 1 months but the refund is not there yet!!! and they are not answering my calls anymore after i waited for 40 minutes!!

    what should i do now? has anyone experienced the same? pls help me! i need the 1.5k refund!

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  • Ra
    ragdollcat May 26, 2010

    I requested for a refund of my airport tax since November 2009 and to date still no refund. They sent me an email after my 4 emails to them requesting the refund that they have credited my credit card in mid January 2010 but when I checked my accounts...nothing, zero, zip. I wrote to them complaints department and after 2 attempts, they finally replied that the refund is being processed and it would take 60 - 90 working days before the refund will come through. well, it has been 60 working days already. I am waiting for the next 30 working days to see if they lied.

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