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Our flight was Jeddah, Saudia Arabia - stopover at Sharjah, UAE - Tbilisi, Georgia then vice versa. From July [protected]
On our flight going to Tbilisi, we were required to pay for travel insurances since we only have worldwide medical insurance. They offered us one for only less than 200SR for the three of us. (My mother, father, and me) we didn't have any problems until going back to jeddah,

Our flight was on July 14, 2018 - Saturday at 2:45 AM.
We were at the counter were the person in front was telling us to give her our tickets when we already gave her everything we have. Receipt, Itinerary, PNR, and all but she cannot find us in the system so her colleague took us with her and said that we weren't FULLY PAID for the travel insurances we bought at the airport. But the thing is - we weren't aware of this. It was unexpected and no one told us about this. We weren't given the second boarding pass that's going to Jeddah from Sharjah, so we had to fall in line at the transfer's desk for 30 mins. We had to run because we were on FINAL CALL already and the counters were really slow. We had the worst flight experience ever. We were so tired, stressed, and the sudden charge that took our money away.

I want to request a refund for the payment we had to pay just so we can go back to Jeddah. We were told that we will only pay a certain amount yet we were charged twice since they said it's only one way. WE DID NOT ASK FOR IT. The staff should've warned us about this so instead of buying one at your airlines, we would but at another one. Any other resolutions would be accommodated.

Air Arabia
Air Arabia
Air Arabia

Jul 15, 2018

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