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The reason lincare has so many locations, is ok, but they treat there employees like a dog on a chain a thick one at that. Center
Manger take advantage of csr, they walk around doing nothing, all they do is read emails, use there private cell phones, dont come to work and say they are getting cmns. They set a goal of getting 5 per week, they get the ones already done, they don't get the top 50, t hey blame why ar is so high on the csr, why the president has not review what they do, because if he did, he would know, its bull #, if god would strike, they would be dead, we have to walk around with our heads down, because center mangers put there responsiblity on the csr period. We vacuum the office and warehouse, we ship pt supplies, we work all ar, we answer the phones, we even retrieve there reports, we have to delv to there ofc, they wont get off there # and get nothing, they use the president name as he said so. You as a center manger to help, they don't, they say what you say and say over there with out using their finger, just there neck. You say how your family feel about, (I'm assume to say corporate) why I never seen such selfish company in my years!!! I'm not saying this because I not working for them and I know they lose a excellent worker management use others that and they cheat because you as a csr run things, president of the company if god was my witness, center manger need to carry a cell phone that track there were about because they are not on your side, they stay home they shop, they hang out and its not about lincare 5 days a week.. I have videos to proof, also watch out for those therapist play center manger and therapist, and read what they put in clients comm logs, I can go on but before you down apria and your own csr, check your center manger and area manger, they don't like the csr, but at the end of the day who working, the csr, ive been doing this for over 20 years, I find this the most I can't even explain the managements. They [censored]=% @ milking the company even sales for the money its easy money but csr are under paid. Just for this if I don't get nothing out of it. I will do my followup for the csr @ drivers... Its 2012, we love the clients they love us.
Ps I put the preasure on mangement thats why I not there, because I fight for the clients, and if you as them, they will tell you so, they also have sent letters to corporate. Fyi help me, I just dont get the business. Try that lincare you want to hire dummies with no expirence. (Dont get this twisted, I have no problem working) but teach center manger, and area mangers, sales to show reaaaaal proof of they work for lincare, hay what you have to do to joy you dont backup yourself up. I'm putting you on front street about work, not playing, i'm about clients not about self...
Any way how long you been around cause you worry about csr, and ive done both, check out your under grad... If you dont I dont feel sorry for the president that may be doing the same thing... Nothing cause csr and service tech, I mean all the work, I checked it my self, my manger has dont care they work know chain of comand protects them, as they say dont hate the player hate the game, I love the client and I will miss them completly, I hope they get the service gave them.
God bless me who care about client and the usa, lincare who is about the them.

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  • Wi
      9th of Apr, 2012

    I believe Mangement mix pleasure and work together, so Govt will know of this, not stop what you are doing, because everybody suffern they will soon to follow. I have her back,

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