ADCBlate response/very bad service

I lost my job and so applied for credit shield cover on my credit card, as the bank have been charging me for this service from day one of card activation-ADCB CREDIT CARD.I had submitted all my documents of loss of job by beginning of november and i was not updated about the processing of the same so far.Today, after one and a half months, i get a call from the collection department, a lady who spoke in a very bad attitude, saying that my application cannot be processed due to the reason that i am a relatively new customer of ADCB, which is not a valid excuse from my view, as they were charging me for the service irrespective of that fact.And demanding me to make a huge payment as overdue(when i am out of job) before end of month, as it is year ending for the bank.I would want serious action to be taken against such poor and unreliable service provided by reputed banks like ADCB. I expect the credit shield application to be processed and my charged service to be implemented.

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