ADCB Bankadcb harrasing the customers at the time of account cancellation

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I was a customer with ADCB bank for last 3 years. I recently moved to HSBC as my new company was registered with this bank for salary transfers. HSBC agreed to buy out my loans and clear my credit card to get the clearance from ADCB, and issued a cheque for the same amount. They rejected the cheque for reasons which were not logical and each time they came up with a new bank policies. I had to pay AED 900 to get a clearance from ADCB as I had to pay them each time I applied for the same.

Finaly they bank agreed to accept the cheque and clear the loans and credit card. The agent sitting at the bank desk asked me to pay a minimum amount for the credit card payment as she did not know the duration for the cheque clearance and hence I made a minimum amount payment. I made the payment at the cask drop machine and to add to my frustration the machine was faulty(It is a usual thing with ADCB cash drop machines, it wont work for most days of the month, I usually had to visit atleast 2 machines to make my payment every month) and the amount got credited 4 days later. So i was charged a late payment fee. As I was a customer of no use anymore to them they were not ready to release this fine.

And to the worst part; Now all my loans and credit card with ADCB is have been cleared and I have Cancelled my credit Card. There as an extra amount(which is the result of minimum payment made) in my credit card and I want to reverse the amount to my account. ADCB is taking a stand that I need to pay an amount of AED 75 to get this amount reversed. I know it is not a big amount but would like to bring forth to the public the monster face of the bank trying to harass the customer to the maximum when they leave the bank.


  • Li
    liju Oct 10, 2011

    Totally Agree

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  • Sh
    shyam13 Oct 10, 2011

    liju, this info is very useful.. can you tell me how long it took for the whole process? who has time to run around for these! alarming!! authorities need to put strict measures to end this kind robbery in day light!!

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  • Jo
    jorome Oct 10, 2011

    very true

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  • De
    Deepu_as Oct 10, 2011

    I totally agree with the viewpoints of Liju regarding the harassment of UAE banks.
    Liju raised an important point of ADCB deposit machines (almost all the machines in UAE) failing during the last 2 days of credit card bill payments. Most of the credit card users has a payment due date of 5th or 25th of every month. I can bet on the fact that on 4th/5th & 24th/25th, ADCB machines will be faulty, especially after the banking hours. If a customer is particular to deposit the money, i'm sure he/she has to visit at least 3 or 4 branches to find a working machine!

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  • Re
    Ren. Oct 10, 2011

    ADCB keeps on sending me alerts for making payments towards a closed credit card. I had given instruction to cancel the card a few months before. They say they hav sent a new credit card and the charges are for the new card. I dint care to pay anything and every month they are adding late fees and finance chargs etc.

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  • Ki
    King235 Oct 11, 2011

    I never had any problem with ADCB and got best service when compared with other banks,
    might liju had a bad time and I feel sorry for him,

    and for your information ADCB salam Banch in abu dhabi works 8 to 8, Bank also removed so many charges now

    I suggest liju to speak to the manger and get it resolved, it will be one time work dude, trust it works faster

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  • Li
    liju Oct 12, 2011

    Dear King235
    You will feel the difference when you try to end the relationship with the bank. Its like they will try to squeeze you as much before you get everything cleared. As mentioned before I had to pay AED 800 to get a clearance letter. As of low charges now, its due to the new banking rule to regularize the charges for specific services. Before that their charges were much higher compared to other banks.

    Regarding Bank time, I cannot come all the way to your abu dhabi branch to make the payments. As far as I know, the Cash drop machines stop functioning 60% of days of a month.

    I have already talked to the branch manager many times in the last 2-3 months and the treatment was very bad. The very same people had treated me like a VIP customer when I went to start an account.

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  • Ki
    King235 Oct 12, 2011

    Hi Liju, really sorry for you,
    I have one suggestion,
    Try it may work, Head of ADCB retail is Arup Mukhopadhyay
    drop a mail with complete details to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] (these are guess emails IDs)

    and is one website which give contact details, register your name you may get the contact details
    It is customers right to ask for the information,
    if you have reached correct person and they are not responding
    I have a last option but very high risky and effective one, I will advise you later
    I wish all the best,

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  • Ki
    King235 Oct 12, 2011

    Liju check this link

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  • Ni
    Niknair Oct 16, 2011

    Liju, what you mentioned above is nothing new. This has happend numerous occasion, with many of my colleagues facing tough times for the credit card payment wherein failing to make the same on the due date and end up paying the late fee. I second to what deepu has mentioned, most of the machines are faulty or I guess might be made to fault on the day of due date payment for most of the customers. What has puzzled me is the way bank responded to the issue saying the customer needs to pay 900 dhs for getting a clearance letter? How on earth you are supposed to pay such an amount to the bank just to get a clearance letter? In my opinion, we should escalate this matter to a higher level, however possible, so to have some action taken against the bank or the bank policy where customers end up victims of such situations. This could atleast help few of the innocent people out there who doesnt fathom the actual scenario behind the scenes of such banks.

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  • ExirouA Oct 23, 2011


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  • Uk
    UKM36 Oct 06, 2013

    ADCB send or hire people from India to sell loan credit cards to people working in blue chip companies, those guys will promis any thing to issue you credit card and bank loan and once issued you wont see there face, it happen to me in Jan 2013 when one nice well mannered guy approached me Name MR. SINGH from ADCB KARAMA BRANCH for bank loan subject to salary transfer. I did as he told me he took my signature on loan application form and said he will wait for me till my return from UK in Feb, once I left UAE after 2 weeks loan amount transferred to my bank account without my knowledge of number or years ( maturaty ) I asked for loan for 2 year now what i got is 4 years, my relationship manager promised to be in Dubai but I found my relationship manager based in RAK branch, any way its OCT now i paid 3 payments I want to reduce loan terms to two year and get my relationship manager in dubai, any way lesson is dont trust any sales guy from Bank and dont sign any papers if you are not in UAE at that time or just take u r time and read some blogs. i closed my all credit cards and now looking for some options to change my loan to 2 years terms...

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  • Sc
    scorpio44 Apr 25, 2014

    The worst customer service i ever seen. Sometimes the call center rep cant even understand what we talking about and they behave so rude.

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  • Sa
    Sayed Mk May 01, 2017

    I Woold like to submit complaint against on additional cutting of amount AED 100. As per the service center the Transfer cross the maximum limit
    (which is 6 times ) then cutting will start but i use transfer one time every month. so why this amount was deducted from account
    looking for you helping please please

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  • Di
    Diana111 Aug 29, 2018

    Same old, same old. Dubai is like 'Hotel California' you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. They didn't call it the 'coast of pirates' for nothing.

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  • Mr
    Mrsuask Jan 07, 2019

    Dear ADCB, I received a call (00971528813869) from Individual asking to update my cards as its VISA / MASTER CARD, Kindly take necessary action on this fraudulence persons.

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