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Complaints & Reviews

closed account bank needs penality

I am one of the old zero balance account holder from ADCB bank, But last 5 years not operated the account and no outstanding in this account. One of the bank respresentative every month sent the mails pending the payment and this increasing every month 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 like this.I have contact the collection department from the bank, but they told must pay the amount. so anybody knows about this please inform what is this?

Suresh Kumar

smart loan issue

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is big big deep ###, whenever customer wants to close his/her credit card, loan or...

Dubai Banks

change of job and with loan

I have a personal loan with adcb and changed my job. No one is ready to help me thru phone and cs help desks in branches. Eventualy one filipina lady in adcb bank st directed to collections dept. the short lady who assisted (not really! ) was very rude and seems not interrsted to listen to my queries or concern. She took my salary tranfer letter and got a ohone call from policeies dept. after 4 days! Then i found out they charged my loan amount TWICE! For no valid reason at all. Its been a month when they frozen my account and no one cares to help. I am desperate and tearful. Dont go to this bank. Theyre greeedy as hell.

  • Ch
    Chafcam Jun 04, 2014

    I totally understand you, I went through the same as you. I regret the day I joined this bank.

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instant money remittance to india

I have sent some money to India using ADCB instant money remittance service through the internet. Normally the money reaches in India with in seconds, where last time when I sent on 5th May 2012, the money never reached to the Bank in India. I was shocked and called around 10 times to ADCB toll free number 8003020 and every time I get different call center persons and for the last 4 days there is no proper answer from ADCB. I asked them what should I do to get my money back or when this can be ultimately recieved? They told me, they have no idea, and you have to wait...What service is this?? such a big bank denying their responsibilities. My family in India is suffering because of this(school fees, cheques, all got bounced). I dont know now what to do, any way I decided to cancel the services of ADCB and even will recommend my friends not to go with ADCB.


I will not accept any bank charges from adcb in regards to my bounce cheque.

First of all its adcb fault. Our company transfer the salary 1st of january 2012 for december salary. The central bank came to us and said we cant transfer this money to this account because the employee not registered to the company but we argue to central bank on this and they try to trace what happen because the bank account and routing code we used last november salary are all the same. Then central bank came to our ompany bank and our bank inform that all adcb card holder in your company will not get their money because adcb have its own routing code. ….. So we have to get the new routing code to adcb. Adcb didn’t even inform the card holder that the bank have its new routing code.

Claire rosales
Purchasing manager

Retail concepts llc
Po box 73247

You know its been two weeks our company trying to sort this things out but at the end its was our own bank fault. Why adcb didn’t even bother to inform the card holder.

If they will said that we are inform i think that is a lie. When we receive letter from adcb that the new iban was implemented there is no written in the letter that adcb have its new routing code. When we knew the new iban no. We automatically change it our account no. And if we only knew this new routing why we didn’t even bother to change it.

It cause me a lot not having my salary. I have 3 cheques bounce. And aside from adcb bank charges there is also bank charges from different bank i have. That’s why i will no accept any bank charges from adcb

Adcb is the worst bank i ever had.

When we had salary last november there si no problem ( in here attached for your reference) with new iban but old routing code. We are using this old routing code for six years.

Suddenly when we transfer december salary all adcb card holder in our company cant transfer the salary because our very useless bank didn’t even infrom us that there is new routing code. That make our salary delay all our payment delay.

I will not accept any bank charges from my account. I will accept it if its really genuinely my fault but it was really adcb fault.

I always have a problem in adcb. That’s i will not reccoment this bank and i will try to sort for me to transfer in my salary in other bank.



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late response/very bad service

I lost my job and so applied for credit shield cover on my credit card, as the bank have been charging me for this service from day one of card activation-ADCB CREDIT CARD.I had submitted all my documents of loss of job by beginning of november and i was not updated about the processing of the same so far.Today, after one and a half months, i get a call from the collection department, a lady who spoke in a very bad attitude, saying that my application cannot be processed due to the reason that i am a relatively new customer of ADCB, which is not a valid excuse from my view, as they were charging me for the service irrespective of that fact.And demanding me to make a huge payment as overdue(when i am out of job) before end of month, as it is year ending for the bank.I would want serious action to be taken against such poor and unreliable service provided by reputed banks like ADCB. I expect the credit shield application to be processed and my charged service to be implemented.

car loan statements

With respects my name is mohammad tahir khan working in uae for many years i have car loan from emmirated nbd i paid checks from rbs bank witch is now adcb . Now my loan is finished but bank cliams that you not paid 3 installments while i am sure that i paid it for that reason i need bank statments from adcb i go 3 times to bank maroor branch abudhabi near boys school but the record is not available for the year 2008 i called many times to toll free no 8002030 at day and night time but fruitless .I wish to arrange my bank statment from feb 2008 till sep 2008. By my email addr or by fax [protected], my name is mohammad tahir khan mobile no [protected]. Thanks for yr help and coordination.

  • Ka
    karpaka Dec 17, 2011

    the compliant is pointed towards abu dhabi commercial bank; however, if my memory is correct; abu dhabi commercial bank took over RBS after the requested statement date; so i feel that the complianant has to approach RBS for the statement of account.

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adcb harrasing the customers at the time of account cancellation

I was a customer with ADCB bank for last 3 years. I recently moved to HSBC as my new company was registered...

soluting bank by bank.

RBS debit card replaced with ADCB debit card without permission which is unfunctioning on the existing ATM machines, old debit card blocked unauthorizedly without prior intimation. customer care is advising to visit machine by machine, may be new card will work on some machine, thus forceing customers to roam bank by bank and solute the bank employees to get our own money from ADCB bank.

  • Ka
    karpaka Aug 02, 2011

    to the best of my understanding; debit cards are operative in most interbank ATMs, as long as they are in the network; Perhaps this card holder has an unique problem. It is public information that rbs retail bbusiness has been taken over by ADCB; hence the change of card may not be without notice;

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unknown deductions from credit card - adcb refuse refunds

Two payments went off my credit card which are unknown to me. When I enquired I was told that 45 days have already passed since the deductions were made and it is my loss as ADCB can't do anything about it. First of all, I don't receive all my bank statements through the mail. I'm lucky to receive every third one. Secondly, the statements on the internet is not updated on a regularly basis which makes it impossible to pick up any mistakes on statements before 45 days. I received zero help or assistance

  • Ma
    Marie jane Alcebar Apr 18, 2011

    Dear Adcb Management,
    Hope you can help me..
    When i went to immigration trying to transfer my visa to the new company its so sad that in a last minute we found out that i have a case against adcb personal loan without informing me and so sad and frustrating coz i dont have pending coz i pay it regulary until now since they hold me in the deira office, so the immigration staff ask me to get a clearance letter to adcb and present it to muraqabat police station clear my name, but its so sad that they push me to heal, i ask for their assistance to get a clearance but the manager he dont humanity heart, his very hard to talk, only i ask a clearance for my personal loan but his insisting me to pay the full balance of my car which i dont penalty and i sign the contrat its a 4 years to pay.I explain to him very harmonuos that i got a new and willing to give me a new visa, but he just ignore, theirs one collector he knows that i dont have problems, but the manager insisting the old history i did not pay for 4 to 5 months, which they know that my company is struggling. Hope for the action from the management..its very clear only i want is clearance to clear my name..not to harass the client..

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  • S1
    S1260 Nov 01, 2011

    Please let me know whose mistake is if ADCB have not sent credit card through on time(before due date). I am currently facing same problem. pls suggest me.
    ADCB is telling that customer has to call customer care every month to know there outstanding balance and pay accordingly.
    I never ever heard this kind of rules in any other country..

    A well wisher..

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harassment by credit card collections staff

Don't just blog about it, REPORT IT! Dubai has a Consumer Rights law that protects consumers from unfair...


Collection agents from ADCB (RBS) credit cards are non stop calling me and threatening me that case will be filed against me and that I will be having travel ban for simply missing 1 month payment.. How true is this?

  • Gi
    Girgis Feb 22, 2011

    Report them to the central bank. www.centralbank.ae

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  • S1
    S1260 Nov 01, 2011

    In what way central bank action? how many days central bank will take to respond for an action?

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unreasonable freezing of account

The purpose of this letter is to just inform you of the disgraceful treatment that I recently experienced from ADCB Bank. As ADCB bank has a Arrangement with my Company where i am working, I choose to have My salary account with ADCB .

I had opened an Account with ADCB in the month of August 2010 . My resident visa was in process, so they had opened my account with the passport copy and Salary certificate . I received August salary in my account and I was able to withdraw my Money . ON 9th sep 2010 I received my resident visa page and I had drooped in the Mail room a copy of it on the name of Custom relationship officer of ADCB bank .

After that on I to confirm whether he received My Visa copy . He confirmed that he received and asked me to submit him the labour card when I receive from the Company . So now by September 28, when I received my second salary in my account, I went to ATM on 30th sep to withdraw it . I could not withdraw the money from Any ATM bank, when I called the customer care of ADCB to know the reason, they informed me that My account is freeze since they haven't received My Resident visa .

However, this did not explain why:
--- ADCB has froze my account without telling me the reason, although I had submitted my resident visa long back.
--- And Since I came to knew about it on 30th Sep ie Thursday so I was left without any money for Friday also (as Bank holiday) ie for 2 days.And on Sat after again mailing them the visa copy and other things and frequently calling them, I was able to get access to my account . This has resulted in much stress .

And after all this, Now when I want to close my account with ADCB, they are charging me 200 AED as Account Closure charges .

It is a gross insult to a customer to freeze the entire account without being informed the reason .And also when a customer is not satisfied by the services provided and want to close the account - they are forcing such huge amount as Account closure charges .

Note : This mail is just for your Information .
It would be grateful if you would pass this complaint on to the the appropriate person in ADCB .


  • Re
    Rennymp Apr 17, 2016

    I also experienced the same thing ... They are simply troubling their customers without any reason...

    I also planning to close the account with ADCB.

    1 Votes

credit card issue

I was having credit card with abu dhabi commercial bank, I went to bank to clear my full outstanding balance, I met one representative (In ajman branch) and inquired about my balance which I suppose to pay, they said deposit extra aed 200 with your total outstanding balance and our department will take care the exes money and you will get back after 45 days, I called after 45 days to adcb help line 8002030 and made request to get back the exes money, now this time telebanking representative told me that I have to pay aed 75 to get that exes money which is aed 168, this is all about negligence of branch coordinator.

Any help?

  • Af
    AFTAB AWAN Nov 17, 2010


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  • Af
    AFTAB AWAN Nov 17, 2010


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  • Ju
    Jumeirah Janee Dec 01, 2010

    I sold the car to a man who took bank-loan for car purchase from his bank...it was ADCB bank, Dubai. the car was transferred to a buyer's name, I received an LPO and was supposed to get check the next day from ADCB... the Coordinator for all documents/payments was George Moosa, an Egyptian gay, an emploee of ABCD. He stated that check would be ready in 1day and he would send it to some ADCb branch in Dubai so we could come and collect it.

    The next day when I was supposed to receive my check/money Icalled that GEORGE MOOSA to get the confirmation and the place from where we could collect the check... He started telling a long story that he has to go somewhere to get someone's signature, to come back...bla-la-la... yanni, telling it in a such stupid way as if he is doing a favour or he is so miserable he has to do his job.. anyhow, he said he would get my check today and promised to call by 1pm... never callled back... i got through his line--and he gave me any stupid story about where he would go and what he would do... 3 pm- I called his number and another man replied: "George is my friend and he is now at a very important meeting"...no need to say that ADCB emploee of the month never called back...

    I had to call the car-buyer to press in him, george's office to scream at them... finally, after I said that I would take that **ing George to court, they promissed to try to arrange from my money ... TOMORROW...

    So, the story doesn't end here... they called me to say that the check is at some Deira branch at 3 pm only next day...when I reached there the guy who was having our check left for the day (of course, tomorrow is December 2--big holiday for you, followed by Friday-Saturday days off and then Sunday holiday again)... we insisted to get the check today, and had to wait like 15-20 minutes till they arrange someone who could open the drawer of the guy who left for the day...

    Definitely, I could get cash immediately so I decided just to deposit it in ATM machine... the DEPOSIT function doesn't work at all ATM... "When it will be fixed?"--Mya be tomorrow or next week.

    SO, may be finally I will get back my money from ADCB next week, yannin 2 weeks delay.

    George Moussa is Unprofessional, disgusting, lying just like breathing (is it a national trait?), time-waister... and apart from time petrol and money waister...

    He certainly gave a very clear IMAGE about ADCB bank... or may be it's not georger...but all the bank is this level...

    1 Votes

regarding draft

Regarding my Draft I given the Receiver name in India. but they not send my Draft to India and not given the details properly. draft send on 24th April and till today i didnot get the correct information regarding my draft please i want to know the correct information
best regards
ravindran akathoot

wronge guideness

Hi, i had smart loan with ADCB, i paid my full remaining amount to close the account as disused with adcb...

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