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On 9/29/09 I responded on line to a 14 day free trial period to try Acia Berry Tropic Dietary Supplement, I had to pay $4.95 shipping that was to be charged to my card to try the product risk free for 14 days, a few days pass and a solicitor called me from some company that mentined my free trial of Acia Berry Tropic and was trying to give me a $50 gas voucher, I cut them short and declined their offer and said I wanted to cancel my 14 day free trial of Acia Berry Tropic. 25 days passes and I receive a bottle of Acia Berry Tropic on 10/24/09, decided to try any ways since it showed up, 3 days after (10/27/09) receving the product I received a e-mail saying my credit card refused the transaction for $88.64 and that they had been trying to contact me with out sucess, I never received any notice by mail or phone from Essential Health Brands of Wilmington, DE, they stated that if I did not respond in 5 days that I would be turned in to a 3rd party collection agency and that my credit score and rating would be affected. After several attemts to contact them I finally got through and talked to a representive after I blocked my phone number, she said I was obligated to pay because the trial period started the day I placed the order not the day I received the product and that I needed to read the terms and conditions...I had been Scamed, I checked my credit card statement and have been charged $4.95 for shipping the day after the order, $88.64+fnfee of $1.77 =$90.41 twice 14 days apart, the first charge was 10/15/09 the second was 10/29/09, and now have a charge from build wealth on the 10/20/09 for $30.00 that I have no idea what it is!!! from the time I placed the order to today it has been 36 days and I have charges totaling $215.77 on my Visa Credit Card... Beware!!! This Company has Scam and Fraud Written all over it...Please Beware this is Fraud!!! Contacting Better Business Bureau, State Attorny General Office in Delaware and Washington State, US post master for mail fraud, and Visa for Credit card fraud!!! And the media!!!


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  • Fm
      Feb 20, 2010

    I also took the free offer on line for AcaiBerry Tropic and I found out to late that it was not free, when I called I got a foreign speaking girl who told me that i had agreed to purchase one a month at $88.74 and if I sent it back they would not refund my money so I may as well keep it and use. I told her that I was canceling my further orders and if there was any more charges to my card I would be seeing a Lawyer, After futher discussion she finally agreed to cancel my supposely agreement, I will find out the first of the month, This is definatly a scam, so I think I should have my card #s changed, what a mess, I should know that nothing is free.Is there anything that can be done about these people?

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  • Ka
      Feb 27, 2010

    I have been going round and round with Healthbrands for about 5 months now. They charged by credit cards for a $.99 free trial and $88.64 for the Acai Berry juice but guess what - They never sent me anything ever. I never received any product from them. When I complained to my credit card company originally I said I didn't recognize these charges forgetting I had signed up for a "free trial offer". My credit card company investigated and when they came up with my sign up I was stuck. They said I needed to go back to Healthbrands and get a refund from them. I have made several phone calls, complained to the Better Business Bureau (who did nothing for me) and sent a certified mail letter to this company with proof they got they're money back from the credit card and still no credit from them. This company is definitely a fraud. Beware!! Can't anything be done about them. I'm out nearly $90. and never even received any product. My next step is the Delaware State Attorney General's office. Anyone who has a complaint about these people please do the same. It's not even the money anymore, it's the principle!!

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