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Acai Berry Surpreme / False Credit Card Charges

1 Londonderry, NH, United States

I recently lost 90 pounds on my own (YEAY!) and wanted to ensure I was doing something to make sure I didn't gain any weight back. Like most people I heard about these pills on the Oprah show. My friend and I desided to try the "Free trail" and agreed to pay the $5 in shipping. Much to my suprised I was chanrged $88.60 a few weeks later. Shocked, I called my friend to have her check her bank account because we ordered the same day...sure enough she was charged as well. I read over the paperwork that came with the pills and it only stated that should I not want to continue with the program I would no longer be responsible for future charges and that I would have to cancel my account with the company to avoid being charged in the future...Ummm, hello what happened to the "Free trail?" I noticed on my bank statement that there was a phone number to this company. I called the number and was on hold for 30 minutes. Finally I got so sick of being on hold so I hung up. I called again the following day and waited for 45 minutes - hung up again. I called a third time and gave up after 15 minutes. So, I don't even think that was a real phone number! Finally, my husband found an online chat to talk to someone. My husband explained the "Free trail" and the product we recieved. The person on the other end of the chat said "We do not handle that line of pills". When my husband asked for a number to contact someone we got a number that wasn't even for this business! Finally after many hours of searching online we found another website chat and were told that our acct would be cancelled and we would no longer be responsible for future charges, but they could not refund the money for the "Free trail bottle" that I had already received!!! When my husband said "Why were we charged if it's a free trail?" The person on the other end sent us a link to a webite claiming that this is what I saw the day I ordered the free trail...ummmm no it wasn't!!! It was a totally bogus explaination of an agreement that I "agreed" to!!! My husband explained that this screen NEVER appreared when I ordered the product. The customer service person sent us a link again - TO THE SAME PAGE (as if to say, read it again stupid) and said he would send my complaint to another department. Are you kidding me?! That screen of agreements never showed up when I ordered the product...I AM 100% SURE OF THAT! These people are ripping people off and charging people's credit cards without autherization! So, my husband looked up the Att General's office in New Hampshire and filed a complaint. We have also filed a fraud form with our bank to get refunded, but still have yet to get satisfaction of the situation. I also feel that it should not be my banks responsibility to refund the money when this company was never autherized to take it in the 1st place!!

After reading other people's complaints we have since cancelled our credit card because other people were told "Your account has been cancelled and you will no longer be charged", but they were charged again, so I'm not taking any chances with these clowns!

I'm emailing Oprah next!

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