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Resolved Cancelled ordered & was sent & charged twice for an order. Have returned both items and received only one Credit on my Credit Card

I ordered the Acai Berry Maxx Free Trial Offer, 11/30/2008. I was to pay $5.95 for the shipping . But found out later that in 10 days I
would be charged the full amount of $85.90 for the product. I cancelled my order that day 11/30/2008 at 4:34 PM order # 207222. I thought everything was just fine. But then on Jan 20, 2009 I received the order. I returned it Jan 30, 2009 and have USPS confirmation of the Max Acai Berry Company receiving it on Feb 2, 2009. I received a second order Feb 20 2009 and sent back Feb 21, 2009 with out opening it and put "RETURN TO SENDER' on it. But I was charged on my credit card before I received it. I have been given credit for the last order. But have not received credit for the original Charge on Jan 16, 2009. I want credit for that charge. I have not opened one bottle they have sent me and did not even open the last package. Besides I had cancelled the order long before they sent the first order. I am being cheated. I want my credit and nothing to do with the company again.

Kay Dickison
4123 County Road 1530
Willow Springs, MO 65793

  • La
    Lacy Feb 24, 2009


    File charges with the Federal Trade Commission in whatever State you got the product.

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Resolved Honesty


  • Vi
    Victim Feb 24, 2009

    I'm thinking you must think this website supports the product you got... it's just a Complaint forum...

    I did get my money back but I had to file charges with my Credit Card Company and with the Federal Trade Commission in the State that I got the bogus product...

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  • Ms
    mspencer Mar 26, 2009

    How did you ever get through to get a return authorization number? Ive been on hold forever. I cant find the right website to correspond with customer support. No surprise there!!!
    Louisville, KY
    [email protected]

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  • Ki
    kim Apr 11, 2009

    I am a huge retailer on the Internet. I am an expert as to the customer-vendor goods for money world. It's easy first email the company and ask them to refund your money, explain to them you are exercising your option to cancel and because the product did not work as advertised. Wait 24 hours and and call your credit card company and tell them you want a refund you will need to explain to them what happened and the credit card company will give your money back to you. Save all correspondence the the retailer because the credit card company will ask you what the history is. One more thing, don't get upset, your credit card company is on your side. Compliments of

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  • Ee
    eee Apr 14, 2009

    OMG - I never - wholly crapness - I've been had (taken) whatever the expression is. Dang, I don't like this. The free sample thing turned into crooks just stealing money from me... the ACAI watford / beri thing - OMG, I just can't believe it. Get ahold of your credit card company right away. Cancel your card and get a new card # etc. YUK - what a pain to deal with. What a shame people resort to such a life. lesson learned

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  • La
    Laura936552 Jul 14, 2011

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
    P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 9sh73h

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Resolved credit card charge

I was supposed to receive a free sample of this product to try for 15 days. That is how they rope people in...

Resolved unauthorized charges on credit card

We ordered the trial offer of the Acai Berry Detox. We decided that we did not want any more of the Product...

Resolved cancel shipment/ membership

I fell for the free trial, but was alerted to the scam to late. Within minutes of ordering I tried to cancel...

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Resolved billed for what not received

i had ordered from a site i believe called acai berry colon cleanse. i ordered the berry pill AND the colon...

Resolved not able to contact company

Received sample but when I tried to contact the company to cancel my account the phone number listed dumps me into perpetual music, no message, person just music.
I tried to find an email address for the company but there is nothing in the paperwork sent with the product or on the product container that provided a viable email address.
Am I supposted to write to them via snail mail to cancel my account? Should I send it register and certified to avoid being billed for a refill?
Please help as I am having problems being reimbursed for returned products with another fine California company.
What should I do? How should I proceed to get my account closed?

  • Lo
    Lori Feb 27, 2009

    I used the following phone number this morning and I got a live customer service rep...800-983-7968. I was one of the unlucky ones who received unauthorized charges on my account this morning and I immediately called. They of course gave me the run around and several cancellation numbers and a refund number. They claim they will credit my account when they receive my returned product. Good Luck. I hope you are able to cancel your account.
    Angry in PA

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  • Co
    Company Employee Feb 27, 2009


    On behalf of Nature's Acai Berry, I would like to apologize for any problems or concerns that you may have had while attempting to cancel your order. The phone number listed on our website (1-800-983-7968) is 100% reliable and customer service representatives are standing by! Nature's Best Acai and its employees are unlike any other offer out there and we stand behind our products completely and your satisfaction is our number one concern. Please feel free to try the listed phone number once again and allow our service agents to take care of your situation. Keep in mind that hours of operations are Monday-Friday 9-5 EST. We hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!

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  • Gu
    gupton Feb 28, 2009

    The above listed number dumps you into a an operator database where someone with an east indian accent takes your name and number so that a company rep can call you back. I gave em my info but won't hold my breath. Man what a scam. You think your just into it for $4.99 and they get you "slick willy" style. Bad bad business practice. Here is another number to try for cancellations that I found:

    1-877-495-1182 (mon-fri 9am to 9pm est)

    Good Luck, I'm pissed off too.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Mar 11, 2009

    I just want to say that I wished I had read your complaints before I got myself into this mess. My complaint is the same as everyone else except that I neither received my trial bottle which is the $4.99 for S&H or month supply $79.96 which the billed me for even though I canceled. I've been fighting with them for one month trying to get my money back for products that I've never received. I finally got an address that to a corporate office and sent a very upsetting letter. While the representatives are quoting terms and conditions, who breaches those terms and agreements when you never receive the product. And of course their response is "the computer showes your correct address and we've verified with the post office that your product has been shipped so you must have received it." After writing that letter I finally got a refund number for both charges, it remains to be seen if the actually credit my account. I was told by the representative that she was sending me an email confirmation but guess what? Never got it. Oh and don't forget to cancel all those memberships they sign you up for and get cancellation confirmation codes from them. Anyway, if anyone is interested the corporate address got was: Nature's Best Acai, 305 W. Broadway, Suite 114, New York, New York 10013. Oh and I got another address just in case I received the product I should return it to: Amir Sanchez, Nutraceuticals, 20100 S. Vermont Avenue, Torrance, CA 90502. Now who the Amir Sanchez? People watch out!!!

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Resolved Purchase Scam for Acai Berry

I purchased the Natures Best Acai Berry Supplement for free and was told online that I would only have to pay the $4.99 shipping fee. I went to work the next day and showed a co-worker the product I was going to try and she stressed to me that it was a scam and that she had done it 2 months ago. She stated that she had called before the 14 day trial period to cancel and thought it was taken care of, but several weeks later she was charged for three different items totalling over $180. I called immediately to cancel the order and was told by a representative by the name of Maudi that I would not be charge anything and that my order would be canceled. Just to make sure, I followed up 3 days later and called again to make sure they canceled my order. I was told again by another representative that my order had been canceled. I still received the Acai Berry in the mail a week later and called back to find out why they still sent it. They explained that I was charged for the shipping only and I would get to keep the free sample. Approximately a week later I was charged over $180 for several different products. I called again for the fourth time and was told that they had never received a phone call from me stating I wanted to cancel. I was on the phone over 2 hours and they still did not cancel my order nor did the refund my money. I am still trying to fight this and would extremely encourage anyone NOT to order this product online.

Once they have your credit card number they can do anything with it and will continue to charge it. The price I'm having to pay for a bottle of pills has cost me time and money and I'm not sure how long this battle with this company will go on. I am in the process or working with my bank to stop the unauthorized charges. What ever you do, avoid purchasing anything online that is not a legitimate website and if anything sounds good to be true I guarantee you it is!

  • Lc
    LCW Feb 21, 2009

    I totally agree with you. The exact same thing happened to me.

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  • Sj
    SJenkins Feb 25, 2009

    Same situation happened to me. However, this is what I did.

    I called the customer service number and verbally went around in circles with the first rep about the ridiculous charge and the "15 day" trial period. Then I got sick of dealing with her so I demanded to speak with her supervisor.

    After going around in the same circles with her, she confirmed that my "membership" had been canceled and that I would not be charged again, to which I replied that "I will be talking with my bank to ensure no charges go through from the Natures Best company". At which point, she asked if I intended to dispute the previous charge, which I confirmed. Immediately, she said that she would provide me with a full refund of the charges already made.

    She verbally gave me a confirmation number on the refund, membership cancellation, as well as confirmation numbers for two separate SPAM membership cancellations. I also requested those confirmation numbers by email as well, which I have received. This just happened, so we'll see if the refund is ever credited, but at least for the time being, you all can attempt to do the same.

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  • De
    deidson Apr 20, 2009

    I ordered Natures Best Acia Berry and also the Probiotic complete for a complete colon cleanse, so they said. Supposed to be $4.95 each bottle for shipping and handling free trial offer, what an idiot I was when the product finally came, I saw that it said that I had join a club and had to cancel within 14 days or they would continue sending me the product. I received the product on Saturday and called them Monday to cancel, they gave me 2 cancellation numbers and said it was cancelled.When I received my credit card statement I was charged a total of $192.78. I thought ok my fault, I just got Scammed, I'll keep the product and try it. I didn't have a bowel movement for three days. Next credit card billing date I was charged another $85.91 for Acia Berry that I didn't order or receive. I called customer service, they once again gave me a cancellation number and said that I had never canceled it, I gave her the 2 cancelation numbers and she said she could not find them. I called my credit card company and they said that they receive a lot of complaints about the company, he also said that they charged my credit card account $85.91 for the following month, what a Scam. Credit card company said that they would take care of it and that I would see no more charges from Natures Best . DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

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Resolved Never receiving promotional product but being charged $4.99 S/H then being charged for $79.96 for additional product

On 1/30/09 I responded to a promotional offer to receive a 14-day supply of an acai berry product and would be charged only for S/H, $4.99. I never received the product, but I continued waiting. I got my current MC charge ststement and the $4.99 was charged. On 2/21/09 I called the company's customer service number to cancel my account and advise that I never received the promotional bottle. I was told they would ship the promo bottle, but there was nothing they could do about the "TWO" charges. When I asked what "two" charges, I was told $79.96 was charged because I did not call on the 13th day of the Trial Period to cancel! I asked how I could have done that when I never got the 14-day promo bottle
to begin with. He said there was nothing he could do. The young man spoke hard-to-understand English, so all of this was frustrating. I finally told him I wanted to speak with his supervisor. I had to hold for probably 15 minutes, but did speak with Supervisor Henry. He listened to my tale and eventually agreed to credit my account for $79.96 and close the account to future charges. He was courteous and apologized for my long wait on hold. All in all, this endeavor took up too much of my time, but I guess I am lucky that I got off with having to pay only $4.99 since no one would credit my account for the S/H charges on the bottle that never reached me. I have learned a valuable attention to the small print!

  • Sc
    scott weber Feb 27, 2009

    The exact same thing happened to me, although I was not transferred to a supervisor just simply hung up on.I am now disputing with my credit card company.
    THis company should be investigated by law enforcement.

    Ripped off in Illinois!

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  • Qs
    qsmom Mar 05, 2009

    I am on the phone right now with these people... She started giving me the "well..." I told her I wasn't going to take the run around and she need to get a supervisor for me. Of course she had to speak with her supervisor and such... As soon as I said I would contact my bank and state that it wasn't a charge I authorized she got the approval for the credit. Be strong with them and don't let them do this to other people

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  • Wh
    whiskeygirl95 Mar 10, 2009

    I received my product with no paper work ad when the trial was up so they charged me the 79.96. I called and the lady was rude and a liar ! She said they were open 24/7 .. then why did they not answer when I called on SUNDAY!! They are a rip off !!! JUST WANTE TO ADD
    Yelm WA

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  • Su
    Susan Mar 11, 2009

    OMG These people are criminals. I did receive my order and signed up to pay only $4.99 (shipping) which my account was charged. Then the following month because I did not call within 13 days they charged my account again $79.96. There was never anything about cancelling within 13 days I got no paperwork with my bottle so how was I suppose to know about the 13 day trial. I am on hold right now for the second time because the first time they hung up on me (after waiting 20 minutes for them to answer) after I asked to speak to a supervisor. I am not letting them get away with this - I will seek a lawyer and maybe even call Susan Warnick - channel 5 to investigate!!! Mad as hell...

    Boston, MA

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  • Su
    Susan Mar 11, 2009

    OK this is a continuation to the above! They will not refund my money I spoke to Eric Andra, Supervisor who was civil to me but explained that I did not call within the 14 day period to cancel, I explained to him that I was not told I had to, no paperwork came just the bottle. I think it is in there somewhere very small print for those of you who have not cancelled they will charge your credit card again... CANCEL NOW!!! They will give you a confirmation #.

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  • Co
    connie Mar 12, 2009

    I ordered the product via computer. After submitting my order I then noticed that I had 20 days to cancel my order plus other incentives. Only a receipt came with my pills. When I called to cancel, everyone was very polite, and did agree to refund my $79.96 after asking to speak to a supervisor.

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  • Dw
    D. W. USA Mar 15, 2009

    I have also been scammed. I did receive my "FREE" bottle but returned it well within the 15 day trial. Never opened the bottle. And, they now have deducted $79, 96 out of my account. And I don't have any of there products in my possesion. Well, now 3/13/09 they have gone in there to my account again and took another $85.91 from me. So I am now in the process of getting my lawyer involved. They are terrible people to contact, they want respond to emails and they want answer the phones.
    very upset!! D.W. USA

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  • Ti
    tinajo1987 Mar 16, 2009

    i agree completely. I ordered the product and it never came. when i called i told the lady that it didnt come so she "extended my triual period" then the next day i was charged 79.96. i called and talked to a supervisor and she said she would refund me but still hasnt happened!

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  • Je
    Jeanne Radysh-Oury Mar 25, 2009

    www.nature's -

    I NEVER rec'd the billed for it on 2/13 at 4.99 and then on 2/28 I was billed 79.96 for 60 tablets which I never ordered.



    Thank you.
    Jeanne Radysh

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Resolved Advertised FREE Sample's for JUST Shipping and Handling

Nature's Best ACAI Berry and Bromalite companies advertised FREE sample products you just pay Shipping...


Well, they got me too! I ordered teh "free" Trial of Natures Best Acai Berry for a paltry $4.95. I read the "fine print" but since I only got the product a couple of days before my "trial period" was over, I decided to cancel anyway. HaHa! Every time I call the number on my order form (the one that says "For Customer Service please call") [protected] all I get is a recording that says "Welcome" and then it goes straight to music. I have tried this daily to no avail. I had made a bank deposit on 2-19-09 and that evening I used my debit card to get $20.00. The balance on my receipt was way less than my deposit minus $20.00. It was then that called the bank! NOt only did they "STEAL" $80.00 bucks from my account, it put me at negative $17.00 so now I have to pay an addititonal $29.00 insufficient bank fee! They may have gotten me once but not next month. I have cancelled my debit card and have an appointment at the bank on Monday to "dispute" these charges. Good Luck to the rest of you who have been scammed. Believe me, from now on if I can't get it at my LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE, I will just do without it!

  • Ju
    Judith Feb 18, 2009

    I sent information to a completely different company for a free trial offer on a supplement containing ACAI. somehow this company got my information, including my credit card, and was going to charge approx. $80.00 for services I did not even order. when the other website was given the information my credit card billing address was different than my shipping address. By mistake the billing address was never given which should have made it impossible for them to charge my card. The original company did not send me the product or bill my card because of that reason. This company, Natures Best did bill my card and when called was extremely hard to understand, never admitting that they should have not done the billing. By the time it was all over I am in possession of FOUR cancellation numbers for additional product and services and am still being billed $4.95 for shipping of a product I never ordered. I am very disturbed that this company can be so underhanded and continue to do business. Time will tell if I really do not get billed. BEWARE

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  • Ma
    marie Feb 22, 2009

    The same thing happened to us and we did not even receive the trial 30-day supply.

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  • Ra
    Raymond Majeski Feb 26, 2009

    Oceanside, California.,
    The same thing happened to me. I was able to get through to the customer service number800 983-7968 and I complained about this shoddy business practice. I got stuck with $79.96 on my bank card.
    My bank will dispute this charge just as soon as it comes off pending status. When I told them that I had filed a complaint, they said that they will refund the charge in 10-14 business days. I also learned a lesson that from now on I will buy only at the local health food stores.
    I will watch my account closely to see if the charge comes off.
    I have learned not to buy on line anymore.
    It sounded to me that the customer service was in India...which is normal nowdays.

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  • Sc
    scammed0372 Mar 02, 2009

    The same thing happened to me! I thought it was a free trial and I just had to pay the shipping and handling. I called the 1-800-983-7986 and waited for a long time and then I could barely understand the customer service rep! She basically yelled at me when I said that I wanted to cancel my membership and get a refund for the $79.96! She said that it was past the 14 day trial period. How is that so, I only had the product for less then a week! Horrible practice and scam! I am going to my bank tomorrow to dispute the charges and cancel my debit card! Ridiculous! Now, I am out 79.96. I cannot afford this! I guess live and learn...I am too, only going to go to the store to buy this stuff no more internet scams for me!

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  • Ro
    Roberta Hileman Mar 02, 2009

    I tried to return unopened bottles of the Natures Best Acai Berry Supplements. In the Terms they have a section called "Return Policy". It has a phone number and the address of the company. NO WHERE does it say in the Policy or the Terms that you cannot return the product for a refund. When I received it I was shocked to find that it is nothing but their version of "SPEED". It contains Green tea extract (225 mg), EGCG (135 mg), Caffeine (200mg) and ONLY 50 mg of Acai berry. They also don't tell you that when you purchase it. They are misrepresenting their product and are not stating facts that we should know. And what company won't give a refund on their product?! In my eye, a RIP OFF COMPANY!!!

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  • Co
    Company Employee Mar 03, 2009


    On behalf of Nature's Acai Berry, I would like to apologize for any misconceptions that you might have had about our amazing weight-loss supplement. I understand your concern about returning the product. Keep in mind, of course, that we cannot redistribute the product, so having your return it is not really necessary. However, in speaking to our customer service representatives, you should be able to cancel future orders and get your confirmation numbers to ensure that we cease the shipping of our product to you. Furthermore, depending on your circumstances, it might even be possible to get you a refund, though that will be up to the customer service agents dealing with your situation. I hope that we are able to resolve this issue to your satisfaction. Please feel free to contact the company again and see if they can further resolve your complaints. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and have a great day.

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  • Su
    Susie Mar 12, 2009

    I received the Acai Berry supplement and was reading the bottle. I saw the distributors name Amir and Sanchez Neutraceuticals and checked on the web. I sound this site and was really worried at the information here. So I checked my credit card account and sure enough $79.95 charge. I called for information. They gave me the phone number to call the Amir and Sanches Nutraceuticals. The company put me on hold for 15 minutes and then cancelled three!! things I had signed up for when I authorized $4.95 for shipping charges. I had 14 days to cancel but I did not received the product until the 14 days was up! They apologized for the late shipment.

    My credit card company Bank of America said that they would not dispute the claim since the policy stated the trial period was not 14 days after receipt but 14 days from sign up period. I cancelled my credit card and the total rip off was $79.96 in charges!
    Bank of America was flooded with the same request as mine. They were very familiar with the sign up policy and refused to help. I will not be doing business with B of A ever again either!

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  • Sw
    swinginchaz Mar 17, 2009

    This company is a rip off. I actually called the very same day I order the product to cancel and they still charged my credit card the $79.96. Tried to call this company and I get no satisfaction. So now I turned them into the Better Business Bureau and my Attorney Generals Office.

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  • Ma
    Macey's Mom Apr 17, 2009

    I got a second bottle of Nature's Best Acai in the mail yesterday, with charges to my card for $87.13.

    However, I did call (800) 983-7968 (# listed on the packing slip) and did get a hold of a live person. The customer service rep was not helpful at all and wanted me to "verify" my card number with her, no way.

    Once I told her I wanted to speak to a boss, I got a man named Eric, who claimed he was the Customer Service Supervisor, who spoke perfect english, cancelled my "subscription" and gave me a cancellation confirmation number.

    In a couple of weeks, I guess I'll see if I get another shipment. In the meantime, I feel better about this.

    Try asking for Eric if you call (800) 983-7968.

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NATURE'S ACAI 14 FREE TRIAL IS A SCAM!!! 14 days really is only 4!!! It took them 10 days of the 14 day...

Resolved Fraudulent Advertising -Scam

In their advertisement on the internet for the item PURE ACAI BERRY supplement for weight loss, the company promoting this product did not list all of the ingredients which include gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. I am allergic to some of these additives and taking this pill would have been harmful to me. The word PURE has been misused thereby rendering this product fraudulent to the consumer.

I called the company wanting to return the first bottle unopened, which was supposed to be free and the second which was sent a bit later also unopened. The customer service manager at the ab ove number refused to take the first bottle back and the second, both unopened, still sealed intact, even though I would have had an adverse reacation to taking such a product. I am being charged $4.99 for shipping and $78.81 for a product that was never used. They only took the price of the second bottle off my payment. This is fraud at its best. SHAME ON THEM

  • Ja
    jay Feb 19, 2009

    If you look up in the dictionary to part of the ingredients: it says "NOT DIGESTIBLE BY HUMANS."

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  • Ja
    jay Feb 19, 2009

    I found this on this website and it's just part of it:

    Two dietary supplement marketers that lured consumers on the Internet with allegedly deceptive weight-loss claims and bogus "free" sample offers, and then debited their bank accounts or charged their credit cards for continuing shipments without their consent, have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they violated federal law. With the increase in Internet marketing, the FTC staff has issued a report providing guidance for marketers to help them avoid deception in making online "negative option" offers. (With negative option marketing, a company takes a consumer's silence or failure to cancel as acceptance of the offer and permission to bill them.)

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Resolved charginng my credit card for something that I did not order

I order acai berry trial for 5.95 on the internet. The site did not mention that I would be recieving shipments monthly unless I cancelled. Perhaps, I did not read the fine print. So I tried to cancel through phone calls and numerous emails. I sent back the product and paid for shipping, they do not allow return to sender.

I thought I had cancelled. was even willing to pay their 30% for handling when I got another bottle with a bill of $85 from a company of a different name that I know I did not order from. I called to cancel and got the same story. My credit card company says that I can deny the chardes but my only recourse is to change my card number. i have had this card for 30 years and do not want to have to do this. This is harrassment. What can I do at this point?



  • Ka
    Karen Feb 19, 2009

    I bought this product - what # did you call to cancel, if you don't mind?

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  • Ma
    mag Feb 20, 2009

    Yes they are a scam. You don't even get 14 days to try the product and they have already been charged. When I canceled the same day as I was charged they didn't even tell me that you will still be charged, because you should have canceled before the 14th day. right now I have been on the phone for 30 minutes trying to get this resolved. Also the product only made me jittery. The caffeine made me feel unhealthy and I didn't see any weight loss results.

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  • La
    laura Feb 20, 2009

    I am also on hold trying to get funded. I've only been taking the product for only 5 days but since I placed the order over 2 weeks ago it's already too late. I'm still on hold...

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  • Co
    Company Employee Feb 26, 2009


    On behalf of Nature's Acai Berry, I would like to apologize for any issues or concerns that you might have had while cancelling your order of any future product. If you have any further difficulties or want to verify any of the information that you have been given, feel free to contact our helpful customer service line as listed on our website (1-800-983-7968). Representatives are standing by to assist you. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Thank you and have a great day!


    The phone number that you would want to use is listed on our website ( 1-800-983-7968). As I informed Sherri, there are respresentatives standing by to assist you to the best of their abilities. It is our goal to keep our customers ( future, present, and past) satisfied. Please try this number and hopefully your problems will be quickly resolved.


    I would like to apologize to you on behalf of Nature's Acai Berry for any misconceptions that you might have developed about the nature of our risk free trial. All of the terms are fully disclosed to our valued customers when they sign up for our amazing weight-loss product. Also, it is important to note that, as with any weight-loss supplement, continued use is very important to see the results that you might desire. Remember, our site clearly states that a minimum of three months is recommended to get the full benefit of our breakthrough product. Hopefully, however, all of your issues have been resolved. If this is not the case, feel free to call our helpful customer service line and discuss your case with one of our representatives. Thank you and have a great day.


    I certainly hope that all of your issues have been resolved to your satisfaction. Nature's Acai Berry is dedicated to providing our valued customers with the best products and the lowest price possible. I would like to apologize if there were any misconceptions that you might have had about the nature of our risk free trial or the trial period. Please be patient with our customer service representatives. They are working hard to ensure your future satisfaction. Hopefully all of your issues have been resolved but if not feel free to call the number listed above. Thank you and have a great day!

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  • St
    Steve Feb 27, 2009

    I have been on hold for 30 minutes and then was hung up on. Called back and still trying to cancel. The product gives me cramps and other things I can't mention. Be sure to cancel within 14 days or you will be charged.

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Resolved Fraud

This company is a fraud. I need to cancel my membership for future products but no one is picking up the phone to cancel.

Resolved Fraud; Failure to Cancel; Deceptive Advertising

This is a total scam! The advertising is set up in such a way that your "free trial" starts the day of your order, is only for 15 days of a 30-day supply, and the product doesn't ship for 3-5 days from the date of your order. Your "free trial" doesn't end, but you get charged $87.13 repeatedly. They say in the Terms and Conditions that you agree to at the on-set of the "free purchase" that you can only be credited one refund per product. Thus, even if you cancel it and they continue to charge you, you are only entitled to one refund for the product.

I have contacted my bank and been told that since I signed up for the "free trial" and authorized the purchase initially, I am now stuck with the automatic reorder. They said that the only way to stop this is to cancel the card that this was ordered on, wait for two weeks and if no product is sent, to file a challenge to the charge for failure to receive the product. Or, if it is sent, to return it via certified mail to the company and dispute their failure to charge it back. However, the contract says they won't accept product back without an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), that I have requested both via telephone and email--they won't give one. My bank has said they consider this company fraudulent, but you have to follow the process they described in order to get credited back. I have also been transferred back into a que to wait to speak with a supervisor. I have over five and a half hours of being on hold in this que. This is completely bogus! My bank indicated they are in the process of setting up automatic denials for any attempts to use their cards to pay for these products from this company.

I hope other consumers find this warning and can protect themselves from a product that doesn't work and from the most fraudulent and predatory business practices I have ever seen.

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    Acai Berry Jan 12, 2009

    I ordered one bottle each of Acai Berry Cleanse and Detox as a free trial w/ $3.95 shipping a piece on 12/10/08. My account was credited $87.13 twice on 1/02/09 and then again on 1/10/09 for a grand total of $348.52. I have yet to see any product. I tried to contact the phone # given on the bank transaction, recording said I'd have to wait for 3-5 min. due to large volumn of calls. I waited for 20 min and got a recording that the ext. I was calling was not available. Big rip off!!! Beware!!! Naomi - CO

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  • Ni
    nikki Rodriguez Mar 10, 2009

    I also ordered their products and did not know about a charge after fifteen days until i saw my statement. when calling the company, i talked to a girl who said i would receive the refund and to check my email for confirmation. i did and there was nothing. so i called and spoke to a manager who told me he was the only manager and could not give me the name of any other manager. he then told me the charge was my fault for not looking closely enough. i mentioned what the lady told me earlier and he disregarded everything. he began to become very sarcastic with me until he hung up while i was talking. i have never been treated like that before. is there something that can be done?

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  • Db
    dbalma1984 Jul 23, 2009

    Wow, I can honestly say that I am FURIOUS with this company, not only could I not get through to anyone when I found that I had the charge on my bank account, but I was absolutely ASTONISHED that they could charge me when they had never even sent me anything!!! This is disgusting and I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK, one way or another... At least I know I am not the only one out there getting screwed!

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  • Re
    RebeccaE Aug 17, 2009

    I got sucked into the same issue. I do online banking and check my account regularly when I noticed this charges. I think called the number under the purchase talk to some woman who barely spoke a word of englsh. She told me She had canceled my "subscription" and gave me a RMA # and told me to send back the product (at no refunded cost) and once they receive the product they will credit back my account. I have yet to receive the product and it's been well past the date of arrival. I then noticed the other day ANOTHER charge for 87.13. I called my back (since its pending and cannot see what the charge is for) and asked them to tell me what was the charge. Again for the same company I told them what was going on and how I canceled the order and asked for the number under the descrip. The number was a complete FALSE number. It was to some pharmaceutical company who has nothing to do with the product, but to my amazement I was not the first (and I'm sure I'm not the last) person to call them about this. She told me she doesn't know why their number is listed with this product and then sent me an email with this link and a couple other links on how this company is bogus.

    I just got done filing a claim with my bank when I read the first post. I'm really good at reading the terms and conditions and I SWEAR!!! I never saw anything about "subscriptions" or continuous charging. I'm glad to see that I am not alone in this battle. I like the women above me, WILL get my money back. One way or another.

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  • Mt
    Mthom Aug 18, 2009

    Received the free samples only to find my credit card was charged $131.00 for the 2 samples.Now i have received another supply which i did not order and my credit card was charged $134.00 for each sample.Who do i contact to cancel? Return address is Great Britain,

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  • Rh
    rharha Oct 28, 2009

    i to havent receved anything from them! not happy has any one worked out what we can do about it? :(

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  • Mo
    MonV Nov 06, 2009

    I am waiting for my order to arrive, has anyone out there had a good result from this product? Should I cancel my credit card now before they charge me for the free trial?

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  • Ga
    Gale Tracy Nov 06, 2009

    I have just had my Visa debited for $132 by Life Cleanse and $132 by Acai Berry Detox
    I had no contact information. My bank said I have to call the number on the Visa statement to cancel and get an authorization no. and they will stop the debits to my visa.
    I cant believe I fell for this. The trial was only $4 and now I am looking at $264.00 I cant get back for nothing.
    I had adverse side effects to the Acai Berry Detox as I didnt know it had 200 mg of Caffeine in each capsule and one of my breasts became hard and painful. I went to the doctor and he told me it was the Acai Berry Detox because of the dangerous amount of caffiene that could also cause heart problems.

    What a scam, I am furious at myself.
    Vancouver, Canada

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  • Mi
    minie Nov 19, 2009

    I have just been on the phone with my credit card discussing my charges I have recieved from this fraud company !! I am really upset and cant believe I have got charged 2 x £75.37 for a free trail I thought it was. My credit card company put me through to the actual company and told me to ask for the cancelations numbers for the products, which I now have. I spoke to the credit card company again and they have said I just have to wait and see if I get charged and if I do they can claim back of them now. I asked if I can get a refund from the charges before and she said I had to write to the legal company on the web address I am worried I am going keep getting charged even though I got these numbers!! I will have to cancel my credit card now!!

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Resolved Unauthorized charges

Basically I ordered a product which said that you paid only for shipping, then you call to cancel any further...

Resolved Acai Berry and Bromolite Online Ad

I too fell victim to the online ad last month. Read the customer blog and ordered a bottle of the Acai Berry and one bottl of Bromolite from 2 different sites for FREE (supposidely) - just pay shipping and handling. I was veru careful to read the fine print and said no to any extra offers. I received my Acai Berry within a week - and the Bromolite within a week and a half. The only stipulation was that the Bromolite had to be canceled within 14 days so no auto ship would ensue. I did so before 14 days. I did notice though that there was a foreign currency charge on my credit card and when I called the bank they said it was associated with the Acai Berry Company - was the shipment coming from another state? When I called the company they flatly deinied the charge was from them and that my bank was incorrect. I also notieced that the Bromolite was mostly Lactobacillus in ingredient - which I know from personal purchase should be refrigerated and it was not. About 3 weeks later, there was an additional $78 dollar charge for Acai Berry - when I called the company they said that there was NO FREE sample and that if I read the fine print I would have known I would be charged $78 after 14 days if I did not cancel my order. I was enraged and demanded a refund - when they asked me to return the product. Luckily I had not opened the bottle or I would have not gotten my money back. I consequently had to pay for return shipment. They refunded me my money and oddly enough 1/2 foreign currency fees that they had previously said was not associated with them! To add insult to injury - this week I found an unauthorized $29.9f charge from - charged the night before when I was sleeping! When I went to the website it was a couples personal body building webiste. Calling the number on my bank transaction I found out like the others that it was for enrolloment in Fit Factory - again in the fine print that no one sees! The refused a refund until I threatened to turn them into the Better Business Bureau - they then came back and said he was able to grant me a one time courtesy refund - and that it would post by the end of the month!!! Tonight I saw the same ad online and clicked on it and it was the same blog setup with another person's picture. It is obvious this is a scam and a way to rip off people who they hope will never fight to get their money back like me. I still do not know if the fiasco is over and check my online back statement daily. I wish I had read this site before purchasing. It would have saved me a lot of grief. Buyer beware! Go to a reputable health food store instead. Pass this on to all who will listen - DON'T trust this scam!!! As seen on Oprah and Dr. Oz endorses ... my ###!

  • Ju
    JustRead Feb 13, 2009

    Most of these Acai Berry sites that sell a "free trial, " of their product, do say that you have X amount of days to call and cancel from the date you gave them your card number. Whether you've recieved the product or not, by then, they WILL CHARGE YOU, since they do not show you called to cancel within the X amount of days. These sites/companies pretty much count on people NOT to read the "fine print." They hope you will just keep clicking submit, continue, and OK all the way to the end without reading much more, than those buttons. If you go to a site that says "FREE TRIAL, " and then a page or two later they're asking for a card number, checking acct number, and a routing number, DON'T TYPE A THING... THEY WILL MORE THAN LIKELY CHARGE YOU SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE. Read the fine print, print the fine print for your records BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM ANY FORM OF PAYMENT. If you cancel BEFORE the trial period ends, be sure to get a cancel confirmation number, take note of the date, and get the name of the person you spoke to, this will help your financial institution if they will try to dispute your charge. If the merchant has all of their terms posted out there and you the consumer are in too much of a rush to receive your "free trial" of the world's latest/greatest product and you DON'T READ THE FINE PRINT... YOU SHOULD BE CHARGED EVERY PENNY.

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  • Am
    AMMM Dec 05, 2009

    I too fell for the combo AcaiBerry Detox and Bromolite. Must say the first day showed "results" after that NOTHING other than headaches. I was billed a rediculous amount and had to contact my bank to cancel the transaction. Also called the company for AcaiBerry and received a confiirmation number of cancellation. Guess the bottom line is beware of "specials" offered On Line.

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