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On the 29th September I received the documents for my car that is paid off as requested by myself, (ref number [protected]), by receiving the documents from the courier i notice that there is only two documents, the car registration paper and a letter of proof for paid of, I phoned the number provided on the proof of paid off document to request a proxy ID and change of title holder document (ref [protected]), they said I will receive it in 3 days, It is now 15th November, Phone them again today after I went four time during this time to my local bank to find out if the documents is there, today the accuse me that it is my fault, I signed for the documents and every thing was not there, really? why did I phone them? to told them that I only received two documents and need the other two as well. According to admin they do not make mistakes and I need to proof I did not receive the other documents. I do have proof from the courier that there was only two documents, but I am Not a crook, and do not have to be on trail because of people at ABSA not doing their work. I will left the registration paper as it is (ABSA as title holder) and the way I feel now take my Bond, investment, savings, and insurance to another bank!!!

Nov 15, 2016

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