ABSA Bankinsurance

S Mar 07, 2017

Good morning,
In the last two months I got such bad service from the department that deals with the absa rewards. Their service was pathetic and unprofessional, I always had to send emails or call them to find out what's happening. After almost two months it was sorted out but I will have to check at the end of this month if the problem persists.

My second experience which is also not resolved is my absa building claim, I submitted a claim two weeks ago and again no response from that department I must email or call them. Eventually I received a response and was told to submit my documents which I did. Again no response I had to email again, then the response was they don't cover leaking fittings which I said ok but what about the resultant damage the shower mixer was leaking at the connection so the plumber had to remove tiles to repair the leakage but the wall got soaked and the paint on the opposite wall is starting to peal off . I sent an invoice which I paid the plumber to repair the leaking connection and sent an quotation to repaint the wall.
They are not responding to my emails and this is so frustrating can someone please explain why absa is not covering the resultant damage

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