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account fica'ed now frozen

This business account was FICA’ed again on 26 November 2012 – the excuse being that the ABSA warehouse where FICA documents were stored had burnt down and accounts had to be re-FICA’ed. When I tried paying a new beneficiary on this account today it wasn’t working so I phoned the ABSA Call Center and was informed that the account was frozen as it hadn’t been FICA’ed (no attempt has been made to contact me and the account has been FICA'ed). What is the excuse this time?

took money out of my account

I have returned a car to Bankfin 14 years ago. No letter of any correspondence was send to me regarding an amount still outstanding. I was in hospital for a week with a knee injury and my husband with a neck injury. When we returned from the hospital we have discovered that Absa took R 13 000 out of our bank account. No explanation was given and we had to wait until today. They refuse to give our monies back. They can not give us any proof that we were aware of the outstanding funds in 14 years. They violated the Credit Act and our confidence in them. We want our monies paid back into our account. We can not pay my rent know and we can not survive a month. No body wants to help us. I we were notified about the outstanding debt we would have made arrangements. We never gave Absa the authority to take any monies out of our account.

Resolved retained balances

I have a complain in regards to the reserved/retained balances on ABSA accounts. Since the chip cards was introduced, there are constant problems on my account, and the reserved balances and available balances is not a true reflections of what is going on on the account. I get different amounts on the sms and when i check my statement something else is reflecting. I am in the process of moving banks because the other banks don't have this problem. Numerous queries have no impact and i am under the impression ABSA IT is not trying hard enough to sort out this problem.

If they new this is a problem why not inform the clients to check there statement. Also transactions will go through and you receive an sms but it does not appear on your statement or under retained balances. This is very frustrating. I would like ABSA to phone me can send you proof of my account details so you can see what I am talking about it is outrages.

car e-natis on prevouis owners name and on finance by fnb

I have bought a car from a Dealer in Bloemfontein Through ABSA finance the e-natis copy i received were on my name and i thought everything were ok. i have just tried to sell my car to get a new one and got the disturbing news thet the titel owner is on FNB and on my name its ABSA the name of the customer at FNB is not known to me. this is fraudulent i do not know what the situation with FNB is or why and how this has happened but this puts me in an akward position. i do not know if FNB are going to take back the car if ABSA is going to be able to help with this they say they received a stamped e-natis on my name. i need to sort this out as soon as possible so that i can get my new car with each day the settlement changes. who will be responsible for this. and if the car is really still in MRS X name what happens then i have paid a hell of a lot of money on this vechicle already.
thanks regards AR Grobbelaar id [protected] tel nr [protected]

psspf benifit claim

In my opinion ABSA is unprofessional when it comes to handling PSSPF claims. I have been waiting three month...

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Resolved amount of payment

Het absa kredietkaart afdeling geskakel en probeer om reelings te tref met afbetalings paaiemente en n ongeskikte konsultant wat my met sy arogante houding probeer help het, het die telefoon in my oor neer gesit nadat ek hom op sy foute gewys het en begin ongeduldig met my raak.

  • Je
    jeandre Mar 16, 2017

    Ek het my werk verloor in 2012 /11/31 .Het n voertuig aangekoop deur Nedbank, kon nie paaiement meer bekostig nie, Nedbank het rente gestaak vir 3 jaar.Is tans besig om maandeliks die uitstaande bedrag terug te betaal oor drie maande.Geen hofbevel uitgeruik nie.Absa bank voeg vir die afgelope 3 jaar + rente op my kredietkaart by.Se dat hulle dit nie kan stop nie.Hofbevel uit geruik glo nie reelings met hulle getref nie.Persone wat my geskakel het kan nie afrikaans praat nie en ook nie engels behoorlik verstaan nie.Se dat hulle iemand sal kry om my te skakel.Wat staan my te doen ek is n pensionaris en verdien n klein pensioen, kan hulle net vat soos hulle wil.Wat se bank is absa hulle gee nie om vir hulle kliente nie.

    Die skrywer.

    N/Skrif. SWAK DIENS.

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debt review

I've been under debt review since 2009 and each month my debt counsellor paid my accounts. At the beginning of 2012 I started with a new job and my salary made it possible to make "normal" payments so on 06 Feb 2012 I went out under debt review. My 17.4 form was send to everybody by myself and my debt counseller and since then I've been making monthly payments into my account via internet banking. Never have ABSA ever botherd to contact me to make arrangements with payment amounts so I decided to pay more than I did before I went under debt review.
I phoned them today just to be informed that I was handed over to the attorneys on 12/12/2011 (while under debt review) and my name put on ITC. They acknowledge that they received my 17.4 form and took me from there debt review system on 05/09/2012 but still I'm under their legal department and they have no concern to make arrangements with me for payment or to sort this matter out.

My question is: how can I be handed over while I'm still under debt review?

ABSA bank is by far the worse bank to have - they are totally not interested in helping you or assisting in matters.
I'm totally *&%$# with them and the moment I've paid my account up with them - I'm closing that account and they will never get business from me again!!!

no customer service

I own a small Agency, and I unfortunately bank with ABSA. This has been one of my biggest mistakes. I find the staff so unhelpful. I applied for an overdraft nearly 2 years ago, I never ever received feedback until I start shouting and screaming. I have had 3 business consultants and every time I have to start the process all over. I truly hate ABSA. Another thing, ABSA brackendowns is closed due to renovations. Should there not be some form of a system where they can still help on the premises even though it might be limited. About 300 000 goest through my account every month. I AM SICK OF ABSA AND CANNOT WAIT TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. I even told a consultant this over the phone and her reaction was OKAY no problem and told me the procedure. Should she not have tried to save me as a client. I also once called the bank to ask what the International banking close was and she did not even know what that was. My Business Consultant left 4 months ago and to date I do not even know who is handling my account, every time I call the branch they will not let me speak to her and keep referring me to the call centre. WHAT AM i PAYING FOR!!! I HATE HATE HATE ABSA.

no feed back

I was working for a company Early Bird services. It was taken over by Mastercare For the last couple of years they deducted money from our salaries and claim that the payed it over to Absa. In the meantime I was diagnose with stomach cancer and at the age of 50 was no longer fit to work. I contact Absa Mrs Van Deventer she e-mail me what is suppose to be the outstanding amount .I ask her several times by email to send me procedure how to claim my pension fund and if the money from Mastercare/Early Bird was re lie payed over. After 4 emails she did not even return my call. In theis stage I need the money to survive and for medical treatment. I'm disappointed in the way I was treated by both companies.

Franz McKellar

Resolved decrease of credit card limit

I had a limit on my credit card. I made a lump sum payment into the card. Without any prior notice, Absa saw it fit to decrease my credit limit by half. I never knew this and went to the shops to get some food etc, only to be told that it was declined. Very taken back with this as i knew with my last purchase I still had a positive balance. I have made my monthly installments and some every monthly. I find this very bad practise from ABSA. What am i meant to do now???

  • Fa
    Fabiodp Mar 22, 2013

    i am experiencing the exact same problem, how did they resolve for you ?

    their terms and conditions should state that clients should avoid paying lum sums

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assistance refused

Good day
I would like to lay a complaint with regards to the conduct of an ABSA EMPLOYEE.

I went the bank during my lunch hour which is from 13H00 - 14H00 to make a withdrawal. I arrived at the bank at 13H20 but the queue was long, & i wouldn’t make it back to the office in time.

I went to the BULK Teller queue and when it was my turn, politely, with respect, apologised to the Teller, Rebone Mogorosi, for wanting do the transaction at the BULK TELLER, I was really in a tight spot.

I explained that it was the only time that i had to attend to the bank & i'm working from 08H00 - 16H30 & i need the funds today. She told me that i should work in 2 days lunch hour & only then attend to the bank in order to make the withdrawal.

She further suggested that i come during the weekend, but fact of the matter was that i needed the funds at that specific moment & she was also waisting my time with all the suggestions she made. After all of the above, she refused to help me where after i asked an employee for the Manager who asked another Teller to help me, Bless her soul, she helped me.

When i left i asked her for her name, told me to get it from the person who told me to get her name & eventually told me her name after i insisted, i don’t even know if it is really her name as she was not wearing a nametag.

Is that how Client should be treated? I wouldn’t be asking for assistance at the BULK TELLER if it weren’t urgent, and it don’t happen every day, but i feel offended because i am a paying Client at ABSA and deserve to be assisted when really urgent. One thing i know for sure is that i will be closing down my account and moving to another bank where i will be treated like a paying client.

  • Fr
    Francois Mattheus Nel Jan 25, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have empathy with your situation and have had terrible experiences with ABSA, even to the extent that i have been waiting extended periods of time for a new credit card while out of the country and need it for survival and their service is pathetic with the exception of one person who assisted me while i was still in the country. I can tell you this though.. You will come across these situations eventually everywhere.., The big companies don't invest in staff training anymore, and don't pay their staff decent wages spend effort and time to enable them to be better staff... It's all about money and taking your money.. if you have a complaint there is a manager to go complain to, to try and keep you happy and prevent you from making a scene or sending a mail to a higher authority, which will just send a e-mail down to the branch manager again anyway.., , what's the use.., stick with your bank and raise your complaint properly in writing to the manager and to his superior and if it happens again, blow it up more with that letter attached.., if the same staff member is rude again, some formal action will be taken, until then, ..what's the use of inconveniencing yourself, going through all the effort of opening & closing a bank account and moving all your stuff...?? You are the only one suffering in the process.. the ABSA doesn't care.., there is enough clients who wants to bank with them, that just accepts the way they are treated..,

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Resolved provident fund payout

On the 5th of August 2011 I submitted a provident fund claim to the ABSA offices in Port Elizabeth and wa...

Resolved legal action

After losing my job in 2000 I defaulted on my Absa credit card. They sent the sheriff to my house to sell my property and collect the money I owe them. Now 12 years later a law firm sent me a sms that they have identified my Absa account for garnishee process. Is that even legal? As far as information available to me they must take legal action within 3 years.

  • Ex
    ExAmbot Aug 04, 2012

    I don't know about SA. But i would think they have to sue you first. But first things first. Do you have any documentation of the sheriff selling you stuff to settle the debt? If not go over there and get copies and mail them to the collector.
    Also check if there's a statute of limitation. It may have run out and they cannot sue you or have any legal recourse. Google is your best friend.

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Resolved credit services

i received a registered letter from absa sent to florida post office. i took time off work to collect the letter and it stated that my account no [protected] was in arrears and absa proposes that i obtain debt counselling and they threaten to cancel the agreement.
i have had this agreement for years and i think there are 3 payments left.
i phoned the credit services and spoke to a sarah who informed me that the debit order did not go off last month because absa were having a problem with their computers.
how can absa send such a letter to me when the mess-up is from their side --- surely a polite letter or phone call apologising for the inconvenience would have been in order?
i am disgusted with absa and hope that my name is not tarnished by them.

  • Da
    da Queen Jan 30, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to know how ABSA Vehicle Finance granted my Husband whom I'm married to in Community of Property was granted finance without my approval unless someone forged my signature? That is FRAUD as far as I know and I demand an explanation and proof of the contract that was suppose to be signed by my husband and I.

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unpaid providend fund

I was working for a security company for 2 years and I paid provident fund for those 2 years of r110 every month.
When I left I got a number from the company as well as some papers I had to post to absa to claim the money back.
The number always goes through to a answering service, they tell you please hold all the operators are currently busy.
After you heard same message 5 times they put you through to a message service where you leave your details and they promise to phone you back. I managed to get through to them only 2 times in 2 years and I phone every day!!! The 2 times I got through they told me they can not find me on their system. After that I tried phoning again to tell them the fund I belonged to were the nbc fund with absa provident fund. Till this day I never got through to them and april it was 2 years.
The number is [protected].

Resolved special clearance on cheque deposit

Im a student and will soon be kicked at of the university i am attending. I recieved a cheque which was surposed to cover my intire fees but it has been 4 days already and the cheque has not been paid. I went to absa east street in petermaritsburg and asked for special clearance I was told the money would be avalible in my accoun which is a student account for witdral by monday or tuesday and am still waiting. This bank is so unpleasent to go to cause they are very slow when it comes to service delivery

Resolved non - paid provident fund

I am noluvuyo mildred nqikela i was working for omega risk solutions. I resigned my last contribution was on the 31st august 2011. I submitted my claim forms on 05 august 2011 my id no [protected]. In june this year 2012 the send me the message stated that the receive my claim will be processed in two weeks time, and i phoned again two months later still same message till today. Can you please advise me what can ido

  • Si
    Simiso Ngwane Jul 05, 2012

    I compited my claim on 08/05/2012 but stil they have not paid my funds.

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  • Mr
    Mr n chili Sep 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Im mr n chili id no:8607106271087 was working at orbis security solutions. I fowarded my claim forms about 3 times now, bt still im in the dark. I dnt know what is going on with my claim.this is an unfair treatment we get from absa.it was so easy to deduct from my money but now i must get it back it is hard.how can 1 wait for mor than 2years for their money? If you guys cant handle this psspf then give a chance to other people whi are willing to help people, because it seems like you only helping yourcelf here.i dont even know why u even get paid because u not doing the job u suppose to do.

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  • Do
    Doctortainment Oct 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please help here. I lost my sister in June 2011, she was working for OMEGA RISK SOLUTIONS and after her death I submitted all the requested documents to their office in BRANDSPRUIT MINE then they paidout the funeral benefits but now it's a hurdle to settle her Provident funds which I was told that it's handled by ABSA and that they'll be intouch with me soon after the burial but nothing has happened since then and the current HR personnel seems to be helpless. How long must I wait?

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  • Ed
    edward khangelani Jan 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I worked @ border phamaceuticals since 1983 till 1992 and did not get my provident fund.How can I search or re-apply for it?My name is Edward Khangelani.

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  • Ca
    candicesyster Jan 17, 2013

    I was retrenched in July 2012 the company that i worked for submitted our forms to absa and send us the proof.Me personaly send emails ans also phoned them to no avail.I would really like to know when is absa going to pay out all our monies.I phoned the number that they gave is but we must leave a messages on the answering mashine becuase the consultants are busy but even then they do not come back to you.Absa can you tell me what is up with that

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  • Lu
    Lufuzo Mpambani Mar 24, 2014

    I would like to know how long does your updating process last because I find it unfair that I must call after 4weeks everytime I contact you ppl my name is Lufuzo Mpambani contact [email protected] [email protected]

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Resolved clearance of cheque

A cheque was deposited to my ABSA account by a Post Office in Bloemfontein on Friday. I inquired from the local ABSA if the cheque can be given a special clearance and they told me that the matter must be taken up with the branch where the cheque was deposited by the person who deposited the cheque. I informed Post Office Bloemfontein and they said someone has been send to request the special clearance on the same day. After 5 hours awaiting a response, I called the ABSA branch in Bloemfontein and I was transferred from one person to another and told to hold for someone else. At some instances, I spoke to four different people claiming to be holding the same post (Head of Tellers). On asking them about this, they dropped the call on my ear. I went through this process four times and my problem was not even attended to. At last, 16h12 I spoke to a gentleman who called himself Wesley who told me that he will not clear the bank cheque because my account is inactive. I am worried about whose account is verified, for that matter is an amount of less than R2000 issued by the branch of SAPO. How can SAPO not have the money. Unbelievable. I have heard enough of these banks, crap service, ridiculous fees, ill treatment, harassment what else can I say. May it is time to some up with a different method of handling ones efforts(earnings). Do we really need the banks. What will happen if the banks were no more. They are causing poverty, ripping-off customers and they are the glorious heavens come on earth. The furniture they are using is changed every now and then with the monies stolen from the poor. The time will come for the banks to come down and "a new road installed" for the betterment of life not this disgrace and embarrassment we are experiencing. A political agenda must be pushed forward on the banks in particular or we should realize that the behavior of banks is an upheaval against human life therefore an act of war.

Resolved shocking service

Absa port shepstone is a disgrace. After a recent burglary, we went to get new cards, and my husband got disgraceful treatment... Nothing unusual, and decided to close our account, after banking with absa since 1980. The cheque we received, with our funds... A bank guaranteed check, had a hold on it for 7 days. Isn't this supposed to be the same as cash. We pboned, fnb phoned, and absa simply refused to release our money. To pay off our credit card, said they would contact us, didn't for some weeks, and now they want the money, 3 calls a day, every day and keep adding interest. Since when does absa get to play god! I have told everyone I know about our experience, and no one can believe that absa would not release our funds before 7 days. Now we get to pay for their inefficiency. Absa sucks!!!

debit order

To whom it may concern:

I am completely fed up with Absa bank now, I only have one account at Absa bank and its too much to handle, I cannot stand the service I’m getting from Absa bank, this is pathetic, ever since I received my credit card from Absa I’ve not had one days rest, the day I collected my credit card from Absa bank in greenstone mall, I took my id, proof of residence and proof of income with me, since then I had to take it through to Absa in greenstone twice after that, I had to take it to primrose branch twice as well, which I don’t understand because I didn’t collect my cards from primrose, I’ve been contacted several times by greenstone branch and primrose branch for these documents, till I decided I will not go in one more time seeing that I have to give up an entire Saturday to go stand in Absa bank due to the lack of speed Absa branches have, and then they don’t even process the documents correctly, no one can collect, sign and use an Absa credit card or any banks credit card as a matter of fact without supplying the bank with the necessary documents, so how according to Absa bank do you still not have my documents?

Secondly, I loaded a debit order to my savings account for the monthly instalments of the credit card to go off the savings account the day I collected the cards, there after I’ve reloaded and reloaded and reloaded the debit order to the credit card, I have been contacted numerous times by Absa banks to let me know my credit card is in arrears, but whose fault is that, debit orders is “an added services to the client for the clients convenience" this is what was said to me the previous time I spoke to Absa bank call centre, now this is definitely not convenient if I’m constantly loading debit orders to a credit card and no one in Absa is doing their jobs. I contacted Absa bank on 12 March 2012 and had this conversation with a lady at the call centre, after numerous apologies I received from her, I was guaranteed that my debit order has been loaded and I was notified that the first instalment due to go off on 25 March would be for the amount of R 687.04, I then transferred the difference into the savings account...

After a few days I contacted Absa again to see if this has been done correctly and if I’ll have problems with Absa again, I was ensured that the debit order was loaded and the man confirmed the amount of R687.04 that would be debited out of my savings account!

I went into Absa internet banking this morning after receiving an sms from Absa stating I should pay my credit card to see that there was only a portion of the R687.04 debited out of my account, then 2 hours later I get a phone call from Absa credit card division, telling me there's a problem on my account, I couldn’t get one word in with this guy then he dropped the line, regardless of the fact that I am not allowed to be on my cell phone during working hours unless its work related and I’ve been contacted so many times before by Absa bank regarding this problem that got me into trouble at my company, still there is nothing being done correctly at Absa bank.

Now, I have always added debit orders to all my accounts, I don’t like falling into arrears with any accounts, reason for the debit orders. If this reflects on my ITC report as unpaid and gives me a bad credit rating I promise I will not accept it and will not leave it at that, due to it not being my mistake but Absa's incompetent staff not only at both branches greenstone and primrose but also at the call centre.

Now please, this time reply with a solution and not with excuses.
I am emailing this to the email adDress available on Absa internet banking as well



Amanda Aspeling

  • Mo
    Motlatjo Feb 26, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Once again, R99.99 unauthorized debit orders is active on my account. i tried to stop these before but now is continuing in another form ( NAEDO debits order, AIM
    _PS&S/SAS00005249451) i now have a -R1300+ in my account because of this Debits. Please Help.
    i bank with ABSA
    Mmp Lebotse

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  • Ia
    Ian shand Aug 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My oroblem with absa is that i have debit orders of 1500 in total a month going of if salary get paid a few days later like 3days 5000 is deducted and it happens more then once or twice.im tired of absa.

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