ABSA Bankcustomer services

On 03 February 2017 I went to ABSA bank Ottosdal to consult at customer services. I was second in line when another person pushed in between me and the person in front of me. Although I asked the person to please wait in line he was rude and demand to be helped before me. The customer service officer asked the person to stand in line which he refused. in the end the ABSA customer service officer proceeded to help this person before me. I feel that she should have called security to remove this person, because he was rude, he pushed in front in such a manner that he was in my and the person in front of me's personal space. this all happened and was witnessed by the customer service officer on duty at the bank. i felt humiliated and my rights as a loyal client of ABSA was violated. I am a female and the perpetrator was a male so I was also afraid and fearing for my safety.

Feb 03, 2017

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