ABSA Bankcredit card

I've transfered funds from my current account to credit card. I am not able to do online payments such as LinkedIn or the British Council. I also cannot see my credit card under my profile on Internet banking but I can see it under the accounts section. Previously I could manage my credit card online under profile, manage online services, limits, but now my credit card does not even show up, it's only my debit card. I phoned the internet banking number as I thought it was a technical issue, they transferred me to credit card department, the credit card department transferred me back to the internet banking department, then again back to credit card, then the credit card transferred me to the 3D secure department, which said everything is fine and that it has something to do with the actual credit card. But the credit card department can't help. I was on this call going back and forth without any positive outcome for an hour and a half. I would appreciate it if someone can phone me and sort this out please, as this is unacceptable service from ABSA, I really expected more but I guess that's becoming the norm for all South African services to be poorly organized and too lazy to help properly.

Jan 10, 2017

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