ABSA Bank / absa vehicle finance

South Africa

Good day. My complaint is about the vehicle which was financed by absa and got involved in an accident, therefore written off in 2016. The insurance company paid a certain amount for the written off vehicle and then I made a new car deal financed by another company on the same year. Last year, 2016, I learned that the written off vehicle was never unregistered under my name in the traffick department and therefore led to my being unable to pay for the license disk of the current vehicle. I made contact with avf and was adviced to contact the insurance company so as I be assited with removing my name under the written off vehicle so that I can renew my current disk. However, the insurance company has been contacting absa in this regard for the past 3-4 months with no positive feedback from absa. Thus would like to be assisted with this matter because it has never set well with me. My id number is [protected].

Jan 27, 2017

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