ABSA Bank / absa bad service forcing me to pay r1200

Johannesburg, ZA

Thisabsa have a very bad customer service in all south african banks i dealt with, ill never ever recommend to a friend, friend of a friend, a family friend, a colleque, a family member to all my social network friends. 0n the 1/12/2016 i received a cal from absa telling me they adding a car insurance to the car. My question to the guy was as from when? He answeared and say if im not providing a proof of insurance for the car they will add it. We started to have a discussion about this and i asked what would happen if i start a new cover from 1/01/2017 as the premiums are also going down? He said to me no i need to provide with the cover asap otherwise my next instalment will include r1200 cover, ihe then asked me how long can they waith for me. I explained to him that i cancelled my car insurance with budget cause i need to choose a different insurer that ill benefit and of my choice, i told the guy i managed to get a quote ftom discovery insure, i just need to give them a go ahead. The line just cut off while im speaking to him and he never called me back as he called me during work hours at work.

1. I phoned absa the following day and they refered me to aip for more info of what is happehing.
2. I phoned aip to find out what is the amount for that will be added to my car instalment, as im being refered to them. The lady told me its to insure the car against anything happening and anyone that has a license can drive it.
3. The was a miss communication between myself and the lady as she did not able to answear my questions.
4. I explained to aip that i will never pay two car insurances for 1 car ever and they must make comments on their system that no amount that will be denited out off my account without my corcern. The lady started to argue with me ect.
5. On the 11/12/2016 received the car instalment statement from absa for r5380 to be debited on the 25/12/2016.
5. I went to the branch again to speak to absa about this matter, the guys at collection deprtment they very rude, they dpeak to their client that pays off their salaries every month like any how they want, which i ended up telling them to makes notes of what i said which is no debit order will go out from my bank other than the signed amount for the car instalment.
6. Ive been paying the car cash to the branch untill today, as no one answered my question.
7. I emailed aip my new insurance documents, they replied and say they cant help me untill insurance is effective on the 25/12/2016, i fowrded the same email again to aip with the documents attached.
8. I was then told ill be refunded the amount back, i explained to them i never paid it what refund they talking about.

8. Absa is now harrasing me with r1200 for november 16 premium, which i dont understaant where does it come from as i mentioned early that i only received a cal from absa on the 1/12/2016 telling me about adding insurance to my instalment as from december 2016.
9. Im being forced to pay r1200 by absa for november 2016 which i was not informed about.

10. Ive been talking to absa collection center about this and none of all 15 consultants that i spoke answear me. Of why this was not communicated to me. I requested the copy of the recorded call from 1/12/2016 they refused to give it to me.
11. Im fed up with absa as much the dealer recommended absa, but the experience is very bad.
12. I keep receiving calls threaten about having a bad record with credit beraur, which i told them i dont care as i will never pay absa r1200 claiming is for november but they only told me about december 2016.
13. All they concern about is collecting money from me but questions and requests that i asked im not getting an answear of where does november come from.

14. Ive been receiving a good service from other banks with good communication for the past 5 years and paying r5000 a month was never an issure to me as the service is very good.

15. I explained to absa that my signed contract does not deatail the insurance company, the amount, and the benefits or copy of the insurance that ive been told im liable for as no documents was sent to me.

16. I told absa to take legal action as i will never pay r1200 for november as i was only informed about december.

17. Bringing my business to absa was a huge bad mistake i never made in my life. And im not happy to continue my business with them.
18. This was the last, after all i still receive calls from them offering me a credit protection plan who said ill die any time soon
19. I need absa answear my questions of why am i being liable for r1200 amount and not communicating with me about that.
20. Whichone to take as the call i received did not say anything about november insurance.
21. Is this how absa makes money out of people?
22. No payment arrangement ill make with absa, because i dont know what im paying for.
22. I need a solution on this, i will never allow the bank to control me.

23. Im paying car instalment everymonth to received such pathetic service.

24. Loosing a lifetime client for r1200 and bad communication would not be a suprise to asba as im not the first person to complain about this horrible service. My number [protected] for more info

Apr 01, 2017

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