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5/10/2017 I went into the ABC Warehouse location on S. Pennsylvania in Lansing Michigan. The manager (Greg) waited on me and was very helpful and I purchased a mattress and box spring set. I asked him if they would haul away the old mattress and he said that it was included in the $59.95 delivery charge. The truck got here this morning 5/13/2017 and I had already gotten the old mattress and box springs out to the front yard for them. I had them leave the new mattress and box springs in my living room so that I would set it up myself. They left the new and then refused to take away the old as they said some BS about not contaminating the rest of the products on the truck.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lansing, MIThere is nothing wrong with the old mattress other than one stain in one corner where one of my cats coughed up a hairball and the liquid went through the sheet. The box springs are older and the only thing wrong on them is that I used to smoke and they have turned yellowish on the sides. How exactly would they contaminate anything and why didn't the drivers just put both of them into the large plastic bag that had both the new ones in it? If I have to take care of the old ones myself, I am going to file a complaint with every government agency that I can and either way I will not be buying anything from ABC again.
Your drivers are not what you want to call professional looking either.

May 13, 2017

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