Aaron'smanager of store

S Nov 21, 2017

Hi my name is Shavonne Ayala I had sent my mother in to pay my bill at Arron's in Uvalde Tx store because I had other stuff to do and when she went in the store manager (Don't know his name)was very rude to her because my payment was not complete my husband thought it was only $100 but come to find out it we were missing $8 and the manager just jumped down my mothers throats about it he didn't have to talk to her the way he did he could've spoken to her differently but he choice to be very very rude my mother was very upset about it and he told her that the next time my payment wasn't complete he was going to come pick up the merchandise!! She was also going to purchase some stuff at the store but once she saw how rude he was to his customers she decided not to do because of him one less customer you have lost and once I pay my merchandise off I'll never go back to that store again.

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