Aaron's / customer service

Durant, OK, United States

To Whom It May Concern;

Friday, October 20th, 2017, I called my local Aaron's to ask them my due date as I had not heard from them this month, I spoke with Megan who informed me that they had already taken my payment out of my bank account, something I NEVER gave them permission to do, I asked to speak with the General Manager Brian but instead was passed to a very hateful woman named Lisa, who was absolutely no help and rude. I called my bank to see what I could do about the situation but since it had already gone through my bank said the only thing I could do is file a dispute for them taking money without permission, my payment was due and I wasnt saying it wasn't so i went ahead and let them keep that and just paid the extra 28.00 my bank charged me for the overdraft they caused, I went to the store in person and had Lisa type up something saying that this would not happen again, but of course only after she told me I had agreed verbally to this transaction, I carefully explained to her (using small words for her convenience) that they had NEVER called me to even tell me it was due much less to get a payment arrangement, Lisa quite literally rolled her eyes, huffed and gave me the paper I was requesting. I have paid out a couch, loveseat, ottoman, a 50 inch tv, a 40 inch tv, and a playstation 4, with this company in the past 2 years and have always had great experiences with no late payments until last month, (which i called ahead of time and asked permission to be late) but this Lisa woman is the most unprofessional woman I have ever came in contact with at a business, which is saying something because I am a loan office by profession.
Thank you,

Hailey Rambo

Oct 23, 2017

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