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Aaron Rents / cheat and steal

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Aarons should have signs on their buildings saying Aarons cheat and steal. Not Aarons sales and lease ownership. The general managers are only concerned with their bonus not the customer. After being a long time customer of Aarons with several paid out contracts I had a heart attack and open heart surgery.


I have a car loan with one of the major banks so my credit was not bad Aarons was quick and easy so I would deal with them.

After being released from the hospital the Bank with a car loan of over $20000. Gave me a 120 day extension to get well enough to work then resume payments. Aarons refused and took me to court to recover the furniture. Three of the contracts with them had only 5 payments to go for ownership. They say lifetime renewal. Bull They refused and want the furniture. It’s must be some there wants my furniture so they want it back WITH ONLY 5 PAYMENTS TO GO.

Aarons is composed of thieves’ not real people. They have no feelings for people the United States Senate and house have bill that have been stalled by the rent to own industry to prevent the change of laws to protect the consumer. Everyone who reads this should write there senators and representatives and push them to think of the people they represent and get the legislation passed that was proposed to change the way rent to own companies do business.

Aarons charges you for a service plan and charges tax on this you do not pay taxes on service. This is put on all contracts without a option to refuse this. This is a form of interest they charge and cover this up as a service agreement the consumer has no rights when you do business with Aarons. I did business with the Snellville Location in Georgia. GOING TO COURT IN Georgia is a waste as the courts are there to protect Georgia companies not the citizens of the state. If there is an attorney with Balls out there look at these violations of title 15 and state USURY LAWS FOR THESE TYPES OF COMPANIES. Several states have found these contracts are sales contracts the Courts in Georgia refuse to look at the decisions of other states As Aarons is a Georgia company therefore protected. The Governors consumers’ protection group with the state attorney general will do nothing as this is again a Ga. Company therefore protected under the good o boy plan. I contacted several civil contract attorneys who declined to represent me as they did not want to ruffle the feathers of this company who did so much for the people of Ga. Well I am one of the people of Georgia. What about Me.

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  • In
      23rd of Jan, 2010

    Its a simple concept. You only have about 30 days before Aaron's will start demanding return of merchandise. They actually are more fair than their competitors in seeing you get to ownership. They have a few more tools to work with, however, keep in mind that it is a lease and not a credit purchase.

    There is a general manager in that store who is being paid based on store profit. You don't pay, it counts against his store numbers in several ways: uncollected revenue, past due percentages, charge off percentages (after 60 days), and the cost of the legal filings that he will do.

    And by the way, you were told at the very beginning that there is NO grace period and that you must return the merchandise if your lease is allowed to expire. Sad that you had a heart attack, but why do you have a sense of entitlement and expect others to share your misfortune? That is a large part of what is wrong with America today. One more thing, the lifetime reinstatement plan is designed for those who return their merchandise and abide by the lease agreement, not those who disregard it. You don't use a lifetime reinstatement after having kept the merchandise without paying for several months.

    Do the right thing and abide by the lease agreement that you signed, after all, you were probably only too happy to have them bring the merchandise to you with no credit check and little money down.

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  • Mr
      21st of Dec, 2012
    Aaron Rents - harassment for 5.00
    Aaron rents
    United States

    I've been with Aaron s for several years .my bill is due on the first of nov i called the store on the first of give them my credit card info.and informed the store on not to run my card until 4:00 that afternoon.becuase the funds would not be there until then.this was at 9:46 that soon as we were off the phone they ran my card which resulted to a 30.00 dollar overdraft fee at my bank .this month i paid my bill they have called me several times a day to say my online bill didn't show my entire bil and that amount is 5.00 dollars what they should be calling me for is to give me credit for overdrafting my account.

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  • Ro
      21st of Jan, 2013
    rug - harassment for 5.00
    Value City Furniture
    5500 Buckeyestown Pike
    United States
    Phone: 301-712-9182

    I recently called Value City to see if my product was in, and nobody would assist my question. I was placed on several times, ect.

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