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Everyday i go to the same 711 and not be racist but only indians work there! Each one of them are rude they dont greet anyone with a smile and they seem upset t be at work! When i place my items on the counter they grab them scan it and toss it back to the counter with any thing (dounuts, soda and even the hot dogs! they are rude and i would like to see a new group to replace them!

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  • De
      30th of Aug, 2010
    711 - lottery players
    United States

    I submitted a complaint in may 2010 and have had no response, now i have to complain because i didn't get a response after 3 months to my original complaint. When i call and give the complaint number, no response.

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  • K4
      11th of Jul, 2011

    today was free slurpee day at 711, guess not in philadelphia

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  • Ad
      17th of Mar, 2013

    I was treated in a disrespectful manner by a cashier named Jessie, this guy was so rude, just the worst attitude I ever encountered. I went to counter and placed my items down, the cashier scanned items and hurredly placed two bags of chips into a bag. He was talking to some dude that always hangs around and plays lotto, this guy was showing the cashier his smart phone and the cashier was more interested in the phone then attending to me, when my debit card didnt scan properly I proceeded to pay with cash, I tried to get his attention because by now I was getting irritated because he was not paying attention to me and I was running late for work. He then violently grabbed the items and told me to never come back to the store and he said didnt like "MY ATTIDUE" He was way out of line and I just left because I felt violated and I didnt want to react in a bad way(I did knock a small sealed creamer off the counter in disgust, that was me being upset) This all happend Sat night 3-16-13 9:55pm at the 711 on 2541 s barrington ave #310-478-2344 (At Gateway blvd.)Los Angeles, Cal 90064 (Check the serveillance cameras if you dont believe me)
    I will never shop at 711 again and Ive been a loyal patron for more then 30 years.

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