7-Eleven / refuse to sell due to no change for 1000 bill

Cebu City, Philippines

Good Day, I am Senior Fire Officer 1 Ashley A. Lee of the Bureau of Fire Protection Region 7, a Registered Nurse and a Registered Criminlogist as well .. At about 6:50 am, June 14, 2017, I went to 7-Eleven Punta Princesa branch Cebu City to buy 1 liter of Gatorade for my son whose suffering from Loose Bowel Movement and dehydrated and to replenish electrolytes I went to the said store but the Cashier (I was not able to get her name, but you can trace it) refuse to sell the said item because she said, that there is no change for that 1000 bill.. I am writing this complaint so that it can be corrected.. It is the stores responsibility to secure bills for change or maybe the cashier is lazy enough to find some bills for change. I hope you will take action on this incident. Thank you..

Jun 13, 2017

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