7-Elevenpayment transaction

On may 9th around 10:55 pm i went in to the store on 2112 S Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92707 and Francisco in the cash register charged me 2 items that where suppost to charge me in the food stamps in my debit card n after the transaction i saw my receipt n asked him why he charged me n he said let me take the name n let me tell my manager about it i was already mad because he never asked me do u need me to refund u the money n transit it again and make sure u get charged as a food stamp he just continued with the next person i felt like he didnt care about my situationSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Ana, CA. That day the only thing i bought that i know it doesnt pass the food stamps was a hot medium coffee n nachos he was only suppost to charge me about $6 n the total amount i paid in my debit card was $8.49

May 11, 2017

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