5/3 Bank / bank errors

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My son a student at Indiana State University went to McDonalds and used his card... it was declined. Puzzled, he checked his online account to find that $1000.00 was removed from his account. He called me in dispair. We assumed that he had an idenity theft issue. We were wrong. It seems that a bank teller in another state withdrew the funds and entered the wrong account (using my son's instead.) The bank removed the funds and after 2 days returned my son's missing money. He used his account 2 days. On the 3rd day his account was frozen again. It was the weekend. My son could not use his card for meals AND it seems he came down with a bad case of Poison Oak and could not pay to go to the clinic. His account was available after a wait of 5 days.
My question... we are fined from banks for our errors. Is there compensation for errors that are the bank's fault? Waiting for justice. Sharon Stewart Fort Wayne, Indiana

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