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Typing in severe frustration after trying to get a payment back from my old cable company: Comcast. I had a cable/internet account with Comcast of New Jersey over two years ago. The service was decent enough, but we moved to California and had to change companies. I have been using Cox Cable with no problems.

One day while paying my cable bill online (to my new cable company: Cox) I accidentally sent the payment to Comcast. It was my mistake, I accidentally clicked the wrong cable company while not paying attention. This was March 25, 2008. The amount was $117.50. I have been since trying to get that money back and running into hassle the entire time.

I first called April 15, 2008 and spoke with someone. They said they would call back. They did not. I then spoke to Andre May 1, 2008 and he said it would take five business days to get the check back, and that he would make a note to expedite the process. Still nothing and I then talked with Erin on May 11, 2008 who said it would actually be six to eight weeks before I got my check, which was issued April 15, 2008. I spoke with a supervisor, Caroline who said the same thing. I next spoke with Doris June 5th, 2008 and was told she or someone would call me back. No call, and I called again, today June 6, 2008 to Manuel and was told that none of the previous conversations actually created a credit due to a glitch on my account about a cable box. I am now told it will be an ADDITIONAL six to eight weeks to get the refund, as it is only TODAY actually going through as a refund request.

After numerous other calls today trying to get to some kind of supervisor, I was disconnected twice, got transferred to the wrong department four times, my call went to voicemail twice, and then finally got through to someone who said there is no complaint department, and she would try and resolve the problem. She (like everyone else I had spoken to) said I needed to talk with accounting, and when she went to transfer me, I was disconnected. I called again to someone with screaming and laughing (most definitely NOT work related) in the background, and when I said I could barely hear her, she said in an irritated voice, "Sir this is a call centre, it's loud." Last straw.


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    SpadeDevil Sep 18, 2009

    I have the same problem. Luckily mine is only $15, but still it's my $15. I paid my final bill with Comcast only to find out somewhere along the line I had paid $15 too much. I received my final bill showing the $15 credit. You figure I should be able to call and get them to issue a check right? They show the credit on their system. I no longer have service with them. Nope you have to wait 6 weeks. What? Why do they get to keep money that is obviously not theirs for 6 weeks? Oh well. I wait past the 6 weeks. I place a call again asking for the credit, I am told that after 10 weeks the credit should automatically go out. It's past 10 weeks so it should be on it's way. About 4 months later still not check in the mail. I called today only to be told they have to issue a request for the credit. After over 30 min on the phone I am getting a conformation number of the request. Really at this point I think they should have to pay me interest on the money they have been using. I'll accept the 6 -10 weeks, but come on after that they are playing games.

    It is problems like this as well as the attitude of the local customer service office that I switched and went to Verizon.

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    Sevcairo2k Sep 05, 2018

    I have cancelled my service within 30 days to get a full refund. Twice I have called and they promised they were going to refund the money approximately about $100.00. Comcast said to wait from 6 to 8 weeks the refund check will arrive in the mail. This ordeal started in May 2018. In June I was supposed to get the refund. It never came. I called a second time about one hour talking and finally they agreed they owe me a refund waited 8 more weeks nothing arrived in August. I called back today. I got the same run around. I just wonder how many people just give up. I know it is going to be an uphill battle, but I will insist and persist until I get what is due to me hard earned money. I also wonder when a company like Comcast gets so big and powerful is there any rules of conduct on how they do business. We are in America, not a third world country you would expect for things of this nature not to happen. It is now a matter of principle not to let corporations steal from the common folks. I will continue insisting with my last drop of breath.

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