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I've signed up for Comcast double play for internet & cable service with a rebate of $200 on August 31, 2009. However, when I called comcast in October for furthar information about my rebate, the representative told me I had to use Comcast for at least 90 days. Since December would be my 90th days, the rebate paperworks should be sent home with my bill. Since this was a representative from Comcast, I thought it was reliable to trust him. I waited yet I never received my rebate paperwork in December. The only thing that came home was the December bill. So once again i called Comcast & the representative told me she would ask her manager to call me back for further information. I never got a call back so I decided to call comcast again, they transfered me to the rebate line & I was told my rebate has expired 60 days after I signed up for Comcast. I never got any emails about my rebate, & was informed the wrong information about my rebate. Now, the rebate representative will not help me resolve this issue & should i be responsible for trusting a comcast representative. Is there anyone who could help me resolve my issue?


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    sunluva Mar 03, 2011

    Hello All, I too have had this issue with Comcast, but I have been able to come in contact with someone that may be able to assist with this issue, send me an email and I can provide you with contact information : [email protected]

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