Clovercustomer service

I'm sitting on hold... it's been 67 minutes... no response... they are "diligently working toward resolutions". I have a bar full of customers but can't close out any tabs... way to go Clover. Completely unacceptable. I have a hot Chi on my clover station in order to have clover call me back. I activated a hot tea, received a phone call, then was transferred three times to different people who were unable to help me out. It appears as though there is some type of error on the clover server. And they are basically avoiding calls from customer complaints. I have no idea how to close out customers tabs right now and fear that I will lose the revenue from these customers due to chargebacks associated with incomplete transactions. When I need their assistance most they are not able to help out. Way to glue clover

Oct 05, 2019

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