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Complaints & Reviews

Sour yogurt

Good day
To whom it my concern.

I have baught yogurt from my pnp store and before I have throug away my 6 pack yogurt and again this morning when I woke up to give the kids yogurt all was sour I through it away but I took pic I only prefer strawbery flafour for my kids but so discussed that 12 packs all are off. The yogurt should be pinkish it has yellow white in.
This is not what I want to give to my kids.

Sour yogurt
Sour yogurt
Sour yogurt
Sour yogurt
Sour yogurt

A house wife is selling Clover products very cheaply. Clover staff from Newcastle NKZN are supplying this person.

Abdul Moosa
Cosmic Supermarket
112 Illing Road

29 February 2020

The Regional Manager
Clover S.A. (Pty) Ltd
2a Murchison Street
PO Box 1


As a small supermarket in Ladysmith, I and others in the business are shocked by the anti-competitive behaviour adopted by Clover. It is difficult for us to survive when Clover products are sold from a private home at a low low price.

We observed this practice for some time with Clover trucks with NN number plates either park at Shoprite Checkers in the Oval Shopping Centre or opposite Home Affairs in Keate Street in Ladysmith. Your products are loaded onto a trolley by Clover staff and loaded into a private vehicle which belongs to a lady who works in the Mosia Buildings.

You can observe this practice and even find several large freezers at her home where Clover products are sold for at least half the price that we sell in our shops.

This will be communicated to the Competition Commission of South Africa and the SAPS because this is fraud.

This must stop as we are losing our customers who are getting Clover products cheaply from a private person.



Goodday. I hope you are well.

I bought this yogurt recently at Piec and Pay Northmead mall.

When I opened it, last night I saw something is wrong with it. It tastes sour. Not like it usually tastes and it is sciffing like sour milk. I've included the picture. Will you please look into it?
We buy it often and it's the first time this happened.

Kind regards.
Mres E.G Beukes


Truck nearly drove me over jumping a red robot

Hi there,

On Monday 09/03/2020 I was nearly hit by a clover truck on Atlas Road in Bonaero Park, the truck was going at such a fast speed it would of killed me, it was green for me and red for a while for the truck but he still didn't stop and went right through the red not even hooting if there was something maybe wrong with his brakes or something like that. I never complain but this was absurd that I caught the truck and took a photo which I've attached.

Please can this be addressed as I would hate this happening so someone else.

Truck nearly drove me over jumping a red robot

Clover 2 Litre full cream milk

Hi, I bought X 2 2litre clover full cream milk from Checkers Hyper, Pavillion, Westville, Durban on 08/03/20. I opened both on 09/03/20. both were off.
I did not return as this shopping centre is quite a distance from my house.
Please can I request a refund.
Information on bottles were the same

BB 14 MAR 2020DZA5/11 16:23
SELL BY 13 MAR 2020 057 L30

My address:
50 Airlie Road

My contact number:

Thank you
Karen Chalom

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Cheddar Cheese


Purchased cheese on the 2nd March from Checkers Hyper at Lakeside Mall and there is fungus developing already before the expiration date.

Await your reply.

Frm Imtiaz

Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese

Super M medium fat milk

I bought a 6pack super m chocolate flavor medium fat milk and when I opened number 5, 2 days after I bought it and stored it in the fridge, it was green and sour. I was very disgusted as I use my teeth to bite them open and that taste and smell burst into my mouth. I opened number 6 immediately (with a fork this time) and luckily it was fine. I would understand that the seller may have left it in a warm place if all 6 were sour but that's not the case and hence I complain to the manufacturer.

Super M medium fat milk
Super M medium fat milk
Super M medium fat milk

clover 800g cheddar block

Tuesday 25/02/2020
Cheddar 800g that is full of "mif"
replace and refund (petrol price is high)
MAN22/01/2020 L ZA5/5
sell by 22/04/2020
BB 24/04/2020 22:31

you can not see the faulty product due to it being in the white packaging. photo will be very unclear. i am very disappointed as i love Clover cheese and i suggest you check your suppliers fridges for consistency

please contact me on [protected]

Clover fruit of the forest with cereal yoghurt

I bought the Fruit of the Forest with cereals yoghurt from Pick n Pay at Vangate Mall, in Athlone, Cape Town .I saw the content and thought let me try it.
When I unsealed the berry with cereal and seeds I was quite impressed with the taste/flavour and ingredients.
Then I opened the guava with cereals and seeds and discovered that it was a plain flavoured yoghurt with no cereal or seeds in it .
I was disappointed.

I would like a response to my complaint ASAP.

Kind regards
Ms Champion

4 Regent park mews , Pluto road , Surrey estate, Athlone , Cape town

clover fresh milk

I purchased a clover fresh milk on friday 21/02/02 the sell by date said 27/02/20 but on the 23rd I took it out the fridge to use and the milk was spoilt. I had to throw almost the full bottle away. Customers purchase quality even though we pay more but we don't expect to robbed with you guys putting the wrong sell by dates on there. It's absolutely unfair to us as a consumer as we pay alot for milk these days and then this is the quality we receive.

Utterly disappointed

unit 21, Rucklen Mews, Islen place

Super M

I purchased a super m chocolate milkshake from pick and pay Hutten heights in Newcastle. This was a treat for my grandkids which I do daily.. I didn't notice upon buying it, when my grandson had already opened and consumed abit of the product, we found that it had a disgusting taste and the product itself was green. This is highly unacceptable and a huge disappointment to me and my grandkids. As this is a health hazard especially to kids regarding this
I would really appreciate feedback to this unsatisfactory product. Thanks

Super M
Super M

vanilla custard gone bad before expiry date

I purchased 1 box clover vanilla custard on Sunday 16.02.2020 to be used the same day with some dessert with...

fresh cream

Hi there

Im a very dissapointed customer

I bought a clover fresh cream for a function, only found to find out that u guys gave yellow fresh cream. It didn't even get thick! It was old!

This caused me to run around like a headless chicken to buy other fresh cream... What a waste of my time and MONEY!

so much for choosing a quality product!!!

I will never buy or recommend any of your products in future

You spend so much money b on quality products and end up getting old fresh cream!

Absolutely disgusting

fresh cream

full cream milk

I recently purchased a two liter bottle of full cream milk from my local grocery store and have found that it was expired before the said expiry date on the bottle. I find this highly unacceptable. I have experienced that on more than one occasion with your brand specific from various grocery stores in my area. Please focus on rectifying this issue as it has occurred on multiple occasions.

full cream not so fresh milk

I am writing this letter to express my displeasure with your product and hope your company takes measures to solve this conflict so that it does not result in more unhappy customers.

Yesterday, 22nd of January 2020, My father purchased a 2 litre of Full Cream Fresh Milk from a well know retail store. The expiry date reads 5 February 2020.
The milk had been stored in the fridge and when opened on the morning of the 23rd, it gave of a sour smell and was chunky and discolored (visible in the pictures below).

I really hope that clover sees to this issue as this could have easily resulted in someone falling ill and I am very disappointed at the quality of the product and do not plan on purchasing the brand anytime soon.

full cream not so fresh milk
full cream not so fresh milk
full cream not so fresh milk

[Resolved] clover classic margarine

I bought 2 tubs of margarine in the beginning of the year, which expires on 14 Feb 20. They were both kept in the fridge. First time I bought Clover margarine. Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed when we had a number of guests over and we used Clover margarine to spread our savory breads, it tasted awful! It really tasted like petrol. You actually want to get sick from the taste. Could you pse assist with this complaint asap. Thank you in advance.

clover classic margarine


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Ulandi Scholtz · Jan 23, 2020

    I bought 2 tubs of Clover margarine at the beginning of the year. I was very dissapointed when we used it to spread savory breads for a number of invited guests. This margarine tastes like petrol, and you actually want to get sick from the disgusting taste. Needless to say it was a total embarrassment. Pse attend to this complaint. Your urgent response would be appreciated.

  • Clover's response · Jan 24, 2020

    Good day

    Kindly Call the Clover Consumer Line on 0860 117533 to log your complaint .Kindly Quote Incident number : 266489


gouda cheese

Good day. I have purchased a block of 200g clover gouda cheese from checkers cornubia on the 19th January 2020. I was very disappointed upon opening, it was green and white mould (rotten). Please assist as I had purchased this for my daughters lunch. I would appreciate a response from you asap as the expiry date is on the 06 January 2020. My email address is marilyn. [protected]@gmail.com

gouda cheese

[Resolved] 2litrr long life box milk

Hi.i normally purchase the 2 litre long life box milk weekly.i have a big family so I go through alot of milk.i live far from the stores so out of convienience I pay extra and purchase the long life.this week I bought 2x 2liters which were expired b4 the date and was very dissatisfied .I threw out my slip so now I cannot go In and swop the milk .i have to throw it out.very disspointing as I have to go out again now to purchase more for breakfast. Waist of time and money and very inconvenient

2litrr long life box milk
2litrr long life box milk
2litrr long life box milk


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Clover's response · Jan 20, 2020

    Good day

    Kindly contact Clover Consumer line on 0860 11758 33 to log your complaint .


full cream fresh milk

Good day.
For the last two purchases made of the full cream fresh milk (from two different stores) we have found that the milk has expired before the expiration date stamped on the packaging.

We have found that the milk purchased from Save supermarket Pietermaritzburg truro center had expired on 07/01/20 when the export date on the packaging was 09/01/20

Then the second occasion was milk bought on 07/01/20 from a small local shop. The milk was already expired as soon as it was opened on that very day.

5 packs of clover hard cheese 800g

Good day.
I have already sent a complaint regarding
The 5 pkts of clover cheese complaint last week... Filled in a clover complaint form... I also attached images of the 5pkts of cheese... Last week.

Well I received a mobile coupon on the 13th
Of december 2019 friday and I am not sure if this coupons is correct or not but I was
Compensated for 1 pkt cheese only.

Kindly double check the information
I provided on the complaint form again together with the images I did send too.
But I have attached the images again below

My name is nahida abijan.
My contact number is [protected]
My email address is [protected]@gmail.com

Thank you
I await the repmu

5 packs of clover hard cheese 800g

  • Updated by Nahida · Dec 18, 2019

    Well...i have not recieved any response regarding my complaint about the 5 pkts of cheese when i did speak to someone at customer service on tuesday morning 17/12/2019 i was told the person that was handling my issue with the cheese was not present at work on Tuesday
    So i am not sure what the confussion is or whats go on but my problem is with CHEESE...

  • Updated by Nahida · Dec 18, 2019

    My contact number is 068 094 9134
    email address is [email protected]
    I am not pleased with services from customer care clover team as they are
    mixing and confussing customers informations...NOT SURE HOW THIS IS HAPPENING..

  • Updated by Nahida · Dec 21, 2019

    Good day..

    Until today still no response reply.
    I feel my complaint is not resolved.
    Reason being i was told the lady that was
    Handling my issue was not at work on 17/12/2019...but days have passed and STILL NO RESPONSE...

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