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Clover Park, 200 Constantia Drive, Constantia Kloof
South Africa - 1709

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 104 170 163(Bethlehem) 3 1
+27 104 170 152(Bloemfontein Hamilton) 5 0
+27 104 170 078(Bloemfontein Oranjesig) 2 0
+27 114 702 170(Cape Town Airport / Matroosfontein) 3 0
+27 104 170 091(Cape Town Parow) 3 0
+27 215 293 980(Cape Town Milnerton) 3 0
+27 104 170 068(City Deep) 3 0
+27 104 170 088(Clayville & Clover Waters) 1 0
+27 114 711 400(Clover Fonterra) 6 0
+27 104 170 075(Clover Milkyway (Silverton) 1 0
+27 104 170 073(East London) 3 0
+27 111 470 2230(Empangeni) 1 0
+27 104 170 142(Estcourt) 1 0
+27 104 170 137(Frankfort) 2 0
+27 104 170 093(George) 1 0
+27 104 170 090(Heilbron) 1 0
+27 104 170 081(Ixopo) 1 0
+27 104 170 161(Lichtenburg) 2 0
+27 104 170 069(Nelspruit) 1 0
+27 104 170 082(Newcastle) 1 0
+27 104 170 146(Pietermaritzburg) 1 3
+27 317 193 111(Pinetown) 1 3
+27 104 170 133(Polokwane) 1 0
+27 104 170 135(Port Elizabeth) 1 2
+27 104 170 084(Port Shepstone) 1 0
+27 114 702 170(Potchefstroom) 3 0
+27 104 170 089(Queensburgh) 3 1
+27 114 711 400(Roodepoort) 6 0
+27 118 171 332(Springs) 3 0
+27 104 170 140(Welkom) 2 0
+267 362 5800(Botswana) 1 0
+264 61 260 256(Namibia) 1 0
+264 65 238 803(Namibia Ongwediva) 1 0
+268 518 4957(Swaziland) 1 0
Postal Address
P.O. Box 6161, Weltevreden Park, Roodepoort, South Africa 1715
17 Brand Street, Bethlehem, South Africa
Fax: +27 583 073 202
Bloemfontein Hamilton 
Cnr Tannery And, Robert Burn Street, Hamilton, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Bloemfontein Oranjesig 
58 Harvey Road, Oranjesig, Bloemfontein, Free State
Cape Town Airport / Matroosfontein
Bahrain Drive, Airport Park, Matroosfontein, South Africa
Cape Town Parow 
9 Parin Road, Industria, Parow, Western Cape, South Africa
Cape Town Milnerton 
2 Rainbow Close, Rainbow Park, Racecourse Road, Milnerton
City Deep 
19-35 Fortune Street, Citydeep, South Africa
Fax: +27 116 133 025
25 Axle Drive, Clayville Ext. 2, South Africa
Fax: +27 113 161 720
Clover Fonterra
200 Constantia Drive, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort, South Africa
Fax: +27 114 711 694
Clover Milkyway (Silverton) 
Zwartkoppies 364 Jr, Hazeldean, Silverton, Gauteng, 0127
Clover Waters (Irene) 
Plot 98, Doornkloof East, Irene, Gauteng
East London 
12 Portland Street, Gatley, East London, South Africa
Fax: +27 437 361 562
7A 2nd St., Kuleka, Empangeni, 3910, South Africa
Fax: +27 357 870 289
Loskop Road, Power Crescent, Estcourt, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
12 Villiers Street, Frankfort, South Africa
Fax: +27 588 139 838
26 Extention Road, Pacaltsdorp, Industria, George, South Africa
Fax: +27 448 011 501
1 Paul Kruger Str., Heilbron, South Africa
Clover Deport, R612, Donny Brook Road, Ixopo 3276, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Fax: +27 398 348 126
1 Jacob Str., Lichtenburg, South Africa
Fax: +27 866 492 912
3 Bosch Street, Nelspruit, South Africa
Fax: +27 137 526 052
2A Murchison Str., Newcastle, South Africa
Fax: +27 343 126 729
1 Howick Road, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Fax: +27 333 942 993
47 Oppenheimer Road, Pinetown, Kzn, South Africa
50 Fosfaat Street, Laboria, Polokwane, South Africa
Fax: +27 152 930 545
Port Elizabeth 
36 Kurland Road, Perseverance, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Fax: +27 414 066 445
Port Shepstone 
32 Bisset Street, Port Shepstone, South Africa
Fax: +27 396 824 843
14 Forsman Street, Potchefstroom, South Africa
Fax: +27 182 946 187
100 Richmond Road, Queensburgh, South Africa
Fax: +27 104 172 449
200 Constantia Drive, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort, South Africa
Fax: +27 114 711 694
226 Brakpan Road, Boksburg, South Africa
10 Strand Street, Dagbreek, Welkom, South Africa
Fax: +27 573 532 080

Botswana – Gaborone West Industrial
Plot 22042, Mahudithake Road, Gaborone West, Industrial, Botswana
Fax: +267 673 7440
Botswana – Gaborone Commerce Park 
Commerce Park, Gaborone, Botswana

Plot 14/12/37, Nubuamis Street, Brakwater, Windhoek
Namibia Ongwediva 
Main Road, Ongwediva

Lot 511 Matsapha, Ind Site King, Mswati 3Rd Ave., Swaziland
Fax: +268 518 5380

Clover Complaints & Reviews

Clover / clover super m milkshake

Apr 9, 2019

Good day I purchased a pack of 6 Clover Super M Chocolate Medium Fat Milkshake from my local Pick 'n Pay and to my dissatisfaction of my 2yr old, just to find out the chocolate milkshake is not chocolate in color any more but instead slimy green with a bad smell to it. This is not my first...

Clover / cheese

Apr 5, 2019

Good day I bought 1 x 800g tussers cheese at pnp hyper brackenfell on 30/03/2109 and opened it 03/04/2019 and it had mold on. Please see attached photos. It is still well within its best before date - 08/05/2019. Production date 06/03/2019 07:50. Let me know if you need more information...

Clover / clover bliss

Feb 22, 2019

I regularly bought Clover bliss double cream yogurt but your product is now runny like regular yogurt. If I pay a premium for double cream I expect double cream. I have switched brands now (Fair cape) and you have lost a customer for life. You will understand the concept of life time value...

Clover / clover cheese

Feb 19, 2019

Good day I bought a block of clover cheese from pick ń pay in pinetown kzn, after trying to make a toasted cheese sandwich it came to my attention that the cheese does not melt this is the first time I have bought cheese that does not melt when u heat it up the price of the cheese is not cheap...

Clover / milk

Feb 14, 2019

I bought the 6 pack of milk at shoprite thembokwezi mall two of the bottle were sour and molded. I tried to take it back to the retail shop buit they refused to take it back they advised me to get in touch with u. Im very disappointed as I always buy that milk and I have never experienced...

Clover / milk spoiled

Feb 9, 2019

Bought a 2 litre milk on the 9 Feb 2019. Used it in my cooking on the same day only to realise that it was spoiled. It ruined my sauce and pasta with chicken dish. I had 6 guests coming over for lunch and had to order takeout as the meal was ruined. i request a refund for the milk and the...

Clover / wrong labeling of contents of product

Feb 3, 2019

Date - 02/02/2019 Contact number - 084 216 4502 Incident - I purchased a Clover orange juice witch was labelled GUAVA. Highly concerned seeing that a person / consumer that is allergic in anyway could drink it without knowing the true contents of the product and end up dead or in hospital...

Clover / clover tussers cheese 800g

Jan 24, 2019

Good day I bought a clover cheese 800g on Sunday, 20 January from Pick n Pay Willowbridge. When I got home and opened the package, a corner of the cheese was already rotting. This was confusing because the expiry date indicated BB 06/02/2019 and there was no previous puncturing of the...

Clover / orange juice being sold as guava juice - sales gimmick?

Jan 22, 2019

Saw bottle of guava juice on shelve, but juice colour was yellow at the Pick n Pay Hypermarket Faerie Glen. Curious to if this is a new product I bought this on the 9th of January 2019. On my till slip it also stated guava juice. When I opened and tasted it, it was surely orange juice. I...

Clover / clover gouda cheese

Dec 21, 2018

I would just like to know what is happening with Clover's Gouda cheese. Since the packing changed their cheese is horrible. I bought 4 x 800g blocks of cheese and with all 4 of them I had the same experience. The rubber texture is completely gone. You can't even cut a proper slice without...

Clover / gouda cheese

Dec 11, 2018

Hi, I'm a proud supporter of Clover and love your brand. But I've noticed the change it the packaging from clear to the white packet kinda wrapping for the Gouda cheese, causes it to rot quicker and to smell really bad! There are many out there that feel the same but just doesn't have the...

Clover / service delivery complaint

Dec 6, 2018

I placed an Order on Tuesday (Account number 183935) for delivery on Wednesday. About 17:00 the driver calls to inform me, that they are going to be late, but will be at the store for the delivery by 17:40. The driver never arrived, so this morning I logged a complaint around 09:00, it'...

Clover / 1l milk

Nov 25, 2018

Saturday the 24th November 2018 we bought a 6 pack 1l milk from Checkers Hyper Parkdene. BB date 15 July 2019. On pouring the milk, we noticed it looks green so we poured it into a glass. It's greenish yellow in colour. On inspection of the rest of the 6 pack we noticed they're all the...

Clover / strawberry super m

Nov 20, 2018

Good day I would just like to bring to your attention that for the past 2-3 months Clover strawberry SuperM has become sickly sweet that I can only have one sip before I feel like gagging. We buy about 5 six packs a month and now that it has become so sweet they are just sitting in our...

Clover / clover bliss double cream choc chip

Oct 22, 2018

I've been buying Clover Bliss Double Cream Choc Chip for many months now... and quite a lot of it I may add... During September I found a couple of tge 1kg containers had pieces of snotty (fruit/meatlike) stuff inside. I assumed that maybe it landed in there during the production proce...

Clover / tropika

Oct 16, 2018

Good day I would like to bring to your attention a bad experience I had with Tropika this past weekend. My son, 3, loves and almost only drinks Tropika. So I buy about 5/6 2L juices every month… His favourite being red, but that flavour unfortunately doesn't come in a big bottle. Never...

[Resolved] Clover / clover long life milk

Aug 22, 2018

Good day I had purchased a clover long life milk pack that is meant to contain 6 x 1lt. When i had opened the box i had noticed there was only 5 milks and not 6. This could have happened to me time and time and i have only noticed it now. I dont pay for something that is not even of the...

[Resolved] Clover / long life milk

Jul 12, 2018

Good day, i purchase weekly (saturday mornings) 6-8 litres of long life carton milk at Pick n Pay Promenade Mitchell's Plain Cape Town, 1 x 2 litres low fat and the others full cream. If Pick n Pay can extract a transaction listing of my purchase even going back a year you will not the...

Clover / processed sliced cheese

Jun 19, 2018

Hi there I purchased the sliced process cheese yesterday at OK mini Mart in Alice street Goodwood. When I opened it I noticed brownish black gunk at the bottom. And when I removed all the slices I saw some icky stuff and have no idea what it is but looks disgusting. I'm attaching pics for...

Clover / future life

Jun 4, 2018

I would like too just inform you, I drink atleast 2 bottles of the future life smart drinks a day the last couple of bottles I've bought were not sealed properly and I threw them away as I won't drink a dairy produce item that is not sealed, I haven't bought the product again in about a...

Clover / milk

Jun 1, 2018

Good day On 27/05/2018 I purchased three 2lt Clover milkes from Pick n Pay in Pavilion. Each of the containers had an expiration date of 04/06 however when I opened one on wednesday the milk was already sour smelling and tasting though properly refridgerated. I opened the other two last...

Clover / clover whipped cream

May 9, 2018

Hi, I would like to place on record how upsetting it was when I had guest over at my house and was serving desert when the whip cream can that I bought at shop rite mount edgecombe stopped working halfway through using it. Also, the inconvenience of going back and forth to the store. A...

Clover / clover low fat and full cream pasteurised milk.

Apr 30, 2018

For the past month and a half I have been experiencing a problem with the 2Lt Milk, I buy them from Spar in Carlswald in Midrand however the problem is that the milk has been going off before expiry date. I have confronted the Spar management about it and they said that it is not their...

Clover / custard

Apr 5, 2018

Good day!! I bought your Classic custard- vanilla flavour at my nearest Checkers store I always love to buy your custard but are not at all impressed with the latest texture - the custard is way too thick and tastes like jellie or rubberlike gelatien!! Not at all creamy or like good old...

Clover / tropical competition

Apr 2, 2018

Good day I bought tropical juice 2 liter and 2× 500ml and entered the competition. I did win a R50 from tropical and did get a msg to say congrats but its only a pin to use at absa teller no account and the msg said also they will send me and additional msg with details regarding the R50 payout...

Clover / clover low fat milk 1l

Jan 31, 2018

I am unsatisfied with your product. I bought two low fat milk from checkers Savanna Mall Polokwane, Limpopo today. (31 January 2018), as soon as I get to make a cup of tea, the one milk has expired EVEN though the expire date on the cartoon said BEST BEFORE 22 Aug 18. I'm highly disappointed...

Clover / tropika orange 2l jug

Dec 14, 2017

Date of Incident: 05/12/2017 Purchase: Checkers St Johns Pinetown, KZN Cashier: C0223 Receipt: #0312 Total Purchase: R359.43 paid EFT I bought 2 x 2L Clover Troprika Juices both the Pineapple and Orange flavours. The Orange Juice in particular was terrible, there was an unsavory taste...

Clover / clover milk 1l low fat

Dec 6, 2017

Hello I have purchased a case of low fat milk from checkers 1st of december and the expiring dates are for next year march 2018. When I opened to use the milk was smelling when I warmed to see it turned into curd. I opened the other boxes to see if all the same and yes they all were...

Clover / clover custard

Dec 4, 2017

Hi, I purchased a box of Clover Custard from Food Lovers Market, La Lucia on Saturday, 02 December 2017. This is the 1 litre box of custard in the tetra pak with a screw on lid. I attempted to unscrew the lid that same evening only to have the entire top come off. It seems like there i...

Clover SA / spoilt milk

Oct 7, 2017

to whom it may concern? I've bought a small bottle of milk for my breakfast today, after a boiled the water and poured it from kettle into the cup I put milk into the cup. It a couple seconds later when the milk turned thick and discoloured the milk started to smell in the cup I wa...

Clover / clover milk

Sep 20, 2017

I bought a 2 x 2Ltr milks last week 7th September 2017 with an expiry date of 12 September 2017 at Checkers hyper Kenilworth - get home to make a cup of tea and the milk is sour - i smell the other 2 Ltr bottle and it was sour too, i had to toss 4 Ltrs of milk away and run back to shop to...

Clover / expired - clover sip up drinks on the shelves

Jul 26, 2017

On the 25th of July 2017 I bought 2 clovers drinks and on my way home I opened one and it was sour. I checked the date and both had on the 7th of July and the other one on the 21st of July. Why the biggest in South Africa has expired products on the shelves endangering the health...

Clover / clover long life milk

Mar 15, 2017

I buy every single month 4 boxes of clover milk from shoprite this month 2 six packs of milk the pouring spout has been broken off and we are forced to use the milk from the bottle and it messes everywhere is this your way of us having to buy extra milk? I need someone from clover to contact me...

Clover S.A. (Pty) Ltd / fax line not working

Jan 15, 2016

I reported this issue on Friday the 08th of January 2016 receiving reference no 325CNZ070116. I was contacted on Sunday whilst I was in church where I politely told the man that business hours are from Mondays to Friday from 7.30 - 17.00. I have since phoned on a daily basis where I am...