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Complaints & Reviews

Clark's will not replace or repair defective soles on shoes — defective product

661147 My beautiful red shoes fell apart, the soles of the shoes disintegrated while I was walking this weekend, the uppers are perfect, I have not worn the shoes out by any means. I...

Shoes are defective

Incredibly disappointed. The shoes blew out at the stitching. Normal wear. Went to the Clarks store in the Mall to replace them. Basically hobbled in since it happened at work. They told me I could "buy" a new pair. What??!! What happened to standing behind your product?? Called customer service saying this must be some can't possibly suggest a purchase a new pair. Guess what? They said the same thing. Well at least they're consistent. Consistently bad. With standing behind their product and customer service. Think before you buy a pair of Clarks.

Shoes are defective

clark's clogs

I am sorry that I feel compelled to lodge a complaint because I rarely ever do, but a pair of clogs which I purchased in early 2019 suddenly fell apart when I wore them this week. The sole literally disintegrated, and I was picking up pieces of the sole throughout my office. (For the record, the shoebox was marked as product #74916, "Laurel Ex", brown.) The deterioration was so severe and sudden that I was forced to discard the shoes that day and ended up having to wear my gym shoes that I keep at my office. I am very careful about the shoes I wear as I have lingering pain from a past injury. These clogs are so comfortable and supportive for me that I am beyond disappointed. I have been purchasing Clark's shoes for many years (several of which have been clogs) and have not experienced this problem before. It saddens me to know that the quality of the shoes have diminished to a point where I will likely not be purchasing them again.

soles of shoes disengrating, cracking and falling apart

I would like to complain about 3 pair of Clarks shoes that the soles disengrated after I had put them on looking just fine, and wore them out in public. Imagine my horror when my shoes started falling apart and having to wear them because I had no other choice.
I even had a pair that the metal stay inside the shoe came out. I was embarrased and mortified!
I am NOT hard on my shoes. These shoes were leather, and still had bottoms and tops that looked like new.
I paid good money for these shoes thinking that they would last a long time coming from your company, but now I'm so dissatisfied that I probably will never buy another pair. It's sad that your company took the cheap way around, so you could fill your pockets with hard earned money from the average wage earner.
It would be nice to be given a refund for the shoes I've lost, but that is yet to be seen.
I hope your company is an honest one, and will do the right thing.

Thank you,
Susan Hensley
304 SW 8th Street
Oak Grove, MO 64075

soles disintegrate

The soles on my Clarks boots became soft and spongy and separated from the leather uppers. The boots were expensive and very lightly used. There was little or no wear in the leather. I called and described the issue to Clarks customer service and was told that Clarks would only provide a 20% discount if I purchased a new pair from them.
My wife had the same issue with the soles on her Blundstone boots. Blundstone asked for pictures and then sent a brand new pair free of charge.
Sorry Clarks you let me down and I will not purchase your products again.

clark’s shoes

I didn't want to have to do this because I love my Clark's so much! But I was out last night with friends and my third pair of Clarks fell apart, always the same place, this song cracks and just starts falling apart. This is so disheartening because I do love them so much and they are so comfortable. I really feel but now I'm gonna have to go on a hunt for a new favorite shoe. Sorry but the sole should be as good as the rest of the shoe.

clark sandals sole just came apart from upper on both shoes.

I put the shoes on and if it real nice and comfortable and I was wearing them and the w
Sole and upper or just separated from the soul and I was like why does it shoe feel so loose and I looked at it and it was just like if the sewing wasn't even sewn was just Rubber that I don't know what was wrong with it but both of them fell apart.
For as much as I pay for these shoes it's appalling

clark sandals sole just came apart from upper on both shoes.
clark sandals sole just came apart from upper on both shoes.

black linden with blue foot bed and the red on red comparable style

I have a enormous issue with Clark's as of late. The linden version and compatible version are cracking, disenigrating and dissolving within hours of wearing them. I've had to throw two pairs away on vacation and end up in pool flip flops due to having my backups destroyed. I always felt that Clark was top of the line and searched for them for years for replacement. But what I experienced on vacation has taken me to report and review the direction I feel Clark's is exhibiting for their faithful customers. Please advise what me and many are experiencing and how you intend to proceed with replacement or reimbursement

clarks shoes

I had purchased shoes from clarks kuwait as i was traveling to uk for my 15 day stay. But unfortunately i got a blister and day by day its getting worse. Im here in uk and i have just 14 days to claim refund due to traveling i wont be able to do that. The wound is terrible unexpected by an international company like clarks. Im not able to wear any shoes at present due to which i had to buy new pair of fitflops because thats what i can wear at the moment. Im fowarding you my pics kindly provide me an appropriate solution.

clarks shoes
clarks shoes
clarks shoes


I just threw away my second pair of disintegrated Clarks. Today I wore a pair of sandals to church and looked down to see huge cracks in the soles of my sandals! I could not even go for communion for fear that I would be leaving pieces of my shoes behind me as I walked toward the altar. When the service was done, I went to the fellowship hall and left behind pieces of my sole as I walked. So embarrassing. This was the second pair of Clarks that disintegrated on me. The other pair was a pair of really comfy clogs. I will NEVER purchase another pair of Clarks!!!


clark's sandals

I purchased a pretty pair of Clark's sandals a couple or maybe three years ago and forgot about them so they sat in my closet un-worn during that time. I wore them to go to town to a time restricted appointment and feeling something was not right, looked down at the sandals and discovered they were actually disintegrating and barely holding together. I then had to find somewhere nearby to buy flipflops or something so I could be at my event on time. Found them at a Walgreens store. Awful experience!

clark's sandals
clark's sandals
clark's sandals

clark’s shoe soles just broke apart

First off I loved Clark's shoes. They are a style of shoe which fit my foot comfortably.I loved Clarks ...that is until my last pair of shoes literally fell apart.No, they actually look like they exploded. I heard something pop, then was walking around the house seeing all of these little black pieces of rubber. I was confused where they came from… Joke is on me, they were from my exploding Clark shoes. I was leaving a debris field over my house. Sad part about it, the tops of the shoes are just fine… The bottoms are four pieces each. Funny thing, both shoes exploded at the same time. Perfect example of planned obsolescence. I'm not buying Clark's again. Don't waste your money. Going with Dexter. Here's hoping they still have a good shoe.

Clark Shoessandals

I own a pair of Clark sandals. I have had them approximately 3 years, but only wore them maybe 12 times. Today I had them on, only to realize while I was walking that the soles on both were disintegrating. This is the second pair of Clark sandals that have done this. They obviously have a defect in workmanship. For the price they charge, they should be legal consequencesfor ripping off the public!


CS2 — clarks shoes

I made an order at, I saw their ads at Facebook and I clicked a linked website. Website looked the same as genuine one. And I ordered 1 shoes and 1boot...

mule shoes

I was wearing a beautiful pair of Clarks Mules, leather is very nice. They pretend to sew them to the bottom of the shoe but it is glued. They broke into 2 pieces as I was walking thru a luncheon with my friends. It was so embarrassing that I had to go barefoot. I called and Clarks informed me that they are intended to last 3 to 5 years then the rubber breaks down. I should know this according to the man on the phone. I will never buy Clarks shoes again and actually have other pairs that I am not going to wear anymore either. They are complete trash. I mentioned to the guy (manager) that all my Merrells and Nikes look fantastic sitting right next to my clarks, he could have cared less and told me Clarks aren't for everyone, they are only for certain people. I guess they are for people that like to go barefoot sooner or later when they dissinegrate on their feet. There is no apologies or empathy for this problem. He said they monitor sites and take them off all the time so people don't see this. REALLY a disgrace.

mule shoes
mule shoes

C&J Clark Internationalclarks springer leather sandals

5/9/19 What is going on with Clark shoes? I put on a pair of sandals that I haven't worn since last summer and was horrified to see that they had literally fallen apart . All over the office was big/littles pieces of black rubber. My Clarks shoes were the topic of the day. It's really sad because not only me but around 20 other people are not ever going to buy Clarks again. I guess this is what happens when you start using China to make you shoes. Shame on Clarks their shoes are expensive and they should be recalled!

Clarks — black shoes

About 10 days ago I bought a black pair of shoes at Clark retail stand at Exchange Squre tower in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. No conditions was announced to me. All my shoes are Clark...

C&J Clark Internationalclark flip flops/sandals

I have a pair of sandals that are like new but when I wore them yesterday, they literally fell apart! I am so upset! I love the sandals and have always loved Clark shoes. I was totally devestated and shocked that this happened. I was at church when it happened and people noticed the pieces everywhere and I had to tell them that my shoes were falling apart!! Can I please get a replacement? I can send a picture if necessary. My email address is [protected] if more information is required.
Sharon Jones

  • Clarks / C&J Clark International's response · May 07, 2019

    Hi Sharon,

    For assistance with your pair, please contact us by calling 1-800-211-5461.

    Clarks Consumer Services
    Hours of Operation:
    Monday – Friday 8AM – 8PM EST
    Saturday 9:30AM – 4PM EST

Clark Shoesshoes falling apart

This is my third situation that I've had with Clark shoes falling apart. This time I'm stopping to see what is going on and possibly is there a resolution for this situation. They were my favorite brand work of shoes! Now I'm wondering is the investment was worth it? I was in the process running errands yesterday and halfway through my outing I noticed that I only had an half of a shoe heel. Not good. Another pair that I had just broke apart where the shoe and the soul were connected. It was so bad that they could not be repaired.

shoes falling apart
shoes falling apart
shoes falling apart

  • Ma
    Mairiie May 16, 2019

    I called Clarks and the Manger told me some fancy name for this and said it is intended to happen in 3 to 5 years. He said its not a big deal and Clarks aren't for everyone. It is a normal process. OK just don't buy them.

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C&J Clark InternationalRed leather 7 medium with approx. 1 1/2" heel

I purchased these shoes approx. 7 yrs. ago. I have only worn them for special occasions about 6x. I was at my nieces wedding 2/22/2019, had the shoes on and the left inside heel completely broke off in crumbles, luckily I had my cane to catch myself, due to the fact I have a terrible back condition. I of course have the shoes and I have always been a big Clarks fan. I do not know where I purchased, but do believe I deserve a refund, I know these where in the sixty plus price range! If you would like the shoes please send a postage paid label! Kind Regards, Gayle Gorskey [protected]

Clarks — shoes

110696 I wore a pair of my clark clogs today. Not new, not sure of the age, but not worn much. While I was out, to my surprise the top of this shoe separated from the sole. The stitching...

C&J Clark International — the customer confused to let me return the shoes

I bought clarks shoes in outlet yesterday. But today they are even cheaper. I want to return it and but then buy again so I can get the money back, but they refused my...

C&J Clark International — clarks black sandal

600721 I love my Clark sandals. I've worn them especially when when traveling and they are exceptionally comfortable. They look brand new from the top. However, the rubber soles have...

Clark Shoes — shoes item number 35966

shoes are separating sole from upper. had them in shoe rack over winter wore them to church and they literally fell apart, The shoes are a size 5 and as you may know they are hard...

C&J Clark International — shoes fell apart

600721 I wore a new pair of Clarks for about 2 hours and the leather tops completely separated from the sole. I bought them at a end of the season last year and do not remember where...

C&J Clark International — clarks indigo 81275

600721 I have always been fan of Clark shoes for many years. I am the owner of several pairs of Clarks and have never experienced a problem until Monday, December 4, 2017. The sole...

C&J Clark Internationalproduct paid for but not received - order placed on sunday 11/05/17

Good day! I love Clarks shoes/boots and so does my granddaughter. I ordered two pairs of boots from the website on 11/05/17. Through this site you must process payment thru Paypal which was completed on 11/06/17. I have received notification from PayPal that payment was processed, and have also received my Visa Statement which also shows that payment had been made to on 11/06/17. I have sent to date 5 emails requesting a response. No response received. Order # [protected]. Checking my order on their website still indicates that the order is "unsettled", obviously a problem on their end. My correspondence with this company has included the receipt from PayPal indicating that payment was made to Again, no response has been received by this website. The order was placed by Ethel Teal. Email [protected]

C&J Clark International — 34301 8 m

I have always been fan of Clark shoes for many years. I am the owner of several pairs of Clarks and have never experienced a problem until Friday November 3rd, 2017 at work. The...

C&J Clark International — clark shoes

I am a big fan of Clark shoes, I have thrown several pair away because they come apart from the sole, just got 4 pair out of my closet and the same thing has happened to them. I...

C&J Clark International — soles desintegrated

600721 The sole of my shoes disintegrated while I was walking to a very important meeting. The incident happened on 28AUG17.This is the second time that it happens. I am a great fan of...

C&J Clark International — beautiful brown clogs with no sole, a company who lost their soul!

I was a huge fan of Clarks shoes, i am no longer. I am a chemical engineer working for a large chemical company and am on my feet much of the day. My last two pairs of Clark...

C&J Clark International — womens clarks shoes #70433

600721 I am so dissapointed about these shoes that belonged to my mother . I found these while going through her personal items and they were beautiful. They were brand new, maybe worn...

Clarks Shoes — shoes soles fell apart

7/2017 I have my son in laws shoes here and the rubber on the bottom is all sticky and chunks are falling apart. The uppers are in excellent condition 36582 but the soles can not...

Clarks — shoes

I have or had a pair of Black Nubuck Chance in a size 8M. The number is 79490. I wear them to church on Sunday and they fell apart. The sole came apart in little pieces and the...

C&J Clark International — shoes sole lining falls apart

600721 hi I purchased a pair of clarks leather shoes, and within a single day of wearing, the inner sole lining falls apart! Photos as attached. The quality is really unacceptable and I...

Clarks shoe shop — Complaint about a staff member

Official complaint 4 May 2017 Visited Keighley, West Yorkshire, store on 2 May 2017 to purchase a pair of shoes, asked the assistant about paying by cash and that I just needed...

Clark's ShoesQuality of product

My story is exactly as everyone elses. I wore the shoes just once - within 20 yards of walking, both soles literally disintegrated.

A company that initially had a wonderful product is completely loosing its base, and will continue to fail for lack of taking care of the issue.

All the bad word-of-mouth will close this once good company down, and rightfully so! Clarks should be ashamed, as there is NO WAY they don't know this about their product, and still continue to sell to an unsuspecting public!

Karen Mahlke

Quality of product

C&J Clark International — very bad quality shoes

600721 I have always brought my shoes from Clarks as they have a good reputation for good quality and long-life footwear. However I am extremely disappointed with my latest pair of slip...

Clark Shoes — clark shoes falling completely apart

31198 I recently bought a pair of Clark slip- on shoes, I paid $49.99 plus tax. The whole soles came apart from the top of the shoes and cracked open. As I was walking, the sole...

ClarksBlack slip on shoes

Hello I have heard such great things about clarks shoes, so for Christmas I asked for a pair for work because I have to wear black dress shoes. I wore them only at work and only inside and after 1 month the whole side broke open on them. They were perfect not tight I don't understand what happened and why for the price they didn't last. I am Very dissappointed. Is there anything you can do? Thank you for your time.