Citizens Bank / 1920s cold banking

Opted out of overdraft fees. If funds are not available transaction is supposed to decline. Tuesday september 3 I was hit with numerous overdraft fees etc. Nothing with citizens ever posts same day, live nor instantly and with labor weekend it was more delayed than usual. I was hit with 4 $35 overdraft fees, even though my online banking, card 800# and atm all stated on sunday I had funds available. When I called tuesday to see why a transaction I was trying to make devolved I was told "none of these account resources are accurate and shouldn't be relied upon" why offer services that you don't honor, services that did not work. I deposited cash on on. Saturday the 31st, cash didn't post until tuesday september 3rd.

Also my biweekly payroll checks always take several days to post regardless if I use mobile deposit ot physically bring the check in the hold it every time for a few days. I can go to wal-mart and cash it for 8-16$ why can't my own bank process it faster?! Payroll check not a foreign personal check.

I'm wasting my time writing these complaints. Citizens bank lacks many things and customer service skills is essentially none existent.

Sep 12, 2019

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