Citizens Bank$200 money back

2 Aug 13, 2018

in April I went to the castle Village branch and had a complaint that I am always having overdraft fees/etc. The women who I am now aware of her name was Joyce I believe. she said If I stayed with the company they currently have a promotion where you have to have direct deposit of $500.00 or more and in 60days you will receive this $200.00 My fiancé has an acct and I am an authorized user, but she assured me it would be fine, and told me not to add Jeremy to my account so there would be no confusion. so we did so. well, about a month ago I called because have not received the money yet, and was advised by customer service that it had to have the deposit in by 60days, and then would receive the $200.00 90 days from that. called the branch to advise them that i was mislead, and the branch manager at the time advised me she would take care of it, and looked up my account and advised we would receive in 90days. May 18th was the day we deposited the money in the acct, which was very quickly after opening the account.
Here we are August. I called customer service to be assure we would get the deposit in August- August 4th the exact date customer service told me I spoken with someone. she said she needed to contact rebate team to see when I would receive rebate. She told me May 18th was my direct deposit date and they advised I would receive it at the end of the month, I asked for a more precise date and she told me 15th-20th.
I happen to be in a citizen bank today for work, because this is who we bank with. I asked if there was a more of date. she told me there are batches released, but let me get into your account to se.. she then advised me " you do not qualify because you are not considered a NEW patient". I told her a brief run down, and she says to call the branch who set the account up, bc if it was promised they should have to grant it.
I called the bank at 11:15am, sat on hold for 22 mins, but the young women who answered the phone was new and could not help me. At the point the assistant branch manager got on the phone and told me he had to call the rebate team, and would call me back. when he called me back he than told me what the other agent at the other citizen bank told me. I told him I did not feel that was ethical, being I have had complaints with this since the beginning. he says " sorry but you got the flyer didn't you and it says it in fine print"." I think this was a miscommunication and there is nothing I can do". I explained to him I have TWO kids under two and I have been patiently waiting for this money. he told me he could not give me corp and all he could do was make a " complaint for me and tell his supervisor whenever she gets back.
I want this to be taken care of asap, this is not fair as I was mislead to stay with the company and did not get what I was promised.

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