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Hi Mar 14, 2019

I have been a Citigold member since 2001 with several accounts at the branch listed above. I only bank in person once a month and every time I come into the branch I get harassed by Mr. Tom Lyford, Branch Manager. He frequently comes behind the teller pretending to move the trash can and peeking on the teller's screen monitor to check what transactions I'm doing without a fact, he treated me like a criminal. Some of my friends were also the Citigold members at this branch and they confirmed that they have been treated the same ways by Mr. Tom Lyford. They have closed their Citigold accounts and banking some place else with a good customer service and respect. I'll close out my accounts and move to the bank where my friends referred me to if Mr. Tom Lyford's behavior continues on. This type of behavior from Mr. Tom Lyford is unacceptable. He needs to be transferred elsewhere or I soon will withdraw all my money to go some place else.

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