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ethics, rudeness overdraft fraud

I have had nothing but bad experiences with this bank. I don't even know where to begin. First off rudeness is there policy. The bank uses overdrafts like scam income, manipulate these charges in weird mysterious ways for profit and don't explain is a straight forward way why they are applied. The magic phrase, not a bank error legally waives away all customer satisfaction. There have been several other issues such as setting up a custodial account as overdraft protection and then removing it without any notification. When the overdraft protection failed I discovered this. When I asked what happened I was told it is illegal to use a custodial account for overdraft protection. They refused to cover the overdrafts when that was obviously their error. There response was this is not thier problem. There have been other things and I even reported issues to the Department of Treasury for investigation and they never even responded. It is so plain to see this bank and the government are thier own self interest groups. In my opinion National City boarders on criminal and after today will remove my accounts. Their service is exploitive. I would rather do business with the mafia.

  • Ee
    eeyorelover Dec 11, 2008

    We deposited a check on Friday and had 4 overdraft fees on Tuesday for 34.00 each! I've sent 2 emails to customer service and my husband went into the local branch and was told that they wouldn't take the charges off!
    This bank is AWFUL about overdraft charges!
    My husband's check is direct deposited every week and still 2 days after the deposit went in they added overdraft charges.
    We are definitely switching banks!

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  • Sa
    Samantha Feb 20, 2009

    I am irate with this bank. As of 2/14/09 I had a balance of 28.00 and a pending charge of 8.00 which had already been removed. I go in this morning to deposit a check and they inform me my act if over drawn $122 and some odd cents. I asked to speak with someone so they could let me know where I went wrong and i was told a firm "NO" we do not assist with overdrafts unless it is bank error. so i just paid it and left. I have been reading online all night about this bank and their scams. I just logged onto my act to see i had another pending fee of 4.56 and my bal was -39.89 This makes no sense to me. I log on again to try and figure things out myself and now my act says i have 0.71 and the 123.00 i deposited today was no longer in there, like i had never paid it. They gave me 2 overdraft fees in 1 day and it says i over drew my act 5 times that day and the next day i "overdrew" it 2 times and they only charged me 1 fee. non the less i ended up with 123.00 in overdraft fees. I am not only confused but extremely mad. i went to one of the local branches for my first deposit and they said since i had not had an overdraft fee this year they might wave it for me but i had to go to the branch where i opened the act. i rushed over there for the lady to be so rude to me it almost put me in tears. This same lady was been extremely ignorant to my sister telling her she does not deserve to own an act when she got her first and only overdraft fee in the 6 years she has been banking with them. I am going into the bank in the morning and closing my act. NOTHNG BUT SCAMMERS!

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  • Sc
    scisco Feb 20, 2009

    Samantha -

    Are you kidding me? Really. Can you be any more dumb? The reason the amounts were changing on the internet banking was because they were updating your account. The reason why they do not show a $123.00 balance is because it went towards the overdraft - to bring it past zero a few odd cents.

    Your account was in overdraft - you know why. Stop being so coy. Otherwise you would have not so easily paid the charges.

    That goes for all of you. Stop overdrafting your accounts and you will not get charged fees.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Feb 20, 2009

    It was not showing the deposit of 40 nor the deposit if 83 that I had put in at all, no where, it should have been in with all of my other expenses. it was no where to be found. that’s what i meant, i did not expect to see it in my running balance. do you have any experience with national city? i have tried keeping my balance in the record book, they even gave me this great big one, i still got screwed in the end, and i left because i didn’t have time to deal with their bs i had to go to work that would be why i am going back in today and as of right now 5 am i have another over draft fee and there is nothing to show in the posted nor the pending for it to even over draw. If i was the only person going through this crap i don’t think over hundreds of people would be posting blogs like this on numerous web sites. How can it go from showing 1 item in pending to it being completely gone and what i had paid towards the overdraft just gone, into thin air? its there then its gone then it appears again a few hours later.

    No one overdraws their acts on purpose. My moms act goes in the red all the time when she gets gas because a certain gas station holds double the amount until it is paid but she never gets charged for it, she also uses a different bank.

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  • So
    soverien41 Nov 06, 2009

    i had just under 2 grand in my checking account on 9/30 deposited a pay check on 10/1 bringing to just under 2900. had house payment and another purchase come out same day totalingapprox 550. then on 10/5 overdraft made a deposit into my account when i had plenty of money in there. unknowing to this at the time i moved 1800 to my savings which i still had a little over 500 in my checking account. needless to say this kept going on till i had no money left in my overdraft and when i really needed it it was already used up and i ended up with 238 in overdraft fees

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excessive charges and no answers

Back in March of this year, I had a $59 payment due to CitiCard. I paid it one day late. I was charged excessive fees and then owed $250+. I visited their web site and asked why and was told that after the payment was late you are charged an additional 1/48 of your balance. My balance was a little less than $2000, so I informed them of that. They told me that there were other extra charges. I tried to find out what they were and they told me they were in the user agreement. I said, "Where are the fees that pertain to these charges in the user agreement?" They couldn't and wouldn't answer. I haven't paid it since March and have turned the card over to a debt settlement agency, so CitiCard turned the debt over to a law office who is demanding I pay $3, 062. Crooks!

  • Br
    Bruce Dunn Oct 14, 2008

    Back in March of this year, I had a $59 payment due to CitiCard. I paid it one day late. I was charged excessive fees and then owed $250+. I visited their web site and asked why and was told that after the payment was late you are charged an additional 1/48 of your balance. My balance was a little less than $2000, so I informed them of that. They told me that there were other extra charges. I tried to find out what they were and they told me they were in the user agreement. I said, "Where are the fees that pertain to these charges in the user agreement?" They couldn't and wouldn't answer. I haven't paid it since March and have turned the card over to a debt settlement agency, so CitiCard turned the debt over to a law office who is demanding I pay $3, 062. Crooks!

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  • Az
    AZSkye Oct 30, 2008

    Bruce --
    I know how it feels. But you can't just NOT pay CitiBank, or any other legitimate bill, without serious consequences. Especially now when we are in the worst financial crisis our country has been through in almost 80 years.

    If I were in your shoes, I would try to find a debt relief agency that will help me make payments to Citibank, and other creditors so I don't have further credit problems. It's tough, but you can't cut your nose off to spite your face, when dealing with credit issues.

    Be a man, take a deep breath, and take care of things!

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want to have my cards cancelled but can't sign on

I have two citibank cards (mastercard and a mercury drug card) that i want to be cancelled. I am out of the country (Phils) now and it's hard for me to call. I have been trying to sign on to the citi bank website but i just can't go through. I tried to create a new username and password but still couldn't go through. I am not an expert on computers and I don't know what else to do. I had my daughter in the Phils. to make full payment on my accounts and I would just like to have my cards cancelled right away before i get charged again for insurance, interest and delayed charges. Please help me with this. I just need them to email me that they got this compliant and that i can send my respond directly to that email address as i don't know much about computers. Thank you.

  • Ol
    olatunde david Nov 07, 2008

    i want to be funding be funding and have account with either mastercard or anyone

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fraud and scam

I also have had the problem of this bank deducting overdraft charges before the Items clear. Also the same problem with the customer reps refusing to return my calls. As a result I have contacted the local news station in cleveland and they are starting an investigation. Additionally I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Federal Banking Commission and I would encourage all to do the same.

customer abuse

Never in my life have I experienced worst service over the past 8 months then with citibank dubai.

I am a vice president of a company. My company credit card and personal credit card were cancelled by citibank with a text notification the day before saying it had been compromised. I was in india as I travel alot and tried to pay muy hotel bill but couldnt. I then called citibank spoke to 8 people asked for a manager to phone me back but nothing. They would not and refused to tell me what transaction they think was fraudulent and would not send me formal notification so I could provide my finance department.

My debit card recently got cancelled also due to fraud. One text message was sent to my old mobile number. I have proof that weeks before I had changed my mobile number with the whole of citibank. To try get it activated I spoke to 9 people they reissued the card, I was told that I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor or manager and was spoken to very badly the customer agent told me they were trained to not say sorry to any customer or apologise to anyone. I took time off work and drove
30 minutes to the branch to collect my card. I was sent to 4 different divisions before iwas able to retrieve it.

Then to activate my card I needed to log onto internet banking. The same line has been there for two days "we are experiencing temporary delays please try again later" I tried to call their customer care department to try and help - I waited 3 times longer then 10 minutes for the citigold supposed 24 hour helpline to pick up and then and I quote "11 minutes" for lost or stolen card (I thought at least they would answer) but no one has picked up yet.
To date I cannot access my money in my account due to inactivation of my debit card. I had to borrow money to pay petrol and taxis.

I am appauled - I am cancelling everything with citibank and suggest you do the same.
Just for your information I consult in the development of credit bureaus globally in emerging markets. I deal on a daily basis with all banks to assist them in reengineering their processes to become more effective and share data and to date this is the worst bank I have encountered.
I hope that at least someone from citibank can contact me to at the very least assist in activating my card.

  • Gi
    Gillian Oct 19, 2008

    just to put an update on this
    my debit card finally came but my credit card was cancelled again :) they still have my old nubmers on thier accounts so i have been scolded three times by call centre reps about changing it - I changed it formally and have proof 3 months ago, 2 months ago and twice in the last 2 weeks :)

    oh and i just got a phone call from the corporate finance saying that because my new company doesnt have a corporate account they cant grant me a personal loan for a property deposit until i persuade my new company to take out an account :)
    should we talk about KYC and AML here ???

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  • Sh
    Shalabh Kaushik Nov 12, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    I have used my debit cum ATM card for the purchasing of new tyres . As per statement received from citi bank for the month of Oct 2008, Two times transaction done for one time purchasing .

    I have signed only one bill against the transaction.

    So kindly nalify the one tranction and credit the said amount of Rs. 2000 in my account.

    Transaction Ref. No. 000000004025, 829908242302 ( Both transaction)
    Date : 25th October 2008
    Card No. 5081********3905
    Card Holder ; Shalabh kaushik, 1732-B, Sec-10A, Gurgaon, Haryana, pin 122001
    Email : [email protected]
    Mobile : 09810609105

    Waiting for the fast reply.


    Shalabh kaushik

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  • Mu
    Muzaffar Nov 18, 2008

    Worst ever customer service and humiliation I had with CITI BANK -DUBAI

    I am a CITI BANK Dubai Visa and Master Card Holder since last 10 year and always make regular monthly payments toward my Visa and Master Card payments.
    Since I am a bank officer in local bank in UAE I always remit funds through SWIFT MT 103 and it happened very often they pass wrong entries and credit both the installments of visa and master card payments in one account then call rudely to pay monthly installment again as they can not reverse their wrong entries due to system problem.
    Once I delayed payment till end of month and upon received of call from CITI Bank Dubai told them you may charge me for late payment and the called in harsh tome replied " we do not need your late payment charges" then sent SMS on my mobile that they repeatedly requested me for minimum payment which I failed to do and as a result they are blocking my card.
    I got Renewed Visa Gold card and did not activate the same due to their insulting behavior and unprofessional way of dealing like policeman with thief.
    Last month October 2008, I sent my monthly card payment for both Visa and Master Cards and in November received phone call that I did not deposit minimum payment for my visa Gold Card.
    When I referred my electronic payment which I already made, it was revealed that they deposited visa card payment also in my Master Card account.
    Again they refused to reverse their entry and rectify the error instead threatened me to deposit additional amount for Visa Card payment.
    That is harassment and the worst abuse to force customer to be suffered for bank's mistake. Then suddenly I got SMS on my cel 050-6286356 from CITI bank Dubai cel 971506454876 stating the same lies that despite their repeated requests ( I received just one phone call) I failed to pay the minimum monthly installment and if I do not pay by the same evening till 06.p.m they will take action against me .
    I feel so insulted and humiliated and now the reason for CITI Bank's loss which is resulting to retrenchment could be understood easily.
    I will never look to CITI BANK in my life for any sort of Banking and advise the same to others.

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  • Ga
    Gail Jan 22, 2009

    I have received exactly the same treatment. I have spent the last week trying to speak to somebody and have bene told a pack of lies by numerous Citibank staff. I am not sure if they are natural liars or incompetent. I am clsoing my account.

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bad banking at its worst

National City Bank has a carefully crafted scheme for taking your money whenever they can. When payments are posted to your account they may or may not be debited immediately. If a payment is posted and not debited for three days, your balance will actually go up and the payment will no longer be posted. If this happens and you check your balance and go out and spend money, the delayed debits can come through in seconds right after your approved debits. If this happens to you, the bank will tell you they cannot remove the overdraft fees unless it is a banking error. This kind of thing does not count as a banking error.

Not only that but you cannot close down your bank account if you have someone debiting it and you want it to stop. If you go into National City and tell them you want to close your account, they will. However, if any activity, such as a debit or credit, occurs on your account for thirty days after it is closed, the account will be reopened and you will be held liable for all activity.

Also, the agreement that National City Bank has with Visa for the debit cards is that they have to be good for a certain amount of money regardless of your balance. So, if you request that a block be put on your debit card to prevent spending money you don't have, they will tell you that they cannot do that and charge you overdraft fees for every item in the negative. Bank employees are not allowed to remove banking fees that are not banking errors.

If you receive an ACH debit charge that National City Bank does not want to pay on your behalf, they stick you with an insufficient funds fee each time that an attempt is made to debit your account. These fees can put you into the negative, and (like overdraft fees) will incur a daily fee of $8 per day after your account is in the negative for four days. If you have not filled out a report of fraud with the bank previous to the attempted debit, you are responsible for the negative balance and fees. It is not a banking error. You cannot really close your account, and National City Bank expects you to simply give away your money to them.

When you open a checking account with National City Bank they automatically open a savings account for you and put one penny in it. By default, even if you have only that one penny in your savings account, National City will charge you $10 to transfer anything from your savings account into your checking account to cover debit items if you are going to go into the negative. If you cannot cover the entire expense, you receive not only the transfer of funds fee but the insufficient funds or overdraft fees and fees for late payments.

Lawyers tell bankers what they can and can't do, and bankers take whatever they can in fees. That is generally true of most all banks, but National City Bank has this sort of pillaging of people's accounts down to a tee. What they do is perfectly legal, and perfectly evil.

  • Sa
    Sandra Robertson Sep 04, 2008

    I had a two person account, that the bank screwed up all the way from the beginning . I opened the account and added my mom, the bank rep decided to head my mother on the account was going change it but it seemed to be a problem so I left it the same to keep from going through the hassle. To weeks ago my account was in the negative, I came to fix the negativity the young lady seemed like she understood and proceeded to correct the problem. I explained to her that I moved my mothers account to another bank and that she is no longer on the account with me. I told her that my mom has a savings where they take out $100.00 a month, so if I tell you that she is know longer on the account and to clear everything up so i want get charged again what does that tell you! she assured me that every thing was taken care of, I paid with a debit card from another bank to clear the negativity. Now its 2 weeks later and my account is back in the negativity again. I went back to the bank again asked for the same bank person. I was very annoyed with her and didn't want to speak to her and asked for a manager. He immediately took her side, by now I was furious. Bank rep knew that there was a pre -authorized money that came out my mothers account each month but each month day after day they were charging me fees. This bank is a RIP OFF!!! Today I closed both accounts 9/04/08 checking and my mom savings and I'm going to warn every one to stay clear or this incompetent bank and its ignorant managers and employees. I was so upset with this uncaring bank I shouted on the way out I hate this bank I'm sorry I allowed my self to stoop so low to say that. I had to make another trip back to the bank I humiliated my self in front of everyone I made my apologizes and left. I wanted to make sure I told both sides of the story in case they wanted to add more to my behavior because of their ignorance. Seems like a ten year old would have asked mam would you like to have this pre authorized & 100.00 off so that you won't get charged. This bank does not look out for its customers. We are the reason you have a job. If you bank at this bank you can rest assure that the customer is never right. Good riddens to bad rubbish!

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  • Tc
    TCW Oct 08, 2008

    Goodness! This is so horribly true! I've only had my account open with National City for BARELY ONE MONTH and already they are pulling these shenanigans!

    So I called the CSRs for NCB to see if they could tell me my real balance. Nope. It was exactly as wrong as the online one! "The online banking is just a tool to assist you. Check your register. It works for me."


    Why do they make debits that they KNOW exist go away? Why do they increase your balance and not show the item as pending until it clears???

    What is the purpose of this?! I am going to have to close my account because of this deceitful practice. There are millions of better banks with a hundred times better online banking tools that do not try to cheat customers by that niggling, "Check your register, we're not responsible" trick.

    Please, explain to me how false posting on and off in the online banking tools HELP customers check their register? If you cannot count on it to be accurate, how can we check our own accuracy?

    Deeply disappointed and wholeheartedly agree with this poster's sentiments. I'm closing my account tomorrow.

    0 Votes
  • Ab
    aberll Nov 26, 2008

    My experience has been that their running balance cannot be trusted! It changes hourly. I was told by at least 8 employees that it was because the merchant did not submit within 72 hours, so money was taken out of and put back into my account. When presented with written proof that that was not so, suddenly it was "where did you get 72 hours?" We have never heard of that -- and then the great stare-down.

    I hear this bank is going under. Apparently some employees hope to hang in there when they are taken over and find no problem in taking as much of your money as possible, making you look like a fool and out and out lying!

    Terrible bank, terrible, prevaricating individuals!!

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  • Am
    amazome Dec 26, 2008

    I opened up a Checking account and was given a debit card as a minor. This isn't very ethical because minors tend to be less responsible, and have low incomes. So of course, I ended up overdrafting my account, apparently, instead of declining my card at the point of sale. The bank will charge 36 dollars for any amount overdrawn!

    Well one vacation, after I had graduated, and I had 1000 from an open house for school. I deposited money in the bank so that I could use it to buy gas among other things. Since the bank decided that chronology is not important, I was overdrawn by hundreds of dollars. Not only could I not access the ATM because the bank randomly changed my PIN number while I was on vacation to get cash, but they had to take 100s of dollars of a kid's school money.

    I called to see how much it would cost to just have my savings transferred over (assuming it'd be around 4 to 6 dollars), but no, it's 15 dollars per incident.

    I decided this was ridiculous and switched to CASE Credit Union where the same savings to checking transfer service costs a mere $2. CASE also has the ethical policy of no debit cards to minors.

    This bank is nothing but sleeze.

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  • Mm
    mmmblt Dec 27, 2008

    First of all, banks CANNOT change your pin number without your consent. Secondly, you are responsible for what you spend. You will probably blame someone ten years from now when you are having account problems with another bank. You also have to make sure that your money has been posted to your account BEFORE you spend it. There are signs everywhere that tell you that and it even says that on your deposit tickets. Again, people need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others.

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  • Sa
    sassycrim Jun 04, 2009

    I'm having this problem now with this bank. I often check to see if items are posted or pending. When item are pending, I can go over my account by 2.00, and then magically the posted items becomes pending and a billion fee's are attacted to the account and they refuse to waive any, and all from a 2.00 charge! I never received good service from this bank. They are not customer service drivin and they are a complete fraud, I've been trying to close this account for the longest and it seem impossible!!!

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  • Ko
    kodex Jul 31, 2009

    Well, personally I have not had any problems with this bank so far, 1 month running. It seems to me that ya'll don't know how to keep track of your check book...if you did that then you wouldn't have to check your online account. Regardless of what my online account says, I just go by what my check book says, that way I don't go over the amount of money that I have.

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new credit card issue

I had an medical emergency and needed a credit card so i thought Citibank would be the most reliable one. But to my astonishment they are teh most careless bank. I filled the required form with the help of a Citibank agent and attached all the asked documents with some extra to support the speedy processing. I was promised that in 2 -3 weeks time i would be provided with a card. My salary -is way beyond the annual asked for and i work as a manager in the largest food company in the world (Nestle). I waited for 6 weeks no card... then i called the agent who facilitated my card process.he informed me my request for credit card was rejected on the basis of my company did not verify for me.I was amazed so i crossed checked with my company and found no one has verified here. After another week i get these 2 regret letters from citibank addressed to a sub branch of Nestle in singapore far from my office, whereas i had specifically mentioned the complete office address infront of the agent in the form, still citibank called the wrong office due to there negligence and must have asked for me... where i don't work and sent the regret letter to the same address from where i retrieved it today after almost 6weeks of applying... its a serious negligence on the part of citibank and in am very avoid with them as i wanted to trust them in the time of need. Its really sad... i tried to log on complaint in the citibank website but to my surprise again there is no customer feedback section or complaint format to do it on the website...

  • Bh
    bhavin joshi Nov 13, 2008

    my citi bank credit is block i requist to him but there is no any reply by bank so please help me

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  • Bh
    bhavin joshi Nov 13, 2008

    I had an medical emergency and needed a credit card so i thought Citibank would be the most reliable one. But to my astonishment they are teh most careless bank. I filled the required form with the help of a Citibank agent and attached all the asked documents with some extra to support the speedy processing. I was promised that in 2 -3 weeks time i would be provided with a card. My salary -is way beyond the annual asked for and i work as a manager in the largest food company in the world (Nestle). I waited for 6 weeks no card... then i called the agent who facilitated my card process.he informed me my request for credit card was rejected on the basis of my company did not verify for me.I was amazed so i crossed checked with my company and found no one has verified here. After another week i get these 2 regret letters from citibank addressed to a sub branch of Nestle in singapore far from my office, whereas i had specifically mentioned the complete office address infront of the agent in the form, still citibank called the wrong office due to there negligence and must have asked for me... where i don't work and sent the regret letter to the same address from where i retrieved it today after almost 6weeks of applying... its a serious negligence on the part of citibank and in am very avoid with them as i wanted to trust them in the time of need. Its really sad... i tried to log on complaint in the citibank website but to my surprise again there is no customer feedback section or complaint format to do it on the website...

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  • Lu
    Lucille Siddiqui Jan 28, 2009

    pls elp me with a credit card as i had applied on line but did not rec & being a good customer with citi pls respond to this quo.Lucille Siddiqui

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  • Th
    That kid Jun 22, 2009

    Citibank is a great bank. If you would pay the bill on time, I'm sure they would unblock it. You with the medical emergency, why wouldn't your insurance pay for your procedure. Sounds like you need a job at Citibank, they have great benefits. Lol! I'm surprised you have a high paying job at Nestle, your grammar is horrible. You need to take a writing class.

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  • Js
    j.srinivas Jun 13, 2011

    i hereby informed that i have not received the citi bank creditcard monthly statement. till now i received so i have checking on mails . i requesting sent through post.

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citibank philippines

had an agreement with a 3rd party collecting agency for citibank philippines to settle credit card obligation for 20, 000 php for a period of 3 months. was able to pay total amount of 7, 000.00. however because of unforseen medical expenses was not able to finish terms. asked if they could extend period of time to pay but instead agency has resorted to harassing me at home and at work. in danger of losing job what to do?

  • Jo
    jovelyn garma Nov 28, 2008

    not much of a complaint, .. i would like to clarrify if you have an agent named mark with phone number 9172659. He phone-interviewed me just awhile ago, .. And when i called him back no one is responding in the said number appreciate your feedback, .. thanks!

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  • Ed
    Eduardo G Martinez Sep 23, 2010

    I would like to follow-up my application for credit card. I already received letter from Citicorp Financial Services & Insurance Brokerage Phils., Inc. informing that i have been enrolled in CREDITSHIELD Plus.
    Up to now i have not received any feedback on the status of my application.

    Thanks & anticipating immediate response,
    Eduardo G Martinez
    Del Monte Phil. Inc
    Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon 8705
    [email protected]

    1 Votes
  • Ka
    Katherine Camisin Apr 19, 2011

    I am a member of CB since 2008 and was in good credit standing. 5 months ago i also applied for citibank rustans just to get a longchamp bag. i patronized this card since they are very accommodating and in return i even refer friends and relatives to have one. in my 5 existing credit cards i frequently used CB. But this month, i received my billing statement late (as usual) and 2500 membership was billed and i requested to waive since i am a loyal customer and always in good credit standing. But the account rep informed me that there no ways to waived MF. so disappointed with them that i am terminating all my cards with them and will not refer to my friends and familes even to my clients.

    Katherine Camisin

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impersonal banking

Open letter to Citibank:

Dear Sir/Madam - There is no category for this issue - and I’m sure this email will be lost on its recipient - but it will make me feel better. So, when did Citibank get sooooooo big and impersonal that when my check came across a Citibank teller's desk in the amount of $2, 500.00 from Mary Smith, made out to "the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with a great big "congratulation" in the memo, the dimwitted teller would bounce the check rather perceiving it's importance and giving me a call. A ### with absolutely NO cognitive abilities should have been able to figure out it was a wedding check from a mother to her son and new daughter in law. There was more than enough money in my linked account to cover the check. I understand, it was MY error, but there was so much excitement and wedding preparations I forgot to make the transfer. I understand that the bank can't call for every little thing ... but this SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIG ENOUGH to have generated a call. A call would have been "considerate", it would have been "nice" -"appropriate" - "professional" It would have been "the RIGHT thing to do." That seems to be a concept lost on banks and bankers these days. And please don't respond with your banking babble and blah blah banking options - not interested. I have been a Citibank customer for over 15 years and this was disgusting - it is about "personnel" and "personal" … Not banking options. Oh, and then, to add insult to injury we have the $34.00 fee! What a joke. Shame on Citibank. Alice Scanlon

non-cooperative responce of citibank canada officials

I visited Citibank Canada office located at 123 Front Street, downtown Toronto on September 8, 2008 (Monday...

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air miles

In mid-July 2008, Citibank arbitrarily wiped out all 194, 000 air miles I had accrued over a 10-year period. I was offered nothing in lieu of the miles, nothing. One day I had them, the next day I didn't.

I owed the company nothing at the time, and I have been diligent in paying them everytime, on time.

Who would think that Citibank would steal the air miles I accrued while spending all that money using their card? This is the kind of sorry business practice that I hope brings ruin to Citibank. I won't do business with them in the future.

It's another example of how corporate America has broken faith with working Americans. They want to give you one of their high-interest cards, they want you to pay an annual fee, then they steal the miles you supposedly got for doing business using them or get so deep in debt you're in trouble.

My suggestion is to drop them now, before they put you into bankruptcy or steal your miles.

Ripped Off in Buda

$150 gift card promotion.

The Citibank experience is not worth it, believe me!!! My mother saw a promotion from Citibank that offered a $150 Gift Card for opening accounts at Citibank. For us, this promotion was just horrible and a stressful experience! When a company makes you go through hoops just to qualify for a promotion it is simply not worth all the stress!! What happened was my mother is at the point in her life that she doesn’t feel comfortable driving anymore, so, I offered to take her to Citibank, so she could qualify for the $150 gift card promotion, but, I didn’t realize that it was the last day for her to qualify for the gift-card. When I found out I left work early so I could pick her up and drive her to the nearest Citibank branch. By the time I picked her up and she was in the car there was just enough time to get her to the local Citibank branch just before closing. To assure we would be on time, I asked my mother to use my cell phone to call the local Citibank branch and verify that we have the correct street address and ask for some basic directions to the branch location. When she called Citibank, it was ridiculous! She was put through a huge barrage of computerized voice menus and sub-menus, that said “press or say, #1-0” etc. for this, that, or the other. She eventually finds her way through a labyrinth of menus and eventually presses the right combination of buttons and eventually gets a live person on the phone, but then, it seems that she’s having difficulty communicating with the connected Citibank representative, I thought it was because of the car, or the noise of driving, so I pulled off the road so she could hold a conversation. Then she utters “this is someone from India” and I could tell my mother was having a lot of difficulty understanding the foreign Citibank representative. Oh My God, this is absurd; I was thinking, it seems this person is not going to be of any help to us at all!! The representative was defiantly not local, not by a long shot! Can you imagine, you’re on the road with only about half an hour to get to your local Citibank branch before it closes on the last day to take advantage of a promotion and so you attempt to call just to get your bearings and your call is then routed to someone who isn’t even in the same country, or even the same continent for that matter! Furthermore, if I worked for Citibank and someone from India called me in the United States just to ask me a question about their local Citibank branch in India, I wouldn’t blame them if they where upset also, especially if I couldn’t help them, or they couldn’t understand me. Anyway, I just thought mom could call the local branch and ask someone for simple directions and verify the street address, was I wrong!!! We didn’t get any useful help from the foreign Citibank representative on the phone, so, by the time we got to the Citibank branch it had just closed by about a couple of minutes or so. I felt so bad so bad for mom I offered to give her the $150 out of pocket, but she refused, because she’s always encouraging me to save my money. This whole miserable experience was so upsetting due to the outsourced customer service from Citibank I told her that I would be willing to pick her up next week and drive her to a local branch and she could close any accounts she had with Citibank, hopefully she can find a bank that will let her talk to a person from her local branch..

California U.S.A.

atm card replacement

Sometime June this year, I opened a payroll savings account with Citibank Philippines. I was issued an ATM card at the very same day. I was quite happy that I got the card right away. My hapiness turned into a nightmare. The ATM card issued to me was DEFECTIVE. I was in the middle of emergency when I needed to withdraw the 1st time from my Citibank ATM card. I did some shopping and was left around 40 Pesos or almost $1 (in convertion) in my pocket that day. Not enough money to buy me even a litre of gasoline, I tried to withdraw. There started the nightmare. I was just so fortunate that the gas of my car sufficed and I was able to get home. I started calling the bank and ended up requesting to have a card replacement. If you are wondering why I did not just go to CItibank and request for a card replacement from there to expedite the process, I can't. This is because I work on a night shift from Mon-Fri. We all know that banks are close on weekends. I can't sacrifice Monday morning since I have other responsibilities I have to fulfill and I am a single parent. So, since card replacement through delivery is available, I took the option. I was promised that the card will be delivered within 5-7 business days. It went on and on and today is the Nth business day and the card hasn't been delivered yet. I called CItibank's customer service almost everyday last week and everyday had been a disappointment for me. I was given false hopes and I had no choice but to bite into the bacon. People from home also had to sacrifice their time. I had to ask someone to stay and wait for the courier. These people have something to do on their own and elsewhere to go but they can't. Citibank Philippines is a bigtime ROBBER. I feel that I am being held up. It is "MY MONEY" that I can't withdraw. Today, I won't give in to hoping anymore. That's why I am starting to make my move even to as little as airing my situation, burden, disappointment and very bad experience through the internet. So, People in and from the Philippines who are planning to open an ATM/Savings account in CITIBANK Philippines, Please think twice. There are a whole lot of other Banks that you could choose from. I have been happy with the other Banks where I also have savings account. Please, let's Boycott Citibank. Thank you.

  • Mi
    mikkocat Feb 20, 2009

    Tama yan un boyfriend ko citibank atm din 3x na ngpapalit ng card & pin# sa citibank wla kwenta! Tapos nagagamit nya lang un card sa mismong citibank atm machines lang! Hassle mxdo! E wla naman cxa magawa pano kasi un ung pinili na bank ng company nla... Hay naku..not to mention na abala talaga kasi mdyo malayo pa na lakarin sa office nla un citibank sa ayala ave. tapos cxmpre lunch tym lang cxa nkakapunta dun nde naman pwd office hours . . . Naexperience nga nya magover the counter sa citibank every pay day eh! Sobrang abala ginagawa nla sa customers nla...tapos namumukhaan na nga dw cxa ng mga tellers dun pano pabalik balik cxa everytym na ngrreklamo & ngpapachange cxa pin kc nde gumagana un atm card nya...hay naku...ampangit talaga ng service ng citibank!!! Tapos un time na napalitan ng iba un card ng bf q buong akala namin eh mkkapagwidraw na cxa...kasi we have to withdraw downpayment for our wed supplier sana...ayun nde kami nakapagdown kc nde nanaman gumagana un atm nya! PAngit tlaga ng citibank guaranteed namin ng bf q yan!

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bad customer service

Citibank has lost my ATM deposits on three separate occasions this year. I find it amazing. When I called customer service to alert them of the discrepancy I was told "maybe you should stop using that branch". Maybe you want to do something about that branch. First they credited the missing money to my account but the next day they took it away of course this caused my overdraft to go into effect. Not only that they added 2 overdraft fees to my account and refused to remove them until their investigation was over. When I asked Citi if they could think of a reason for me to stay I was told "I will not be held liable for such a statement". After the plethora of bad customer service and 3 lost check experiences I closed my account. I will never deal with them again.

unfair and deceptive practices

National City Banking: Unfair and Deceptive Copy to OCC

I am writing this letter to inform you of my findings and to allege that NATIONAL CITY BANK is currently engaged in carrying out unfair and deceptive trade practices

I understand that the Federal Trade Commission Act prohibits the unfair and deceptive trade practices. The bank regulatory agencies have authority under this act to take action to stop or prevent trade unfair or deceptive practices by financial institutions.

For several years, the bank regulatory agencies have been issuing warnings about unfair and deceptive trade practices and now I have become personally involved in what I consider to be a blatant attack on both my wife and I by National City Bank in Louisville, KY. This institution has both misrepresented information and has blatantly mislead us.

I have always deposited my check in National City Bank without incidence. If my check went in I could always count it clearing on Monday night. However my check went in and it was held until Tuesday night (for no reason) even though our receipt states on it that the funds would be available the next business day.

My wife read on the receipt that “the funds will be available the next business day, thus she was confident that Monday night all would clear and all would be well. Nothing stated that it would be held until Tuesday night and we were sure of it because the receipt clearly stated and assured her that if it were held by the bank that it would be stated above their was nothing stated above. Now we are heavily grieved because we were and are in the black except for the huge amount of fees which will total over $300.00 and has put our account seriously in the red. This has consumed almost our entire paycheck . EXCEPT FOR THESE unjustified LATE FEES WE were still IN THE BLACK.

This money was our gas money, and our car payment.

We are the consumer, and if we get a receipt that says it will post the next business day then that is what we are led to believe. That is what the bank receipt said. We should be able to put our trust into what the bank says.
Thke receipt said the next business day was 06/16/06 and it said the funds would be available on the next business day. THIS BANK IS OUT TO INTENTIONALLY DECIEVE PEOPLE.

When I called National City and told them they had made a mistake I was told I should have read the fine print in the original contract that they hold checks all except $100.00 The mail out we received never gave any indication that checks would be held. But rather that checks would only be held if they were over $3000.00

As a consumer I "should not have to become a detective to read every square inch of fine print to find out the true terms and conditions of my checking account.

I truly feel my wife and I have been deceived, tricked, lied to and stolen from by National City Bank.

My online readout ( of which I have a hard copy) shows I have been in the black up to the time they took the late fees out. And if the money would have posted when the receipt said it would their would be no problem.

If they were going to hold our check until Early Wednsday morning it should have stated it but it said NEXT BUSINESS DAY. If it said on the receipt “funds available next business day” what would you have assumed?

My wife and I feel violated. We had enough money in the account to cover the check WHY DID THEY HOLD IT? My computer readout which I have a copy said it went in on the 16th I have a hard copy however the banks copy is mysteriously different.

The bank that refuses to release the money to us Is the Jeffesontown KY branch (Our Branch)and the branch at 2503 Hurstbourne Parkway where we made the deposit.

Why are they doing this to us? we did nothing wrong.

I have my car all made up and driving around town it says “Honk if you hate national city bank” and National City Bank Ripped me off. You would be amazed how many people in this town hate National City Bank and have told me they have been ripped off by them also. I will continue driving it around and I have already been personally responsible for having four accounts closed with them and this is just the first day.

Would you please pray with us that God himself will turn against National City Bank and bankrupt it. And tell all Christians to pray. We have a lot of Christians praying now. I have been sharing my story with everyone I meet and now my car can really tell the story. I feel a full scale investigation is paramount, I don’t want to see anybody else have go through what we are having to endure, and I know they are hurting people.


Lawrence J. Hasenour
Louisville, KY

  • An
    Anjanette, everett WA Jul 01, 2008

    I myself have had problems with National City Bank for the past few months. My payment is not due till the 19th of each month and its not late till the 30th. Well if i havent paid it by the 19th the phone calls start flooding in about the 21st wondering where my payment is. They preceed to call 9 to 12 times a day (remember it isnt late till the 30th) till its paid but not only do they constantly call my house they have called my job as well ( still in my grace period). So if this isnt harassment i dont know what is an its very stressful to me considering i have to sleep during the day with my phone ringing off the hook from National City Banks harassing phone calls. A couple of times i have talk to them and told them when i would be able to make the payment and yet the same day the preceded to call me three more times after that. Then the next day and the next day then my job for a few days till it was paid.(Still in my grace period).Another thing i have noticed is there assessing late fees on my bill on the 29th but its not late till the 30th hmmm. So yes i wish there was reallysomething that could be done about this and if anyone has any ideas to help please let me know. Thanks

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  • Do
    Donna Boycott Jul 13, 2008

    I feel for you. My bank got taken over by National City Bank. They are awful and love to charge you overdrafts. I cannot wait to close my account with them. They are dishonest about what your balance is and when you put it in, suddenly you acquire more overdrafts. Right now, I have an attorney and they will have to straighten out a mess that should never have happened to begin with. They are money hungry. I hope they get investigated. They truely deserve it. My old bank never treated me like this. I miss them.

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  • Ka
    Katrina Mar 19, 2009

    We have been with National City in Michigan for about 10 years. We never had a problem until about 2 years ago. Just had another problem over overdraft charges with them today. Just to let everyone know-----National City in Southgate, Michigan at Eureka and Dix Toledo road are the absolute rudest people I have ever met. Anyhow, everyone I know who has dealt with National City has had a problem with them and thier overdraft charges. The managers have been told by the corporation to never fix overdraft charges no matter whose fault they are. Today was the end for me. All accounts are being transferred to Chase Bank. I cant wait for there to be a Class Action lawsuit against these people. I am sure it is coming. As for all of you rude NCB employees, when you are out of a job---you will deserve it!!!

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  • Hh
    hhudechek May 04, 2009

    I am going to my attorney to file a class action lawsuit against National City Bank for deceptive trade practices, including charging overdraft fees when such fees should not have been assessed. If you would like to join this law suit, please e-mail: [email protected] with your name, address, phone number, and any paperwork that you are able to scan and send to me (white-out your confidential information such as your account number), including bank statements. National City's headquarters are in Troy, Michigan, and I think it is high time they learned their lesson; by the way, my attorney is a pit bull in the courtroom :)

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I took over my 83 yr old mother's affairs & discovered she had been paying on a Sears credit card that belonged solely to my deceased step-father. I sent numerous letters & placed many calls to no avail. I went as high as the Office of the President. Finally today I got a call back & they said they cannot refund any payments. She had also been paying Chase but they refunded her $4k+. They were only able to go back 6 yrs & were apologetic about it. You would think Citibank, being in the same business & exceptionally large co., would/could do the same thing but they said no way. To anyone out there listening, I would highly recommend using Chase over Citibank. At least they were compassionate about helping a "little old lady" who wasn't business savvy in the ways of the world.

  • Kh
    khurdjj12 Feb 21, 2010

    I agree, I have been a faithful customer of Citibank Credit card for about 5 or 6 years now. I always make my payments on time for the whole time I have owned the card, I don't think I've ever had a late charge. This holiday season, I helped a friend get gifts for people, and we charged it on my card cause she had a mix-up with her bank, which needed some time to figure out. So, once everything was going again, she offered to pay what she owed on the card, and I wanted to add her debit card, but Citi doesn't take debit cards, so we added her checking acount to my online accout. Doing so, we missed a couple of digits in her account number when I added it to my click to pay account, so when we made a payment with that account, it came back as the account was unknown, the routing number was correct but not account number wasn't. Citi calls this a returned check, and they charged me a $39 charge for a returned check, and they locked my click to pay account down for 30 days so they say. There is nothing I can do to get that $39 refunded, they don't want to hear anything, and they are very rude, have been hung up on by their customer service department. So yes, I agree Citi is a horrible bank to deal with. They want you to pay for every mistake you make. Now they made a mistake and had to take bailout money from the Government, the government should have taken a page from Citi's own book and said, just as in both these cases - NO.

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scam artists

I was solicited for a Citibank American Airlines credit card with an annual fee with an incentive of a...

i'm angry

I recently learned that National City was Millions of dollars in debt and now these overdraft fees are making more sense. And ***, they really kick you when your down. I have never had a 36 dollar fee forgiven, even though some were banking errors. If anyone wants to get a group together with proof of unethical banking, I’m all for a class action! I have a lot of print outs to argue the case as I’m sure many of you do. Anyway, the representatives on the phone are extremely rude, I asked to talk to a manager this morning and the guy hung up on me.

  • Ba
    Barbara Jul 09, 2008


    National City Bank is unethical! They STEAL, LIE and CHEAT from their customers! Their NSF fee policies are borderline extortion!
    I have proof of their unscrupulous behavior. I seen them hold onto deposits and put them through last, just for the sake of hopefully bouncing, as many items as possible, in my account, I have seen them hold the SAME transaction in both pending and in posted items, AT the SAME time and their customer service is DEPLORABLE at best!

    What can we do??

    I pray that they are stopped before they continue to ROB from their customers! (While NCB shareholders laugh all the way to their off shore bank accounts!!)

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  • Mi
    Mike V Aug 03, 2008

    I'm having the same problems. I have been with this bank for over 4 years. Over the last 6 months is seems that they go out of their way to hit me with over draft fees. I used to be able to talk to the bank manager when I was hit with one of these. But oddly enough, none of the managers that I used to deal with work there anymore! I mean they really do lie over these things. Can't someone stop them?

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  • Dd
    ddean80 Jan 10, 2009

    My frustration with this bank grows larger and larger every day. I've tried for the past 2 months to work my direct deposits, ACH debits, and anything else I do through this account so that I couuld close it and be done with the embasals. However, in the past month they have taken $30 in "advance to savings" fees simply because I had set up for $100 to be taken from my checking and placed in my savings 3 years ago, when I had the extra money to do so. This option was not a problem while I was still banking with them, but now that I don't keep any money in there it has become a problem. I would have closed the account two weeks ago, but my monthly car insurance payment had already started to process, so I had to wait. I ate that $15 fee. But yesterday when I called to close the account over the phone the rep. said because I had $5.69 still in my account I could not close it over the phone. Sadly by the time I got to the bank the transfer to savings had started and the customer service rep. would not do anything for me. Needless to say I left there acting like a raging lunatic. I felt shameful, but still discouraged because I'm unemployed and $15 is grocery money for my family of 6. I called the 800 number and the rep forwarded me to the complaint department who advised me to put $94.31 in my account to prevent from being charged a fee. Well...SURPRISE, I wake this morning and check my account to see that they have still charged me the $15. Now, I'm just plain FURIOUS. If there is anyone who is starting a class act lawsuit let me know. This bank has caused so many people frustration and stress. They need to go out of business!

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  • Se
    SEXIMAMA8787 Jun 29, 2009

    they stole all of my money right out of my account without notifying me and the only reason i found out was i was out of state in tenn with my 2yrold and trying to get money out to go back home to ohio. they took 800.00 out all of my money i was stranded with my son. when i called loss prevention & told them what they did and that i was stranded us completely broke with no place to stay and no way to get home she said "that unfortunite" and hung up. lost our house cause no rent money now were staying with my mom. can they get away with that?

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very poor way to treat customers

I was informed by Diners Club that the Diners Award points that I had accumulated over the last 8 years have...

bad service

I was scammed by Cambridge Who's Who and shortly thereafter I did some research and confirmed it. I called Citibank immediately to cancel the charge and dispute it. They gave me a conditional credit for this charge. Two months later, the charge has been reversed in favor of the scammer company despite my attempts to contact them with no response regarding this charge. Citibank does not offer any buyer protection at all and I'm canceling this card after I get the final statement! They can kiss my business goodbye!

  • Re
    Renee Jul 03, 2008

    Citi send us a statement after several years of not using their card stating we had a $20 credit. After receiving this a second month, I used the card to make a $50 purchase and then received a bill for $55 with no mention of the previous two months credits of $20.
    I paid it and then received a bill for $71.30, paid that and am now receiving harassing phone calls and bills ranging from $17 to $47?!?!
    No reply to letters concerning this matter although I did get a letter telling me I must request a form to cancel this account. I did that, got the form, mailed it in and the bills still continue to come with phone calls.

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