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Resolved irresponsiple customer service reps

Citibank NRI customer service representatives, each one of them have great ###ic ego, stupidest and least IQ in the world, got hired to handle their customer requests. Calling Citibank NRI customer service representatives, takes no responsibility in handling the task. Each one of them have some western names, disguising their true Indian names, there itself it feels like total fraudulent organization. When you ask they say their name some Tom, and you give all your details, argue with them for an hour, they pretend to know all and can not do anything, and will not transfer to anyone there with knowledge of the stupidest systems they are running business. Upon insistence <very hard> eventually they will transfer to some another guy with fake name, and the story repeats.

Try calling them again and esquire about the guy you give all your account information and names they you got from your previous call, you will find they guy never existed in their system. now go figure.

I have no idea who gave Citibank permission to operate in US, hope someone monitor their operations.

Resolved bogus fees and interest rates

Citibank also hiked up the interest rates on my Citibank Mastercard to 29.99%! When I called them and asked them to lower their ridiculous interest rate, they informed me that there was "nothing they could do about it."

The payments were so high, I took a loan out from my credit union, double-checked the balance on the card, and paid off my Citibank Mastercard in full.

A few weeks later, I received a statement from Citibank showing zero balance on my account, but a charge of $97.54! When I called them to inquire about this charge, they told me it was a "pay-out" figure plus residual interest charges. When I told them it was criminal of them to try and get away with this, and that I did not intend to pay their bogus charges, they told me if I didn't pay the full amount by the due date, late fees would be added on, and would continue until this "charge" was paid.

The folks at Citibank are nothing but a bunch of crooks and extortionists. I will never do business with them again, and I will advise everyone I come into contact with to avoid them like the plague!

  • Jo
    John Lip Mar 31, 2010

    file a complaint with your state consumer affairs agency, and the us secret service alleging cc fraud. See my Goodyear-Citi Bank postg. They want people in debt and that late fee service charge dollar.

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  • Ja
    JAFAR SHAIKH Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Few days back I enrolled for Ready to Credit facility provided by CITI Bank. After some days, I found that I am not able to view my actual account balance in Transaction slips of ATM. So, I called to CITI Bank on 020 66012484 and Talk to CSR for the same. I asked her to cancel my Ready to Credit facility. She asked me to follow the steps. I done as per she said. She asked me to GO to Fund transfer >> My CitiBank Account to Another Linked Citibank account of mine. And I confirm the same. She said me that The Ready To Credit facility will be closed for me. I was relaxed by now.

    Now, today, when I login and found that my account is debited with 755.92 Rs. Talking to CSR for the same, said that its an interest for the amount. I am confused and frustrated. Beware!

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Resolved credit protector

I enrolled in a promotional credit card offer from Citicard and specifically DECLINED being enrolled in Credit Protector which is THEIR company. The very next statement there are TWO charges on my card from Credit Protector (!!). These were completely unauthorized charges that citibank put on themselves.
I phoned to cancel and was told it would take TWO billing statements. Pretty suspicious when it's them who put the charges ON the card that THEY own.

This is a very shady company and they should be investigated.

  • Mg
    mgugdec Apr 15, 2010

    when we initially signed up for a citicard mastercard credit card they offered the credit protector service to us with a $15.00 check to try it on a trial basis, and we could cancel within a 28-30 day period. after we received the $15.00 check in the mail and cashed it, we immediately called to cancel the credit protector trial service, and ofcourse they offered it to us at a alower rate, but we still declined and cancelled this service. unfortunately we didn't notice the charges for this bogus service on our statements after a few billing cycles, and were still being carged for it after we did call to cancel. when we finally did call back to try and cancel it again and get refunded for the charges, they informed us that they did not have any record of us calling to cancel. it looks like they got their $15.00 back and then some. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE! IT'S A SCAM FOR THIS CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO GET MORE MONEY OUT OF HARD WORKING CONSUMERS!!!

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  • Me
    megan.smiles Jan 12, 2011

    If you don't want the product say "no" and hang up. Otherwise if you agree to materials or incentives you will get signed up. Also, it takes a while for the credit to show for the same reason takes a while for the charge to show. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY CITI BANK CUSTOMER! The billing department has other accounts to deal with first.

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Resolved 29% interest rate with $60 /year

Received a letter from citi bank, state that my interest rate going up to 29%, and if I do not use at lease of $2500 a yr, citi bank will charge $60.00 per year, so on 3/17/2010 I call to cancel my change card and tried to cash in my rewards points, the operator told me I have about 18000 pts, which come to about $150. But I couldn't decide to get cash or gift, and told I can redem my point from the internet, the next day 3/18/2010, when I sign on citi bank cite, for my suprise all my points gone, it show none, when I call to citi bank I was told all my points just got expired, it happen over night..

Resolved scam letter

Hello, I received the following email that supposedly came from a member of your staff and I suspect it i...

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Resolved simply ridiculous customer service

I called after thinking I lost my card and talked to an Indian man I could barely understand for an hour and a half before I THOUGHT I had canceled the card had a new one with a new number sent out. I made sure and asked if the number would be changed and if I would have to set up a new account online, to which he responded yes. A Week later I got a new card with the SAME Number! Infuriated I called the company and asked to speak to someone in america, they me the card had not been reported as lost or stolen. When I asked why when my card could be floating around anywhere the man on the phone got agitated and said he didn't know.

Resolved unexceptable customer service / unsavory buisiness practices

I had a credit limit of $6, 750. 00 and was reduced to $900. 00. The way that i found out was when my card got declined in a store when i was making a purchase. I immediatly called customer service. I was told that nothing could be done, they could do what they wanted to, and i was lied to as well. Then i finally got a call back, but they called the wrong number. Then i called back for another call back. They called and left a message. Of course this is after i had been told several times that they could not do anything. Then i called the unit manager back, and i still have not gotten a call back. That was on [protected]. I find this treatment unexceptable especially when i have payed my account on time, over 5 times the minimum payment, payed off three student loans and one through citibank (Ontime, early, and with no lates) , and i am in good standing with all of my credit accounts. The only thing is that i have a bankruptcy which i had when i opened the account in 2007 with a limit of $1, 500. 00. Then in 2009 it was changed to $5, 000. 00, and then to $6, 750. 00. I feel that this company should look at each individual account before they change your credit line. I do not think it is fair.

  • Sh
    shaker65 Apr 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes you can. put the request in writing. Legally they have 15 days from receipt to respond (depending on state and federal laws). They have to give you a reason or, you can file a law suit due to discrimination. Good luck.

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Resolved customer care

I had my credit line changed from $6, 750.00 to $900.00 . I have been a loyal customer with no lates, paying on time, and more than the minimum balance. I was in a store when my card was declined. That was how I found out that my credit limit had been changed. I was upset, angry, and embarred. I tried to call the customer service they transfered me to the adverse account department. The adverse account department was very rude, told me untruths, and refuesed to help. I was told that they could do what they liked. I keeped asking to speak to people higher up. I finally left two messages with a unit supervisor, but of couse I did not get a call back. I also payed a student loan through citibank group early, on time, and with no lates. So paying accounts as agreed, being a good customer, and keeping my credit score at a good level got my credit line decreased.

  • Gr
    greg huffman Apr 17, 2010

    I went to the Sears store in San Bruno Ca. and tried to get a Sears card but someone
    else was using my Social security Number and they said there was nothing they could do
    to change the computer. I produced my social security card and drivers licence for Id and
    still there was nothing they could or would do.

    What do I do?...

    [email protected]

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Resolved annual fee

Citibank has decided to charge me an annual fee on my two credit card accounts. I noticed that they DO NOT charge the annual fee for the same cards for new customers. After 25 years having these accounts I've been forced to "opt out" and close the accounts which in turn will negatively affect my credit score. If new customers are charged the same fee for their Citi Platinum Plus cards I would be more inclined to understand that it is just policy ( and highway robbery, but that's beside the point) ), but that is not the case.

Resolved employees are rude and they go out of the way to screw you

This company is unreal not only are the employees rude they go out of the way to screw you. They sent me an invitation to take advantage of the zero interest repay plan (I have gotten behind on my credit card payments)they did not specify a date the payment had to be made, the reminder phone calls began on the first of the month. When I called to find out why I was being contacted I was greeted by a very rude man who proceeded to lecture me on my finances. He then informed me even after I make the required payments it will still take me five years to pay this account off and it will always state that I am behind. That's funny -- no mention of this in the letter they sent.

Resolved award winning payment

Dear sirs:

Just dropping you a line to make sure that this is a scam. let me know.

Thank you.


Re: from sir alex marshal
Tue, february 16, 2010 3:46:50 am
Mail <[protected]@vp. pl>
Add to contacts
World bank group and united nation organization
Official contract payment unit.
Our ref: uno /snt/ctb
Release code no: 0763

Part-payment valued $8.3m united states dollars

Attn: beneficiary,

Our ref: uno /snt/ctb
You? e ref:

World bank group and united nation organization do hereby give this irrevocable approval order with release code: gnc/3480/02/2009 in your favor for your
Contract entitlement/award winning payment with the united nation to your nominated bank account. now you? e new payment, united nation approval no;un5685p, white house approval no: wh44cv, reference no: [protected], allocation no: 674632. password no: 339331, pin code no: 55674 and your certificate of merit payment no: 103, released code no: 0763; immediate citibank telex confirmation no: -1114433; secret code no: xxtn013, having received these vital payment numbers, therefore you are qualified now to received and confirm your payment from the united nation immediately within the next 72hrs.

As a matter of fact, you are required to deal and communicate only with mr. bert pijls, director international remmittance citibank of london, united kingdom, with the help and monitory team from the citibank of new york which is our official remitting bank, committee on foreign payment matters in united
Nation, has look up to make sure you receive your down payment of fund valued $8.3m. so contact: mr. bert pijls. on his contact information

Direct cell/mobile, +[protected]
Fax number: +[protected], email address: bert. [protected]@yahoo.com. hk

For immediate release of your contract fund/inheritance/award winning claim be informed that you are not allowed to correspond with any person or office
Anymore, you are required to send bellow informations for your transfer.

1) your full name
2) address, city, state and country
3) phone, fax and mobile
4) company name (if any) position and address
5) bank account no:
Bank name:
Routing no:
Swift code:
Bank address
6) profession, age and marital status:
7) scanned copy of your int'l passport/drivers license

Note: your personal contact/communication code with citibank is (511), you are advice to send your full banking information to the citibank of london international remmittance director headed by mr. bert pijls and make sure you speak with him, with your new payment code for release of your payment and send him all your banking information now. contact code (511).

Officer: mr. bert pijls.
Position: director, intl, remmittance citibank london.
Number: +[protected]
Fax +[protected],

Email: bert. [protected]@yahoo.com. hk

Sir alex marshal.
(chairman committe on foreign contract/award wining payment united nation and usa government).

  • Bl
    bluenosedcuban Aug 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i dont know what this thing is but i got the exact same thing, most of the numbers are the same but the name alex marshal is changed to deborah howell on my email. I'd like to know whats going on with this as well

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  • Sa
    Sarwar Farooqui Feb 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    MR. BERT PIJLS, Hallo how are you please provide me some information actually i have an Bank account no : 113 113430113 CitiBank uk, username is : Sarwar Farooqui & i have passward, pass code no, 6 digits pin no. and all details i get from CitiBank mr. Duncan smith
    Director financial management department London
    Direct line: +447700022144
    Email: [email protected]
    Mrs. Sara Johnson
    Customer service, Citibank London
    [email protected]
    Telephone: +442070602826
    So please help me how could i transfer my money. my contact details :
    e-mail: [email protected], mobile no. 88-01678000906, 01670474938.
    Thanks & Regards
    Farooqui Sarwar

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Resolved overdraft charges

My bank was originally Harbour Federal, bought out by National City. For several years I had my payroll checks direct deposited with no problem. Until National city took over and started holding my payroll checks for up to 48 hours, without notice. I was under the impression that a payroll ck could not be held. Never the less, because I also had auto bill pay set up...I had over $1500. in overdraft charges. Plus, had to repay all the out standing bills, the bank never payed them. Now I have an unpaid balance due of $340. which has gone to collections...I refuse to give them another dime.

I have heard from some people that there is a Lawsuit against National City Bank for there bad Practices... Anyone heard anything?????????

  • Ph
    phyllis1 Feb 12, 2010

    There are a large number of lawsuits against this bank, not just consumer suits, but commercial lending lawsuits as well. A recent appeals court lawsuit in Illinois upheld this bank's unethical practices - see Reger Development, LLC v. National City Bank. There are numerous other suits, some of which have made it to the courts and others still pending. Some attorneys for this bank appear to be very unethical, but very skillful at manipulating and controlling the court system to keep damaged businesses from ever getting their cases heard. In the last few years, the practices of this bank and its various legal teams appear to have destroyed good businesses, damaged smaller banks, put hundreds of people out of work and bankrupted others. Remember that loans for commercial construction projects do not just affect the one borrower, but flow down through many entities as a project is built, and provide jobs from a few to hundreds of people. Even this bank's own shareholders sued the bank during and after the sale of the bank to PNC, which was accomplished with taxpayer money through the TARP program. (See Cleveland Plain Dealer archive articles by Teresa Dixon Murray.) There have been some accusations that the bank's attorneys deliberately stopped funding on good projects and foreclosed in order to drive the value of the notes down so that the projects could be sold to insiders to harvest project profits with minimal investment.
    I am waiting to hear that some inside whistle blower is exposing this bank's mess.

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Resolved invalid inquiry to equifax

I have received an alert from myfico.com stating that I have applied for an account with citibank/bill me later. I have not applied for an account. correct, report to equifax, and send me the correction as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Judith ireland

Resolved found card

My card was reported found by Mercury "Drug store Marketmarket, Taguig City Branch. The officers who reported asked the citiphone officer to contact me to tell me that it is on safe hands at Mercury Drugstore and it is available for pick up upon showing proof such as Identification cards. This happened last Jan 30, 2010.

I learned about this when I was looking for my credit card on Jan 31, 2010 to make another purchase. But I cannot find my credit card. So I retraced possible places where I have left it. Fortunately it was safekept by Mercury Taguig n Market Market.

When i got my card back from the store I cannot transact anymore and was told to call The Citibak Customer Service hotline. The telephone officer told me that it was blocked for security purposes and was categorized as a lost card.. I have to pay a replacement fee of php 400 pesos and they will issue a new card..otherwise i cannot use the "found" card by Mercury...sholud I opt to terminate to get hold of new "peddled" Citibank cards for free my reward points would become ZERO.

I consider this very UNJUST and UNFAIR to a cardholder. In the first place why would they classify the report of Mercury under the Lost Card category when in fact it should be a report of a Found Card?

The citiphone officer Ms, Julian Albaceo kept on mouthing that it is the liability of the cardholder and she must pay the replacement fee of Php 400.00..Why classify it as lost and a liability of the cardholder when in fact it was reported as FOUND? The liability must have rested on Citibank officer who received the "found card' report of Mercury, who did not even bother to contact the cardholder to tell her that it was found by the kind Mercury Drug sales officers..If there is no such choice as FOUND card in the Citibank's computer system menu it should have been brought up by the phone officers with higher authorities who have the wisdom to decide and not forcibly classify it as Lost card which is available in the system menu.

The problem with higly computerized system is that it imprisons the users and the cardholders to fit through the choices available in the system... in this case since no "found" option is available in the menu it was categorized as "lost", exactly opposite to what happened ..since the card was reported FOUND. Where is the wisdom and the essence of Customer Service here?

Citibank management must play a very personalized customer transaction...it should not depend on the options availble in a computerized system..it is highly impersonal...it teaches the telephone service officers the habit of being philosophical instead of being courteous and open minded...it does not speak well of a company which boasts of being highly awarded and being world class..

I was promised by Ms Jillian that she will elevate my request for reversal of lost card fee of 400 pesos which would appear in my next billing statement..I am held captive by the policies of Citibank.. i will not be able to use my old FOUND card until I replaced it with a fee..I am using the card to pay for medicines and other medical needs of my parents who are both on maintenance medicine..Citibank must be highly considerate on situations like this and must review its computer systems so that telelephone officers can have leeway for CHOICES OR CIRCUMSTNCES NOT AVAILABLE IN THE MENU TO BE CLASSIFIED AS FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION WITH HIGHER MANAGEMENT OPTION.. THAT WAY, OUT OF THE MENU TRANSACTIONS ARE DEALT WITH UTMOST, AND VERY PERSONALIZED CONSIDERATION


Resolved rate hike

I found out that citibank raised my APR 20% (9.9 to 29.9%). I have never been late on a payment nor have I done anything to warrant this extreme rate hike. I spoke with a rep today and was told that there was nothing she could do about the rate hike. I told her to close my account. I proceeded to tell the rep that I will never do buisness with citibank again because of the way they treat their loyal customers. She then told me that the new rate will be applied to all my previous charges. This is unfair, unjust and legalized theft. If citibank continues to treat the indivuals that actually make their payments this way, they will lose them. Then all citibank will be left with are the ones that default on their payments. What will they do then...oh wait, I know...the government will bail them out!

Resolved charge dispute

I told them that I had orginally signed up over the phone with a company to help reduce debt at the time my brother was very sick with cancer and than he died I told them I wanted to cancel this program where they talk with creditors and help reduce the debt will in the mean time my brother died and I was very distraut and when I realized what I had done and that I could do it myself if I tried they said no to cancel the program I am still paying for it not only did they not help me to get this cancelled but they also uped my interest rate when I didn't make a payment some one should be able to help people cancel a charge after they realize that they made a bad move

the worst bank ever

I wish I had looked at this site before opening an account with Citibank -- I would have avoided it as I have...

Resolved credit card issue - citibank

Dear all,
Im trying to resolve this following issue as I had faith in the citibank officials but it is pending for last 2 years and there is no hope left.
Request you to please go thorough the details and advice what is the best option I can have to resolve this..

thanks in advance...


A Citibank Salesman met me on March 2008 at my office. After 2-3 discussion which he used to call and arrange I agreed for an Insurance Policy (Birla sunlife) of 25000/- only and signed the insurance documents wherever applicable. For backup he had taken one more signed insurance document. During this meeting he told me to apply also for Citibank credit card. (There was no mention of future pay through this card. Also I had told him I will pay EMI by online Electronic transfer/cheques as I was not satisfied with the Credit card use.) .

Few days later I got a postage mail of BIRLA SUNLIFE saying I have to pay 50000/- .The Policy number is [protected]. I called the salesman for reason of increase of Insurance amount from 25000/- to 50000/-. He said he would work out this issue and call me back.
There was no call back. When I called back salesman was in Nagpur.

At that time the due date for renewal had elapsed.
I met Reporting Manager of Salesman in the Citibank Office. There was understanding between us to resolve this issue and Reporting Manager will come back to me.

Again there was no feedback. I again called both. I was told one more citibank official is working on this. She met me at my office and assured me of solving this and told me to wait for another 15 days.

When the Citibank official called me (as I had complained from the online Citibank account) from Chennai to know the status. I asked them to call after some time. I called citibank official and asked her what the status is and she told me tell them that the issue is being in final stages of resolution. The Citibank Chennai team called me back after some time, I told them that Citibank Pune team is in touch with BIRLA SUNLIFE and is in final stages of resolution. But it was a fake assurance and nothing happened. This I still regret to this day.

In the meantime I cancelled my Credit card and was in touch with her through mails but there was no update on this for next 1 month.

When I called her she said she has left/resigned from the company and (Reporting Manager ) is working on this.
At that time I had finalized a flat and for loan I was getting difficulties as my name was there in CIBIL defaulters list(Which I think is due to negligence of CITIBANK officials) Which was another blow for me.

Somehow with great difficulty and patience I managed to convince the bank officials of this above said whole issue and they approved of my home loan.

Now there was call from Citibank recovery personnel .Here also same hopeless assurance where I have deposited ~9000/- in the hope that it is resolved.

I have called him umpteen times, sent mail but there is no progress.

From my side I was helpful even after knowing the fraudulent practices of bank officials.

What I have observed is that when you need policy you will call customers at anytime to get done but once done there is no call back, updates. They forget the customer.

Customer is helpless and he has to bring all the concerned people in loop to get the work done.

Also if you are out of office you need to delegate your pending, running work to your colleague to get the work done. This didn’t happen with me within the policy elapse time.

Also before Final submission there is no final confirmation of policy details.

Now I feel betrayed by these people. Only my request is that I can’t bear more and I had enough of false promises.

Resolved rip off

I received a check form Citi Bank in June for $35, 000.00. I paid Citi a flat fee of $75.00 for the use of the $35, 000.00 for 6 months no interest. I held the check until August 10th when I deposited it into a 4% checking account. I was told on tape by Citi that I had to cash the check within 3 months and that my 6 month 0- interest started after the deposit was made. I made the minimum payment plus extra each month.

I planned to pay back the balance in full on February 9th before having to pay any interest.

I noticed on my December statement they charged me interest. I have received two explanations from Citi. One is they changed the terms and the other is my 6 months 0- interest ended in December because it started when I received the check. I am giving Citi back the money on January 12th and they are saying even if I pay in full that I have residual interest that I will have to pay. They wont give me an amount!

I feel my contract has been broken and that my $75.00 fee should be refunded as well as any interest that has been taken from me.

Resolved unfair overdraft fees national city bank

I too have complained to the National City Bank about the way in wish overdraft fees are assessed. By the highest to the smallest amount which is processed against your account would in most instances insure that your balance would be in the negative when left to pay the smaller amounts if you are unable to replenish your account on time. I have complained to the National City Bank about this policy and was told that this policy insure that a customer's mortgage payment will be paid.

For example if you have the following payments scheduled for payment and your balance is $ 100.00, instead of paying items 2, 3, 4 and 5, the bank will pay item 1 and charge you late fees for items 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Also, the bank use to allow the customer to make a deposit the same day to cover those items in the pending status. As of January 1, 2009, the bank will charge you an overdraft fee if your account is negative from items in the pending status.