Circle Kwants to charge for free cokes

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I recieved 3 coupons today from, its coca colas website where you enter the codes from the caps of their products and get points. You can then use these points to buy various items. I always choose the "free 20oz coke product" coupons.

Anyway, I went into town to get my "free" coke. I stopped at the circle k on well rd in west monroe, louisiana.

I went inside, got a coke out of the cooler, and handed the lady behind the counter my coupon. She said she needed to scan the coke, which I figured was for inventory reasons or something. But, being curious, I asked about it.

"you have to pay sales tax on it", she said

"sales tax? Well, its free, so sales tax on 0 is 0. ", I replied jokingly.

"no, it says on the coupon that you have to pay the sales tax. ", she said.

"but its free", I said.

"no, like I said, you have to pay the sales tax on the normal price. ", she replied

"forget it. Let me have my coupon back", I said.

"you don't want the coke?", she asked.

"not if i'm going to have to pay for it. ", I replied, "i've been to 3 different stores with these type of coupons before and this is the first one that has wanted me to pay anything. "

Now, I did look at the coupon after leaving, and it does say "you pay sales tax and/or deposit. "

However this is the first time i've had any store even say anything about it, more or less try to get money from me.

I will not buy anything from circle k any more.


  • Ci
    circlejerk Jan 14, 2010

    MAYBE the cashier was just doing their job. MAYBE circle k has very strict policies and watch their employees' every move inside the store. MAYBE previously mentioned cashier did not want to be reprimanded for a cash shortage because you are too cheap to cough up the dime that the COUPON ASKED FOR. get a life and get a clue. nothing is free in corporate america.

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  • We
    Wendy Neugebauer Apr 16, 2010

    Ok let me get this strait. You acknowledge that the coupon DID say that you have to pay the sales tax and you STILL want the cashier to ignore the instructions so you can get away with a few pennies? Some cashiers don't know that you still have to collect the sales tax and you 've admitted that you've taken advantage of their ignorance. What a loser. You need to stop terrorizing us cashiers and someone needs to slap you upside the head with a reality check. You're lucky you weren't in MY store. I'd definitely tell you where to put your "free" coke.

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  • Un
    Unsilent Civilian Jun 13, 2010

    These employees are trash, I cannot even find a way to complain to this widely spread company that hires anyone they can. They allow racism, they run their mouths to customers who use Ebt., they try to make people feel bad for being of a different skin color. The marketting manager in Memphis is named Bobby Coplin a married man with children- who harrasses employees and threatens their job. Maybe having someone like him in charge shows how bad this company is. This chain should be broken up if these employees cannot learn respect, but it comes from the top. If the store manager's boss is in grabbing at girl's butts and trying to get himself off by threatening their job- how can they feel safe or secure. How can they work for such a low down person? It's going to carry on through the employees. What can employees of a gas station do when their checks are short? When they are harrassed? Hire a lawyer and have their word against marketting managers like Bobby Coplin, who understands how to get away with his disgusting ways. Hopefully his wife catches him and hopefully this organization will do something against people who fight against coupon holders, Ebt users, racism, but worst of all is sexual harrassment. My daughter came home crying- she recently got the job and was happy as the economy is struggiling, it took a long talk with her mother to make it understandable that it was not just her boss, but her manager's boss who put his hands on a eighteen year old girl. I hope justice will come. I have called local radio stations, but they are not allowed to use the name of the pervert; although I doubt this company will do anything. After my daughter quit, her hours were deducted on her next pay checks. Her manager could not bring up the hours she worked as his boss (Coplin/Coeplan) had totally removed all records of her employment. Seems as though he realized some people will take pride and avoid his perverted hands, even if it means losing their job. Justice please!

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  • Ma
    MariCheeno Aug 09, 2010

    First of all to the original complaint... Really? Wow. Read all coupons, YOU MUST PAY SALES TAX. It will say it on all of them. Who are you to think you are above such thinks? I pay my taxes and I think you should too!

    &to unsilent. I don't know the man you are speaking of but a piece of advice... tread lightly. What you are doing is slander. That could be an awful big lawsuit on your hands. & If your daughter had kept her time reciepts like you are instructed to do so there wouldn't have been a problem with her hours missing she would have had proof. & Try calling corporate if it is a corporate ran store. The gms burn a disc once a month of a single shift that is sent to circle k security which is kept by them. Could be something revealing if anything at all.

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  • Ca
    Carl white inverness Jan 22, 2019

    Why no Non Ethanol fuel available here in Inverness? New store opening 44 and Eden Drive and they need to offer Non Ethanol. We have to drive 20 miles to get it. There are thousands boat owners here that use Non Ethanol.

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  • Ni
    Nitak1885 Jan 22, 2019

    I was at a cirlce in Phoenix and the manger was rude and disrespectful and. Wouldn't/ didnt give me my change. I was over charged and. Was trying to hsce my transaction fixes the manger was mad because i asked for a refund

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  • Ro
    Robert0628 Feb 11, 2019

    My gas payment was put on the wrong gas pump. I reswiped my card inside again was was charged for 2 gas transactions. I have the following 3 receipts. I paid oringionally on pump 6. The payment was put on pump 1 (diesel). Cashier told me to reswipe and move to another pump. The last receipt was on pump 5.

    Call me please.

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  • Mp
    M Pierce Mar 17, 2019

    I walked into this location and waited for someone to come and help me. Both cashiers were behind me and looked directly at me while talking to someone else. Finally, I was taken care of. This is unacceptable. They were located near the coffee island and had put an empty cart at the side door where no one could enter or exit. I pushed it aside!!!

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  • Tr
    TrevaVamper Apr 15, 2019

    I was wrongfully fire after the suspect jumped the counter and took the money him self. So they let me go but I'm the victim here. I feel there should be justice that takes place because it could of been my life taken over that little bit of money and I didn't sign nothing saying what the drawer should be.

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  • Jo
    Joshuatng Jul 20, 2019

    @TrevaVamper Treva.

    After reading the last sentence with you writing "I didn't sign nothing saying what the drawer should be" raises questions. You might not of signed anything but you did take CBLs on that. While I understand that each store is different on the amount of money you should have in your drawer, it was your responsibility as an associate to follow that no matter how long of a line you get and if a customer complains let them complain, and it sounds to me like you were more interested in servicing customers instead of following the policy on how much money should be in your drawer. There's been days I did 3000 and I would have a line 7 deep however all my customers know I am the most customer oriented person they meet however I will not get fired over trying to get the line down.

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  • Mi
    Missy Harris Apr 21, 2019

    Price of gas on sign said $2.08 and pump said $2.84. The attendant said it was something to do with the computer system and she couldn't do anything about it. My daughter said ever since Circle K took over it has been messed up. By right, they have to sell it for what is on the sign.

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  • Al
    Aliza Gonzalez Apr 28, 2019

    5881 w cactus rd 4:21 pm a heavy set woman (employee) didn't catch her name ripped me off on my lottery tickets and stated that the balance on there after she scanned my tickets was from the previous customer i had 37 dollars worth tickets she only issued 27 dollars.

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  • Is
    Isabel Arrieta May 11, 2019

    I went to circle k at 5:45pm on May 5th, 2019. The door had a marker written sign tapped to the door saying they would be back in 15 min, door was locked during business hours. That was an inconvenience.

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  • Jo
    Joshuatng Jul 20, 2019

    @Isabel Arrieta Isabel

    Look at it from an employee perspective, if your an employee by yourself and had to run outside to a store shed, run to the bathroom (in a high theft store) or one of the many other errands an employee had to do would you leave the store unlocked knowing there's policies that enforces this. What you and other customers needs to realize is that this employee was just following a policy and is not going to risk losing her job. If it was that much of an inconvenience you could simply go somewhere else but you and others seriously needs to start thinking about this. I'll put it this way the customer is always right is now abused and the original definition was meant to be for employees and managers go above and beyond servicing the customer in what they are allowed to do not break policy for the customer.

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  • Jo
    Joy1292 May 22, 2019

    Jason fisher manager on 5/15/19 I was standing in line for chicken. He walked pass me a couple of times and seemed irritated. He asked me to move so he could get by. There was 6 foot of space to the right of me. I go in this store every day. He was very rude and offended me
    Joy cupit.
    Store in Diamondhead Mississippi 39525

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  • Ky
    Kylev480 May 25, 2019

    Theres and employee at the circle k in mesa arizona on baseline and pennington that called me a b*+(# and was VERY RUDE!! Her name is Heather

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  • Ri
    RichHaj Jun 04, 2019

    Checking out of the Circle K Store on Kerry Forrest Parkway in Tlh, FL, 9:00pm today. Employee playing music with repeated lyrics show up and get drunk, show up and smoke weed. Also talking about bitches and hoes and how to roll up joints. Quite inappropriate. Please retrain team members to play more appropriate music or none at all. Not happy

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  • Ne
    Neilgjigg Jun 15, 2019

    Store on 199 w Coleman blvd, sc. Jazmon was on her cell phone, speaker phone was on. Talking to her friend while serving customers

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  • Kr
    K R Parker Jun 23, 2019

    I pulled into this store at 1:55 am with 5 full minutes to buy beer. Grace was out front smoking a cigarette and said it was too late to buy beer. She also refused another customer who was there before I was. Said she was retiring in 14 days and doesn't give a shit. Maybe Circle K should retire this one early!

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  • Da
    David Keene 1166 Jun 30, 2019

    Date 6-23 2019

    Shaquina is the name she gave me, no name tag.

    Most rude customer service ever.

    Send her to customer service training.

    I will not visit that store as long as she is there.

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  • La
    Lawrencerobertson83 Jun 30, 2019

    6028648043 what Circle K closes whenever they want to there is two employees in there about 20 minutes ago they close the store so one employee can show the other employee how to stock the Coke products while they had a large number of customers waiting outside this happens all the time 8617 n 27 ave Phoenix arizona 85051

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  • Jo
    Joshuatng Jul 20, 2019

    @Lawrencerobertson83 What this sounds like is a high theft store and the management made the decision to close the store while they're unable to watch customers. I understand your complaint however don't blame the employees on this, blame the adults who acts like children.

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  • Du
    Dustin Grant Aug 05, 2019

    Hi my name Dustin Grant i done one of your rewards buy a mountain dew an polar pop an get a free mountain dew voltage cup free its been awhile i still haven't heard or received anything.. sorry to bother you guys just wondering.. i stop by circle k every day i love it

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  • Tr
    Tracy Frey Aug 10, 2019

    I was charged twice 12.40
    On 8/2/19
    Trans # 534405301165902
    Card end 7180
    At 215am.
    I was not there at 2am
    Please see picture
    And correct this issue of charging people twice and at times they were not there

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  • St
    Stacy marie Savala Aug 13, 2019

    I am a regular customer to this store. I came to the store after being assaulted at home to sit and try to locate a safe place to go. I made purchases, but when the manager ed arrived he said I needed to leave. I explained my situation and he said he didnt care and I needed to leave.

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  • Ke
    Kel0207 Aug 20, 2019

    Store number 2707691
    Both of the cokes were out on the fountain and the CSR refused to change the bibs.

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  • Je
    Jess Moore Aug 24, 2019

    There is a hand written ‘closed' sign on a piece of paper but all the lights are on inside & outside...this is supposed to be a 24 hour store and it's 11:50pm on a Friday night. I've just watch roughly 30 cars pull up and drive off...LOTS of lost business for no specific reason.

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  • Ic
    Iceeye32 Aug 31, 2019

    Homeless guy been staying in the store he has been very harassing and doing work and getting free stuff and begging customers he has caused me a lot of problems is really making me angry please get rid of him he has been doing this for days I'm sick of him goldsboro nc hwy 117 hwy 70 near bojangles he has harass my friends as well

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  • Ru
    Ruben Ruiz we Sep 15, 2019

    This employee name was mark and he was extremely rude and throwing things on sub yelling saying he shouldn't even be working over there he should be terminated never a good thing to represent a place in that form

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  • An
    Andrew Gobran Sep 15, 2019

    See ^

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  • Ro
    Rosborn80 Sep 22, 2019

    Went to buy milk and decided to grab a burger. And to my surprise it was molded. The expiration date was 8/14 mind you it is Sept 16th. Not happy at all.

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  • Jh
    Jhay81 Sep 24, 2019

    On Sept 13 I went I to one of your locations. Grabbing what I needed went to the counter where your asst mgr Makenzie was working. She said she would not help me and get the *f* out or she would have me arrested. I spend roughly 1000 a week on fuel from this location for my fleet of vehicles. I will close my account with you until she is relocated

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Raburn Sep 25, 2019

    I am the paper carrier for the dublin courier herald and sometimes i need to pay with quarters which are rolled and the cashier by the name of lynn has started to refuse them. However if someone else is in line before me and hands her change she says nothing about.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Perez Sep 29, 2019

    I stopped to get gas the sign said $2.27 a gallon . After pumping $ 40. I saw the pump said $2.47. A gallon. I told the attendant and he stated yes I didn't change the sign yet. I dont think this is right.

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  • Kr
    Kreola Hitler Oct 26, 2019

    Cashier Courtney Was Rude and Smelling like Marijuana Smoke and her eyes were glossy red looking

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  • It
    Italiavb Nov 03, 2019

    The coffee area of this store has not been cleaned in 4 weeks or longer. Opened sticky flavored creamers, lips that are dirty and general appearance of the store is unappealing. I have mentioned it to the manager several times but nothing has been done.

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  • Cc
    Ccunn Nov 05, 2019

    When I went to the drive-thru one of your employees was smoking inside of the drive-thru

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  • Su
    SueGoober Dec 08, 2019

    This location in Cleveland, Tennessee has had the same hateful, rude "manager' for 3 years! Why?! Other stores treat their customers with respect .
    I only stop at this store when it is 100 percent unavoidable.
    She's a rude nightmare.
    I am certain I'm not the only customer at this location who's had this experience.

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