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The store signage says for both Coors Light and Miller Lite that you can purchase two 16 oz beers for $2.50.
The woman at the Atkins, Virginia store tried to charge be full price for each. I pointed out what the store signage said, and she refused to adjust the price. I told her if she didn't believe me on the signage to please go look for herself.
She adamantly refused to do that, and told me should could not adjust the price of beer.
I told her that it was against Virginia State law to advertise a retail price and not honor it.
She didn't care.
I then returned to the store to ask to speak with her manager. That manager (which I'm still not convinced she was a real store manager) told me the same thing. That the signage made no difference; whatever price showed up at the register could not be adjusted.
The weird thing is, I have made this same purchase of two beers for the price of $2.50 numerous times at this very store.
So my complaint is that tonight, 10/4/2019, your store at I81 Exit 50 in Atkins, Virginia violated Commonwealth of Virginia law by not honoring the advertised in-store price of a retail item.
I would like a reply to this and an apology from the store clerk and the store manager.

You can reach me at [protected], or tim.[protected]

This is a serious matter as this store location has violated State law.

Thank you,

Oct 04, 2019
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  •   Oct 05, 2019

    Did you take this further than posting on a public website forum?

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