Circle K Storesmanager

R Aug 01, 2018

Have told management over and over again that employee has defamed my name and business six individuals have come to me and told me that she has told them that I have sexually assaulted her 6 years ago if true you would think I would be in prison but it is not management has told her to stop speaking of this while on company time I recorded her the other day telling a customer that story also this employee Shirley Mitchell has been observed standing by the dumpster exchanging Monies 4 a baggie look to me as a drug deal management has been told of this nothing has been done Shirley Mitchell 1 month ago overdosed on heroin went to the hospital and was at work the next day management has been told of this nothing has been done hence why I am contacting you I spend over $1, 700 a month at one Circle K store $600 in Lottery at $20 a day $600 in gas at $20 a day 100 and 2 dollars in Circle K Polar Pop cups two packs of cigarettes at $5.01 each at $10.02 per day comes to $300 in a month milk every evening at $3.49 per gallon for 30 days comes to $105 if not resolved I will speak negatively of the store I have reported to the Better Business Bureau Yelp and Google the negative response of the store

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